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Ch'abesen-Class Frigate

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  • Intent: To submit a limited produced medical frigate for the Chiss Ascendancy
  • Image Source: Star wars wikia
  • Canon Link: Pelta-Class Frigate
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
This ship retains all of the modernized standard features of its class, including but not limited to:ADVANCED SYSTEMS
  • Adapted dual spitfire rapid-fire laser cannons, which now utilize Chiss maser tech
  • Targeting Computers calibrated for rapid acquisition & starfighter attack/defense screening
  • Medical Bays that are capable of treating large numbers of injured
  • High numbers of Bacta & Kolto tanks capable of treating large numbers of injured
  • Standard and specialist-grade medical tools & medical tech throughout treatment areas
  • Completely retrofitted ship interior, focused at maximizing treatment spaces, stations and healing tanks - including rear flank sections added for additional medical space
  • Heavily reinforced forward cargo doors, which offer additional protection docked medical support craft
  • The Ch'abesen is a highly specialized and equipped medical frigate, boasting highly modernized medical supplies, tech and equipment for treatment, including retrofitted interior for maximum medical areas.
  • Equipped for defense, the frigate has multiple shield layering, including redundant shielding.
  • Boasts numerous rapid-fire dual maser turrets that fire rapidly with low power consumption.
  • Carries a very large hangar compliment of medical support craft, a prefabricated medical field station, and shuttles equipped to transport injured.
  • Boasts heavily reinforced fore cargo doors, protecting hangar space and craft within.
  • Boasts impressive defensive systems.
  • A medical vessel, there is little offensive capability.
  • Armament has little-to-no mid or long range capability, being purely defensive in nature.
  • The Chiss Hyperdrive is still susceptible to interdiction effects.
  • Prominent bridge make obvious target.
  • Very specialized medical frigate specifications, heavily limiting versatility in combat engagements.
  • Highly limited front line combat capability, easily overpowered by larger vessels with longer ranged weaponry without support vessels.
  • Considerable interior space taken up by medical resources and treatment centers, further reducing areas for offensive emplacements.
  • Rear of vessel more vulnerable to attack, with limited weaponry angling that direction.
The Ch'abesen-Class Frigate is a common sight, within the Chiss Ascendancy, used within the CEDF in small numbers. It is not uncommon to see singular frigates on the edges of a Chiss fleet, providing medical treatment and assistance to injured military personnel. The most notable feature is the completely retrofitted interior, which has striped much of the armament space to house additional medical treatment areas and facilities. This craft is wholly dedicated to medical support.

Focused on defense, the ship has had a replacement of previous laser cannons to numerous spitfire rapidfire maser cannons, ideal for outputting high fire rates with low power consumption. Due to the specialized role the Ch'abesen plays, the ship absolutely avoids combat engagements, remaining safely behind the main fleet it follows. There remains a large number of defensive measures and systems in place, to protect the frigate should it come under attack, but it's offensive options are severely limited.

Throughout the frigate are numerous treatment bays, filled with top-of-the-line medical tech, medical equipment and medical tools. No expense has been spared by the Chiss, as they see each military personnel's life as vital. Additionally, the forward section of the frigate is dedicated to medical support craft, and medical shuttles, including a singular prefabricated medical field station that can deploy into atmosphere for ground support. These smaller ships are equipped with supplies and stocks to maximize injured survivability from mission areas to the frigate, to then be stabilized before transport to the closest Chiss medical station. The shuttles and support craft are heavily armored but lightly armed, tending to avoid direct combat zones.

All in all, a highly effective medical support vessel, offering injured CEDF and CEMC forces the highest possible chance of surviving injuries sustained in the field; though its lack of mid-to-long ranged weaponry, and very limited armaments, mean its offensive capabilities are severely lacking, requiring fleet protection if under attack.

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