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* Intent: To create a Future world to generate new stories and create character development.

* Image Credit:
* All images are screenshots from SWTOR by Riamah
* Slonias City

* Canon: N/A

* Links: N/A

* Planet Name: Sniea

* Demonym: Snieians

* Region: Outer Rim

* System Name: Sniea System

* System Features: The Sniea System features 3 planets, 1 sun, and an asteroid Field.

* Coordinates: AK-44
* See pic for EXACT location

* Major Imports: 
* Building materials
* Durasteel
* Duraplast
* Alcohol
* Fruits and vegetables .

* Major Exports: 
* Force Crystals
* Lightsaber Crystals
* Minerals
* Gemstones
* Fur coats
* Various animal meats

* Unexploited Resources: possibility of various metal ores.

* Gravity: Standard

* Climate: Frozen/Very Cold, frigid

* Primary Terrain: Ice mountains, Ice plains, Snow Mountains, Snow Plains

* Atmosphere: Type I

* Capital City: Slonias City

* Planetary Features: The planet is pure ice and snow. Filled with icy and snowy mountains. Inside the mountains was ice and crystal caves. The planet only has one location of civilization with pockets of Imperial outposts

* Major Locations:

Slonias City is the only city on the planet, and it's mostly Imperials. It features a cantina, military base, housing such as apartments, a museum, Imperial Intelligence HQ, a coupe diners and restaurants, and an Imperial Detention center. As well as a medium sized Spaceport with numerous landing pads.


✥ Ice Valley ✥

Ice Valley is the coldest part of the planet, reaching temperatures of -130° Fahrenheit. It's filled with ice mountains, snow covering an ice ground. Many dangerous wild creatures call this valley home.


✥ Ice Canyon ✥

Ice Canyon is a crack in the planet. 200 Kilometers deep, 12 kilometers wide. Some of the best force crystal caves line the walls of the canyon making them extremely dangerous to get too.


✥ Imperial Outposts ✥

The Imperial Outposts are scattered through out the planet. Most have communications center, armor, turrets, barracks, couple offices, and a hangar.


✥ Crystal Caves ✥

The crystal caves are scattered across the planet, most filled with various lightsaber, focus, kyber and force crystals. These caves are home to wampas and even some are in the great ice canyon making them almost impossible to get to.

* Native Species:
* Wampas
* TaunTaun
* Narglatch
* Ice Tromper
* Asharl Panther
* Gorgodon
* Ice Cat
* Jakobeast
* Jexxel
* Pantran Whitefang

* Immigrated Species: 
* Sith Species
* Zabrak
* Various others

* Population: Sparsly populated - Thousands

* Demographics: Sniea is highly diverse in the multiple species that are on the planet and the ones that come and go, none are ever treated differently as long as they obey Imperial law

* Primary Languages: 
* Galactic Standard Basic
* Ancient Sith
* High Sith

* Culture: Sniea's culture is mainly workers gathering crystals from the planets freezing terrains. Some can be found enjoying the museum, cantina, and restaurants. The culture is diverse of several types of enjoyment in it's culture.

* Government: Magocratic/Theocratic Empire

* Affiliation: The Jen'ari Empire

* Wealth: High - Imperial taxes, businesses, and crystal sales put forth the high wealth of Sniea.

* Stability: High - The Order of the Jen'ari and the Imperial Military always keeping on patrol of the planet keep it's stability high.

* Freedom & Oppression: The citizens are free to do as they please as long as they follow Imperial laws

* Military: Sith Imperial Troopers
* The Nyeklas Squad
* The Jen'ari Sith Marauders
* The Dusuah Sorcerers
* The planet is militarized by various sources of the Jen'ari Empire. All have their own commanders, they help defend and protect the planet in their own way with each of their unique abilities. Outfitted with the correct weapons and armor needed for what they are designed for make them a fatal force.

* Technology: Technology of Sniea is on par with the rest of the galaxy.

Sniea for the most part of it's life has remained untouched, uninhabited outside of wild life. Force users would frequent the planet to gather crystals for their lightsabers. The planet played host to many Jedi and Sith through all eras of the galaxy for it's crystals when Ilum just wouldn't suffice.

When the 400 year darkness hit by the gulag plague, force users had no way of getting to the planet so it remained left alone. In 853 The Jen'ari Empire came to the planet and took control of it's crystals for lightsabers and weapons use. The Empire built a city like settlement and outposts through out the planet which the Empire still maintains control of today.

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Scherezade deWinter

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