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- - - - - Bear War Beast Genetically Engineered

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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  • Name: Orar'uram [Thunder-Jaw]
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • Origins: MandoBioEng (With permission from the owner: Kaine Australis )
  • Average Lifespan: 80 years
  • Estimated Population:  Semi-Unique
  • Description: The Orar'uram are a large breed of ursine with thick, white fur and stark white eyes. The nose, eye lids, and bottom of their paws are the only skin that shows and is black in color. From a glance the musculature is readily apparent even under thick fur, these creatures are bred for combat.


  • Breathes: Type I & Type II
  • Average Height of Adults: 3.6m
  • Average Length of Adults: 5.5m
  • Average Weight of Adults: 12.7 metric tons
  • Skin color: Black
  • Hair color: Shades of white
  • Distinctions: There aren't any visual differences between males and females, they are all genetically and physiologically similar besides reproductive organs. In general the Orar'uram look like massive Polar Bears with large muscles and white eyes. 
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity:  All


  • Burly: The Orar'uram are a species with densely packed muscle. This not only gives them incredible strength, but the muscle also provides an organic barrier to their vital organs that is very difficult to get through. This fleshy shield means that the Orar'uram have incredible durability.
  • Thick Fur: This species' fur has high resistance to infantry portable blasters, disruptors, plasma weapons, as well as lightsabers. This trait does not stop physical weapons from piercing through the fur such as slugthrowers or thrusts from standard blades/arrows/spears or thrusts from vibroblades. Their fur is also fire resistant, however flame throwers have a detrimental effect still listed under: Heat Intolerant.
  • Force Hunter: From the genetic material of the Vornskr , the Orar'uram have inherited the ability to detect the force presence of individuals to a high degree of accuracy up to 2km away for an extremely strong force presence or 1km away for an average force presence. Ysalamir fields, Void Stone, and Arikyrzium Crystal can negate or drastically reduce the accuracy and range of this ability.
  • Firebreather: From the genetic material of the Fire Breather , the Orar'uram have inherited the ability to eject a highly flammable chemical akin to napalm from a special organ within their body. This organic chemical is ejected through the mouth in a line up to 10 meters from the Orar'uram. Additionally, the thicker consistency version of the flammable chemical is highly corrosive to metals; the combination of extreme heat and highly corrosive chemical (to metals) easily maims vehicles, defenses, and armor. The consistency of this chemical can be dictated each time it is used; from a low impact but high temperature, hard to remove napalm-like consistency, to a more liquid mist composition that covers a much larger(4m wide x 8m long cone) area but does not leave burning remnants behind. Due to the limited volume of the organ, this ability can only be used 4 times in combat. 

    Note: Lack of oxygen means that the chemical will not burn, however in both forms of the chemical's consistency it is highly caustic and hard to remove from whatever surface it has been put onto. Normally the mist would burn up totally, but if it cannot burn then it will not be burned up, thus making the mist a less powerful version of the standard thicker consistency formula that is naturally supposed to erode metals. Additionally, the liquid is not water soluble, but it cannot ignite underwater and water will douse the flames, but not stop the caustic properties.
  • Hard Bones: The teeth, claws, and bones of the Orar'uram are exceedingly dense and strong. The teeth and claws can puncture up to medium durasteel plating, acting more like spikes than blades, with the claws being used to puncture then rip plating asunder with their incredible physical prowess. The claws can be sharpened if a rider wants, however the claws cannot hold an edge well and will quickly dull.
  • Insulated: The Orar'uram have very dense fur which allows their relatively low fat content bodies to keep warm in extraordinarily cold temperatures.
  • Keen Senses: The Orar'uram have vision that is extremely acute and able to see normally in low-light situations. The Orar'uram have a sense of smell that is in the upper echelons of organic beings and can differentiate beings on smell alone as well as sense the presence of those by their scent.


  • Keen Senses: Due to the increased sight and smell of the Orar'uram, weapon systems or effects that target these senses are highly effective.
  • Heat Intolerant: Due to the thick, protective fur of the Orar'uram they are unable to survive on planets or environments that exceed temperatures of around 25C for an extended duration. Sheering their fur to only a few centimeters is one way to help alleviate this. However, at that length their fur is unable to protect them against extreme cold and provides only minor resistance to infantry standard blaster weaponry. The use of flamethrowers, while not likely to ignite the Orar'uram, are extremely uncomfortable and will cause the Orar'uram to become moderately uncontrollable as it tries to either remove the flamethrower user or fallback away from it if the source is unreachable or there are simply too many sources of opposition fire aimed at the Orar'uram in the same area.
  • Large Target: The Orar'uram are the size of most battlefield vehicles and as such they are very easy to point out and to target. It would take a very large obstacle to be able to hide an Orar'urm. 
  • Slow Start: The Orar'uram can reach top speeds of up to 64kph (~40mph) . However, this takes an average of 25 meters of relatively straight movement to achieve and cannot be sustained through turns on unstable or slick surfaces such as sand, ice, polished stone, or mud. 
  • Organic: The Orar'uram is not a machine. It can tire out, it cannot 'reload' it's natural weapons, and it needs to eat and breathe in order to survive. While the Orar'uram takes its place among the same category as medium tanks, it cannot battle tirelessly. 


  • DietSilicavorous Omnivore - The Orar'uram requires refined metals such as Durasteel, Plasteel, Alusteel, Transparisteel for its body's high demand for iron and other metals. These metals are broken down with the Orar'uram's stomach acid - the end product is used in the creation of its flammable chemical it stores within the special organ. However, the Orar'uram also needs nutrients found in plants and meat on a broader scale of nutrition.
  • Communication: Growls, Roars, physical and chemical marking, and facial features.
  • Technology level: N/A
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: Territorial to those who are unfamiliar, unshakable loyalty, fearlessness, extremely aggressive to those who are threatening in posture, tone, or unfamiliar.


The Orar'uram, or Thunder-jaw, is a genetically engineered species of large ursine. The Orar'uram was created to be a strong and durable war-beast as well as a stalwart companion for the Mandalorian clan, Clan Bral. The Orar'uram was engineered from the genetic material of Snow Bears and Vornskrs, as well as modified with specially crafted genetic material within Mandalorian Biological and Technological Engineering's facility. Growing to sizes rivaling medium tanks, the Orar'uram is just as durable, and performs a heavy support role on the battlefield. Several dozen of these bears were cloned and aged as to be battle-ready whenever they were delivered to the Bral Clan. While most will serve in war, others will guard the Bral compound, and the remainder will be used for breeding purposes. 

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Al'verde | Muscle Craftsman

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I'd like this to be moved to the Species Creation category when you get the chance.