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Giant Rubber Duck Cannon

- - - - - CIS 15 year old Jerek Allya Boom Stick

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Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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  • Classification: Super Heavy Hyper Velocity Cannon

  • Size: Extreme

  • Weight: Extreme

  • Ammunition Type: Massive Dense Rubber Ducks, with a tungsten core, filled with Acid Glitter and a powerful ion bomb.

  • Ammunition Capacity: 3

  • Reload Speed: Very slow

  • Effective Range: Extreme

  • Rate of Fire: Low

  • Stopping Power: Extreme

  • Recoil: Average


  • Ultra-Dense Rubber with its tungsten core adds a lot of mass and stability

  • Filled with Acid Glitter, able to eat away at the armor.

  • Contains a massive Ion Bomb.



Fire Power: The massive ultra dense rubber duck outer coating, with a tungsten inner core is flung at 5% the speed of light at its target. As it hits, the massive ion bomb inside explodes sending out an ion wave, that is perfect for ripping through powerful shields, and disabling sensitive electronics and equipment. After, the target is then coated in acid coated glitter that begins to dissolve armor.


Long Range: This weapon can be fired from extreme distances with great accuracy, due to the sheer speed and sophisticated computer systems involved in it.



  • Very Low reload speed: When it's three shots run out, it takes quite awhile for it to reload, due to the size of the ducks.

  • Poor Rate of Fire: It takes quite some time for the computer systems to calculate the next shot, meaning it doesn't attack as fast as it could.

  • They can see it coming: It's a giant rubber duck, you know its on its way.





The idea for this falls squarely on Allya Vi'Dreya and the lack of oversight that should normally be given to a fifteen year old girl. However, the end product, while very whimsical, is also very practical. The specially designed inner core is made of a dense tungsten metal, designed to crush upon impact, which allows for the activation of the Ion Bomb. As the massive ion bomb inside detonates it causes a powerful ionic burst, designed specifically to take out shields and equipment such as gravity well projectors.


When the ion bomb detonates, it releases its acid coated glitter all over the enemy. If able to pass through the shields, the acid coated glitter adheres to the hull and begins to eat away at the armor plating there, further weakening the ships defenses. Covering the outside of the inner core, is an ultra dense rubber skin, to make it take on the shape and coloration of a brightly colored yellow rubber duck.


The launching mechanism, takes advantage of specialized magnetic and tractor beam fueled rails, that push the duck up to five percent the speed of light, allowing its impact to be great. It connects to ships computer systems and sensor systems, and has advanced target finding programs, that allow it to attack accurately even over massive distances.


Over all, this weapon is one of whimsy, first doodled in a notebook as a joke by Allya, and then created in earnest to prove to Jerek Zenduu she could do it.

Edited by Allya Vi'Dreya, 08 March 2019 - 07:46 PM.

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Adron Malvern

Adron Malvern

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So, while I understand this is likely just a light-hearted submission in the spirit of good fun, it is in violation of a major Factory rule, which is that it does not conform to the general idea of star wars. Due to this violation I am going to have to deny it on concept. I recommend you try resubmit this weapon in a flavor more befitting the Star Wars theme. 


Allya Vi'Dreya




Adron Malvern

Adron Malvern

    "We do what we must, for the greater good."

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This submission has been denied and moved to the Archives.

You may request a Second Chance within the Factory Discussion Forum and tag Gir Quee for review.

Thank you!