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Jorran Vrywell

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Role: Jorran Is Ashara's is personal slave, she often uses him to train for her newly acquired abilities.


Age: 25

Force Sensitivity: Yes


Appearance: Hes a very attractive man, who looked after himself very well.Average 5'5 180lbs,hazel eyes, which change color depending on his mood.


Name:Jorran Vrywell
Loyalties: Ashara Evanaris

Wealth: None

Notable Possessions: None]

Skills: Befor He became Ashara's slave, he was a blades smith, very mechanically inclined,

Jorran was an honest man with Integrity, he always stayed true to himself. He became her most loyal subject.


Weapon of Choice: His weapons of choice are daggers, swords and vibro weapons of the melee type.

Combat Training: Jorran was not ever trained until he had became her Slave. Training him herself in hand to hand combat, as well as martial arts training, he could theatrically hold is own.

Proficient in hand to hand combat.
Proficient with melee weapons
Proficient in the repair of weapons.
Athletic, and trained on martial arts

To trust worthy.
Weak against the force.
Loyal to Ashara Evanaris without a flaw.


Jorran is native to Draika, born and raised, his was the son of a providant black smith. He learned the trade from a very young age. Probably one of the only honest families native to Draika considering it was a haven for outlaws. Rumors about his family say that is was possible that one of his relatives from generations past may have been a Jedi.

Needless to say they did not have a lot of wealth, mostly because they were too honest, which made them easy targets for thievery and to be taken advantage of. Whe the Jen 'Ari assumed control over the planet, without much of a struggle.Sensing the light side within His family she wiped them out sparing Jorans life. Ashara made him her slave, her personal ambition to completely and utterly break him.

She became his capter, and tortured Jorran in unspeakable ways using the force. Dominating his mind, breaking him so he would serve her alone using his bound for layalty against him. During the process she wiped his memory, his past. Infusing a new memory, one which consisted of only herself, He would only serve her. Ashara In her twisted mind trained him in martial arts, and melee weapons, She used him in a way so she could learn new force, or sith magik .