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The Resurgant Sith Empire/The Jen'ari Empire

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* Intent: To record and document the history of The Jen'ari Empire including it's birth as the Resurgant Sith Empire under Vitiate.

* Image Credit: Here

* Canon: Resurgant Sith Empire

* Links:
* Resurgant Sith Empire
* Sith Emperor Vitiate
* The Dark Council
* The Jen'ari Empire
* Sith Emperor Vyrassu

* Media Name: The Resurgant/Reconstituted Sith Empire

* Format: Holobook

* Distribution: Inter-Planetary

* Length: Long

* Description: A holobook commissioned and written by The Emperor and The Dark Council detailing the history of The Jen'ari Empire from it's birth as The Resurgant Sith Empire led by Emperor Vitiate to the present time under the rule of Emperor Vyrassu.

* Author: The Jen'ari Sith Emperor

* Publisher: Darth Destus and The Dark Council

* Reception: N/A

The Resurgant Sith Empire

* Following the first Sith Empire's collapse at the great hyperspace war on Korriban under Naga Sadow, a Sith Lord named Vitiate called for Sith to meet him on Nathema to do a ritual that would destroy the Jedi. 8,000 Sith lords answered his call, Vitiate dominated their minds. Over 10 days Vitiate did the Ritual known as the Ritual of Nathema killing all life on the planet and striping the force from the planet. Vitiate's scientists discovered hyper lanes to Dromund Kaas. Vitiate blamed the Nathema ritual on the Jedi and led what Sith were left on a 20 year journey through space before arriving on Dromund Kaas.

The new self proclaimed Sith Emperor promised his people to one day return to the galaxy at large and exact revenge on the Jedi and the Republic. Vitiate formed his Dark Council and they built Kaas City, a massive metropolitan imperial city. For 1,500 years the Empire remained hidden. Vitiate controlled a warrior known as Mand'alor the ultimate and had the mandalorians invade the republic to test it's strength. Due to Jedi knights named Revan and Alek defeated the Mandalorians and pushed them back into deep space discovering Dromund Kaas. Vitiate dominated their minds turning them to the Dark side ordering them to find the Star Forge so The Sith Empire could speed up their plans. Vitiate never heard back from them assuming they failed. Revan one day returned with Meetra Surik. Meetra was killed and Revan defeated was placed in stasis for 300 years.

300 years later The Sith Empire returned to the known galaxy invading Korriban in the most well tactical planned military strike in history. This led to the 28 year Great Galactic War which would end when a Peace Treaty was signed on Alderaan. During that exact time, The Sith Empire Sacked the Republic capital coruscaunt holding the planet hostage to get the treaty to favor the Empire. Thus begun the Cold war. Eventually in time Vitiate would be defeated by the Hero of Tython and at a later time Returned with a new Empire known as the Eternal Empire. This started the Eternal war which would eventually end with the death of Vitiate. The Sith Empire dissolved sometime before 2,000 BBY.

The Sith Empire would return in 205 ABY as The Jen'ari Empire by a Sith named Darth Marell. A powerful Sith sorcerer that was alive during Vitiate's time named Vyrassu came forward killing Darth Marell taking over the Empire. Vyrassu would come to control the galaxy with his Empire until 356 ABY.

Vyrassu would reform the Sith Empire in 830 ABY hidden on Dromund Vatsu keeping his Empire a secret. In 853 ABY Vyrassu brought his Empire to the galaxy at large and took over chiss space. This sparked a civil war between the TWO Sith Empire's of the Galaxy, Darth Carnifex's Empire and The Jen'ari Empire. The Jen'ari Empire was defeated on Csilla and left Chiss Space. They would claim their new capital in a lost hidden sector of space filled with various darkside aligned planets that some would call the Hidden Sith Space. Vyrassu still leads the Resurgant Sith Empire to this day.


* Full Details of the birth of The Resurgant Sith Empire.
* Full details of every single event of the Sith Empire
* Full details of it's dissolution
* Full details of it's rebirth and name change
* Full details of every single event of it's rebirth
This holobook was commissioned and written by The Emperor and The Dark Council detailing the history of The Jen'ari Empire from it's birth as The Resurgant Sith Empire led by Emperor Vitiate to the present time under the rule of Emperor Vyrassu. It includes full details of both of it's reigns in The Old Republic and of current times. It's original copy being found in the Black Library, a secret highly restricted library on Zarchas Kitza with hundreds of copies through out the galaxy.

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