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Valkyrie Squad

TJE Rikaelyr

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Rikaelyr Ragnos

Rikaelyr Ragnos
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Intent: to create a unique squad under the command of Darth Malice (Rikaelyr Ragnos) and the TJE Emperor


Image Credit: here 

Role: Protective detail for Rikaelyr Ragnos

Links: TJE , Darth Malice (Rikaelyr Ragnos) -


General Information

Unit name: Valkyrie Squad

Affiliations: Rikaelyr Ragnos, TJE

Classification: Bodyguards


E-11s Sniper

Valkyrie Armor -

Description: A squad consisting of 4 members out of 100 'volunteers' of mixed races that survived been worked on by Darth Malice. Created with a combination of Cybernetics and Sith Alchemy they are undyingly loyal to Darth Malice and TJE Emperor. The members consist of a Chiss Sniper, a pureblood vanguard, a Zabrak Marauder and a human Sorceress.

Their armor consists of a mixture of Phrik plating and some cloth woven with some cortosis threads for protection against lightsabers


Combat Information

Valkyrie Squad are heavily trained soldiers  in ambush tactics and close range combat. All members have knowledge to basic force abilites such as  telepathy, force heal and some sith alchemy shared by their master.

Unit Size:  Small

Unit Availability:  Rare

Unit Experience: Elite

Combat Function: The Valkyrie Squad are bodyguards to Darth Malice and escort her into battle whereever she goes. They use lightsabers and one uses a sniper to attack from any distance required to complete the task provided to them by their master.  They use their internal cybernetics to communicate over a distance and can react quicker than most common soldier. The sniper tends to scout ahead whilst the Sith Sorcerer afflicts enemies and heals her allies.


Strengths: Mixed areas of expertise allows them to adapt to almost any situation.

Improved thinking and communication time due to cybernetics

Increased mental shielding due to sith alchemy to help resist mental invasion or persuasion.


Weaknesses: Force lightning and other similar attacks short circuit their cybernetics and stun them until they can 'reboot' themselves.

Undying Loyalty will cause them to step in direct line of fire if Darth Malice of the Emperor were at risk. Will even continue to fight if missing a limb


Historical Information: These are the surviving four test subjects out of 100 that Darth Malice experimented upon on Guduma in the lab there. She created them via experiments using cybernetics and sith alchemy. She uses them as her private attack force.

A squad consisting of 4 members out of 100 'volunteers' of mixed races that survived been worked on by Darth Malice.

The Zabrak female, Theta was a survivor of the Shadows of Cyron Dominion and was found dying and surviving off the force alone when Darth Malice found her.

Phi (Human) and Tau(Chiss) were subjects worked on during stages of development which Malice continued to upgrade as her skills improved.

The Pureblood female was the last she worked on and was someone who volunteered herself on Guduma to undergo the process so she could serve the Dark Lady. This got her the name Omega

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