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Saarai-Satchi, the Seekers of Truth

TSE Truth Seeker

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

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  • Intent: Create a specialized unit of the Sith Inquisition
  • Image Credit: Click - farawaygalaxy1
  • Role: Specialized Inquisitors
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  • Unit Size: Medium
  • Unit Availability: Rare
  • Unit Experience: Veteran
  • Combat Function: Saarai-Satchi typically traveled in pairs, rarely in groups of three or more, and used their partnership to the benefit of themselves. Combined, their powers over the Dark Side of the Force had a greater chance of dispatching an opponent equally versed in the Force then it would on their own. One would serve as a distraction, engaging the enemy with their lightsabers and utilizing a hybridized style of Soresu and Niman, deflecting and incorporating powers such as Force Push or Lightning, while the other would focus solely on attacking them afar with much more malignant Force powers, such as Fear or Illusion


  • Dark Side Savants: Adept in the Dark Side of the Force, the Saarai-Satchi are well-versed in calling upon many of the destructive abilities innate to the Sith. This being their primary set of powers, they are particularly skilled in their application. 


  • Average Duelists: The Saarai-Satchi have traded skill with a lightsaber for powers in the Dark Side of the Force, and while they are not totally helpless with a blade they are far less skilled than other more combat oriented Sith of their caliber. 


With the fall of the Galactic Alliance and the diaspora of Jedi from many of their temples and academies, the Sith have found that their most detested enemy became more difficult to track down and eradicate. More importantly, the Jedi grew more wary and cautious about concealing what knowledge they managed to keep from falling into Sith hands.
Both Emperor Carnifex and Lord Inquisitor Saarai coveted the Jedi's knowledge for their own ends, and thus conspired to handpick the most capable Inquisitors from the Saaraishash and organize them into an elite cadre of knowledge seekers.
They were called the Saarai-Satchi, a name which literally translated to Truth Seeker.
While the rest of the Saaraishash went about their duties within the Empire, the Saarai-Satchi would travel far beyond its borders in search of ancient lore, hidden teachings, and any scrap of Jedi knowledge they could find.