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Eriadu Authority - Post-First Order Warlord State (Please Archive)

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Tanara Kell

Tanara Kell

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[Faction Page]




With the recent collapse of the First Order, various warlord fiefdoms and remnant groups have emerged. One such group is the newly formed Eriadu Authority, on the very edge of former First Order space. Led by the newly crowned Empress, Tanara Kell, the Authority looks to secure it's surroundings and strengthen it's legitimacy. The dream of an Empire did not end with the First Order....


The Eriadu Authority is a newly formed Imperial warlord state, born from the ashes of the First Order. It's mission, to restore order to the chaos in the western reaches of the Galaxy. A goal easier said than done. With a lack of resources and elite Stormtroopers that once made the First Order feared, the Authority has come to rely on the mass numbers and valour of it's newly formed Army. It's fleet has much to be desired as well, consisting of an assortment of frigates and a few older Star Destroyers absconded from the First Order and donated by outside Imperial organisations. The Authority has a difficult path ahead of it, yet the brave souls that form it's ranks may yet restore order not just to the western reaches, but perhaps the galaxy as a whole. Unlike many other Imperial factions, however, the Eriadu Authority does not hold the humanocentrist views of other Imperial states. All races are welcome to become full members of the Authority, but are expected to provide troops and resources like every other member world.


The Eriadu Authority will consist of three main military branches, the third only becoming available once the Authority's central territories are secured and it's manufacturing capabilities have been acquired and improved upon.




The Army of the Eriadu Authority serves as the blunt force instrument brought to bare against it's enemies. Comprised of an untold number of basically equipped and trained infantrymen, the soldiers of the Army are usually sent against the enemy in droves to overwhelm them with superior numbers, supported by walker, tank and other armoured divisions as well as precise artillery bombardments. The mortality rate in the Army is incredibly high, but those who survive are hardened and tested veterans, whom are quick to rise in the ranks.




The true might of any galactic power. The Authority Navy serves as the lifeline keeping it's territory and space under control. While currently small and limited in capability, it has the potential to grow into an incontestable power in the western reaches of the galaxy. Naval security is handled by experienced Naval Troopers, tasked with manning the shipboard weapons and fending off potential boarding parties.




The best of the best. The Authority's Stormtrooper Corps serve as it's elite troops, given the best equipment, training and assistance the Authority can provide to ensure total mission success. Each Stormtrooper recruitment candidate is chosen for their loyalty and commitment to the Empress, and the Authority's cause. Each Stormtrooper has sworn an oath to affirm such loyalty, and they are expected to represent the Eriadu Authority with their conduct both on and off the battlefield. The Stormtrooper Corps are usually stationed aboard naval vessels, to both aid the Navy's naval troops in preventing boarding actions, and also to aid in ferrying them to battle zones across the galaxy. The Authority's special forces divisions are also considered a part of the Stormtrooper Corps.


OOC Notes:

So, this is my first proper attempt at establishing my own faction. I really look forward to hearing everyone's imput, and I am currently looking for administrators and leaders to help me run this grand venture! We'll also be remaining minor until the First Order's fate has been properly sorted out.

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