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Veiere's Redemption Apparel

- - - - - Jedi Apparel

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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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  • Intent: To create new set of Jedi Apparel for Veiere Arenais.
  • Image Source: Click Here.
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable.
  • Primary Source: Jedi Apparel.


  • Manufacturer: House ArenaisVeiere Arenais.
  • Affiliation: Veiere Arenais.
  • Model: Not Applicable.
  • Modularity: Yes, there are various pieces which can be swapped, replaced or repaired such as gloves, boots, robes, leggings and tunic.
  • Production: Unique.

  • Material: Fiber, Faraday Cage Underlay.


  • Classification: Apparel.
  • Weight: Light.
  • Resistances: Low.

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): None.

- Kinetic: None.

- Lightsabers: None.

- Slugthrowers: None.

- EMP/ION/Energy Displacement: High.



  • Faraday Cage: Technology that's designed to negate the discharge of energies and protect the wearer from being immobilized or coming to harm.


  • Force Imbued Apparel: Strengthens the wearers affinity to the Light-side of the Force, further empowering their ability to counter the Dark-side of the Force.
  • Lightweight: Capitalizes on maneuverability, making it easier to scale the environment or strike harder and faster than one would in medium to heavy battle attires. 


  • Minimal Defense: As the attire is mostly made up of fabrics, the robes can easily be pierced by melee or ranged weapons, inflicting serious or fatal injury.
  • Not so Subtle: Given the color tones of this attire, there is little chance for the wearer to avoid being seen whilst hiding from their pursuers, thanks to how much the clothing stands out in a crowd.



Feeling proud to be able to rejoin the ranks of the Jedi (The Silver Jedi Order), Veiere has created yet another set of Jedi Apparel in order to replace his previous set that he wore within his time in exile. Now, while working towards his redemption, the pale toned Jedi Robes carry great sentimental value and in his mind, signify the turning point of his life, as well as over-coming some of the worst years in his recent life.


Produced of mostly fabrics, the only exceptions are the leather boots and gloves, as well as the Faraday Cage Underlay which has been included to avoid being immobilized from a stun blast. The cloak is only slightly darker than the tunic and leggings, but is far larger and drapes around his figure. Beneath the cloak however are custom fitted robes meant for the freedom of movement out in the field.


Created in the early days of his joining the Silver Jedi Order, Veiere Arenais will be often seen wearing this attire both within and outside of the Silver Rest.

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John Locke

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