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Valkyrie Armor

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Rikaelyr Ragnos

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Valkyrie Armor



Intent: To create a semi-unique armor for Valkyrie Squad of the Jen'ari Empire

Image Source: here

Primary Source: Medium Armor



Manufacturer: ArmaTech Combat Systems

Model: MK 1

Affiliation: Valkyrie Squad

Modularity: Yes; utility belts allow personal weapons, inventory and/or accessory-type equipment

Production: Semi-Unique


Phrik plating - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Phrik/Legends

Cortosis weaved Clothing - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cortosis/Legends



Classification: Anti-force wielder

Weight: Medium


- Blasters: High

- Kinetic: High (upper body); Average (lower body)

- Lightsabers: Very High (upper body); Average (lower body)

- Vibro: Average

- Sonic: low

- EMP/Ion: Very Low

- Environmental: Average





- Breathing assitance in difficult terrain and voice modulator

Torso & Back:

- Phrik Armor Plating

- cloth combat suit with a Cortosis thread weave


Left Gauntlet:

- Extra ammo storage (Sniper only)


Right Gauntlet:

- Integrated Datapad with onboard communication relay



- Magno-Grip Soles



- Lightsaber clip/

- Anti-security blade & Medpacs

-Stealth field generator (Sniper only)



The Valkyrie armor was designed to be used alongside cybernetics  to improve overall combat effectiveness against lightsaber and force users. The way the armor is designed allows the user to take damage whilst also remaining mobile in combat. by mixing phrik plating with a combat suit underneath with a cortosis weave built into the fabric.


The armor was not designed however for protect against force lightning and in doing so created a weakness for its user, more so for those with cybernetics.


The data-pad and comms gauntlet was created for quick information exchange between users of the armor and for forward planning purposes allowing it to be used as armor for a scout unit. The scout varient comes with a stealth field built onto the waist however this is thrown off by lightning or other sudden spikes in power outage.



Strong Plating: Phrik armor plating over vital areas of the upper body provides excellent protection from most sources of direct attack.

Weight Balance: Because of the heavier armor on the upper body, but the lessened armor on the lower body, this has resulted in a balance of protection with mobility, effectively becoming medium armor in terms of overall weight and movement restriction.



Resistant Not Impervious: Even phrik plate can be damaged from repeated strikes to the same location, such as lightsaber attacks, so regulation of damage dispersion is prudent.

High Caliber: The armor is still vulnerable to high caliber slugthrower rounds, such as armor piercing types, which can crack and damage the phrik plating, lessening its effectiveness until repaired out of battle.

Heavy Repeaters: Despite phrik plating, the armor is vulnerable to heavy repeaters, and sustained fire should be avoided.

Segmented Armor: Due to the focus of phrik plating on the upper body, the lower body remains far more vulnerable to attack due to balancing protection with mobility.

Delicate Systems: The comms systems are vulnerable to strong EMP and Ion damage, which would disrupt the functionality for a several minutes until they could restart.




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