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The Qektoth Connection (ORC Dominion of Yuuzhan'tar)

- - - - - ORC Yuuzhantar Sharukan Campaign R-55

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Kimiko Taiyō

Kimiko Taiyō

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The Beheading


The ramp lowered, painfully slow, and almost upon its descent, the battle had begun. The Twi'lek Jedi had rushed forward, Ki closely behind, Tsuriai in hand, and swept through the enemy defenders. The troopers skillfully took positions that provided cover to their fearless leaders. This was the easy part.


Ki finished her final target with flourishing twirl, viridian blade creating a fan of light as the severed head of a Sharukan soldier fell from it's shoulders. For several moments, Ki regained her breath, the only sound being the hum of the saber blades.


The joke was received well as Ki chuckled delightedly,"I do not believe they even planned on us crashing the party. Shall we see what other festivities we can derail?" the woman grinned, baring teeth.


The troopers regrouped, and quickly reorganized the layout of the hanger bay, using the already available cover pieces to offer main and secondary defensive positions in the worst case scenario.


Coren Starchaser | Cambria Zadira

Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

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Starchaser knew his task and he knew it well. The man was here to assist the Outer Rim, but he was also a loyal member of the exiled Alliance. Working with the people on his ship, though, he knew what was going to come of this. The Yuuzhan’tar system would be given the chance to come to an agreement with the Outer Rim Coalition and join the ranks of the chaotic Rimmers, or not. With the species and multitude of technologies here? It would help bolster the abilities of the Coalition.


But he was here to help pull some of the Underground out of the fire. The ship had landed, the boarding ramp opened. He was already out the door with the rest and by the time Cambria and the team had dispatched the opposition he couldn’t help but grin.


“Seems so. I can get them to focus on me while we move forward. Get us to Mynock, back to the ship, easy.” The Jedi Master looked at his team, flexing his right hand, it did start to glow, a trick he was working on with Tiland and the Light Hand crew. The Jedi was always up for a fight, so long as it was for a good reason. And a rescue of a comrade?


What better reason was there?


Cambria Zadira

Kimiko Taiyō