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Dixson Manor

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Elise Ike

Elise Ike

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  • Intent: To make a personal home for Elise Ike
  • ​Image Credit: https://nyaa.si/view/912823, screen shots from episodes 1->3
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  • Structure Name: Dixon Manor
  • Classification: House/Museum
  • Location: Saleucami, 10 km from nearest settlement
  • Affiliation: Elise Ike's personal home, currently neutral in galaxy affairs.
  • Accessibility: Located in the rural plains of Saleucami, easy to get to but a few kilometers away from the nearest settlement
  • Description: A simple wooden mansion dating back quite a few decades, perhaps a hundred years. It shows sighs of wear but is decently kept up.

Study: An office/lounge room like area on the top floor on the right side of the building facing the front of the house. The place were Elise does most of her research and contains many personal items and dangerous artifacts.


Main Hall: The main hall at the entrance of the house upon entering in the shape of a + with several entrances to lower rooms and the stair case to the upper floors. Several paintings done the walls but otherwise the place is vacant of furniture.


Kitchen: Basic kitchen down stairs for personal use, nothing overly special about it. Up in the top left corner upon entering the hallway.


Bathroom: Upstairs Bathroom for personal use, styled in a similar old fashion to the rest of the manor.


Bedroom: Elise's private bed room next to the bathroom, once again in the same style to the rest of the house with little modern tech.


Exhibit Hall 1: A smaller exhibit hall downstairs opposite the kitchen, (in the bottom left room of the hallway), holds several artifacts including her own light saber she puts on displays when notusing. Its smaller size is due to the fact the stair way cuts into the room a little.


Exhibit Hall 2: A larger hall opposite the other one (right side of site stairs), houses larger exhibits and contains completed skeletons of varying animals from around the galaxy.


Guest Room: Upstairs opposite the study, a simple room for guest to stay in if they wish, can house up to 3 people, often used for family members but sometimes and odd student shows up and is assigned it.


Inside Balcony: A walkway inside that circles around the hallways entrance and through the house connecting the upstairs rooms together and stairs.


Basic locks for the main part of the house with more advance scanners for inner section containing certain and high price exhibits. In addition herself acts as a undercover security, having layed certain spells around the house to warn her of intruders allowing her to prepare for a possible fight.

The Manor was build some tine after the gulag plague swept through the galaxy, leaving much of the already spars world uninhabited. Due to the remote location along with Elise making it by herself almost all of the building is tech less and exhibits no modern construction designs. Such as it's look makes it appear to date back to time well before hyperspace travel.


Over times it has suffered from weathering, and overgrowth from plants in some area but due to constant maintenance has stayed standing. In addition Elise had slowly started to upgrade the places security and add in some slightly modern appliances. Over all though the manor has remained the same for 300 years, serving as a home for the secret Sith lord and a secluded space to study up on her powers and skills.

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