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A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

- - - - - Silver Jedi Commenor Faction Merger

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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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"A thing or two in common".


The Silver Jedi Order,

Dominion of the Commenor Hex.




A week had passed since that shattering announcement. The former Queen, Kay Arenais had dropped a bombshell upon all of Commenor in admitting not only her guilt in the murder of the three Elders, but also explained her intended incarceration within a maximum security Prison (Purgatory).


A week prior, Veiere Arenais had contacted the Silver Jedi Order for assistance in discovering his wife’s whereabouts, and helping to secure and perhaps even strengthen Commenor’s resolve. They had thought the Queen to have been kidnapped, there had even been a murder in which Darlyn Excron and his people had discovered to be a clone of Kay’s.


So much was coming to light so quickly that today, Veiere was grateful to be about to step forward and speak to their people on behalf of the House Arenais, the former royal family and the largest financial backing that Commenor had since back when they were controlled by the One Sith.


Veiere stood before a podium, several documents atop the single manned station while behind him stood several representatives of the Silver Jedi Order, both for show and assurance of the people that he was fully behind them in support. In the background hung the Commenori flag alongside the banner of House Arenais on it’s right, the Silver Jedi’s banner to it’s left as a gesture of unity and cooperation; Veiere’s idea.


Soon enough, the camera crew signalled to Veiere that they were about to start recording live, and so he began to speak as professionally and formally as he could, the moment that they gave him the okay.


My fellow Commenori,


A week ago, our Queen released a devastating holo-recording that went out live across our World. Since declaring the Monarchy’s time at an end, I have remained in the Palace to ensure that my final days of tenure are spent organizing the security of Commenor’s future long after my resignation.


Behind me are members of the Silver Jedi Order whom I requested visit us here on Commenor a fortnight ago. In order to make certain that the damage and death forced upon us by the Sith Empire or any other invading party does not happen again, I have asked that they include our World under the list of numerous other Worlds that are under their care and protection.


Following today, we are to become a nation alongside many others, watched over by the Jedi. This will not only ensure that we remain protected, but will also lead to political and financial growth as we gain allies across the fellow worlds and nations under them.


What this means for the Commenori Leadership is another matter however, and elections for a new leader will be held over the coming months as our World returns to be governed as it was before the declaration of the Monarchy. House Arenais will remain here, on Commenor, for this is our home and it remains in our hearts, always.


The current House of Lords shall remain, to oversee the organization and stability of the lands under their care. New personnel will be chosen by the new President of Commenor following their inauguration, to oversee matters of Government and Law.


I do not condone the actions that my Wife has admitted to, nor was I aware of her guilt. However, I do agree that Commenor requires a change, and in accordance with the Queen’s declaration and in the interests of a clean and prosperous future for Commenor, I hereby announce my resignation as King…


Let it be known that I intend to join with the Silver Jedi Order, and will always be at the disposal of my home-world, should there ever be a cause for Commenor’s fighting for.


Thank you, all of you, for your support.


Commenor will Survive”.


With the end of his speech, Veiere left the podium and stepped out of the view of the holo-cams so that the Silver Jedi might speak up on behalf of the Order. There were also a number of Government officials there, secretary general of the Commenor Military and a representative of the Commenor Intelligence Agency. The figure-heads of Commenor’s security all stood in one room of the Palace, being watched by those whom had tuned in for the declaration of change.


Releasing a heavy breath, Veiere did not falter as he moved to leave the room and allow the others to continue with the press conference. Today was to be the final day that he would step foot in the Palace of Chasin City. He would no doubt take a few for himself and the Children to try and relax, to figure out their next steps in the absence of their Mother, yet true to his word, Veiere had every intention of returning to the life of a Jedi. To help not only those on his homeworld, but to do his best to offer support to all of the Galaxy and those falling victim to the Darkness.


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    The King of Ergonomic Assessments

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Objective: BYOO (sell and perform ergonomic assessments)


"Utinni! We have an unfulfilled contract left to fulfill, and hopefully some of those senators will actually be there to get their ergonomic assessments made!"


"I believe we also need to re-do the building-wide elements of the assessment, just because there were no NBC hazards last time around, doesn't mean there is going to be today" Tiffany retorted. "I'm afraid that there is no Senate, nor Senate building left"


Back then, the Jawa estimated that there was going to be two possibilities when the first assessments under the contract were performed: either the population would be angry at the Senate having ergonomic assessments made or the rest of the Commenori civil service will request theirs. Now that there is no Senate anymore, the contract is considered void. Yet, as everybody knew in the ergonomic assessment business, assessing an individual workstation required the occupant to actually be there since it's a tailor-made service. But an ex-Senator that was one of those that was absent for the entire time the company was trying to get the assessments made, thanks to committee business, resurfaced from the ghosts of the Senate to get its law firm's offices assessed. (He knew it from his experience in the Senate, often ex-Senators that were elected to the Senate that practiced law prior to entering elected office, went back to the practice of law). So he prepared his tools and other equipment for a trip to this law office that took up several floors in an office building in Chasin City.

Stardust Solus Skirae

Stardust Solus Skirae

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Objective 4
Location - The Force Praxeum

Much preparations were done, with word that sightseers and jedi would be arriving to see the Force Praxeum stardust as grand master acted quickly getting the place looking like new and everyone in order. The day had come and stardust was just barely getting her freshly clean robes adjusted and took a deep breath ad she walk from her office and out into the halls passing by padwans, younglings, knights, and the few fee masters they had within the enclave

Coming out to the entrance and compised herself and smiled awaiting for the visitors to arrive

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Iovty Karnsor

Iovty Karnsor


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Objective 2: False Flag


Receiving such a message from such a prominent member of the Silver Order intrigued Iovty. Although he usually worked on the fringes and within the borders of other empires he understood the severity of the situation and that he should help as best he could, he was apart of the Order after all. Once the Trandoshan had arrived he made his way swiftly to the royal palace and, although he received strange looks whispered comments because of his predatory race, he wasn't to be dissuaded from his objective. There was disorder to calm and people to protect.

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Cassus Demici

Cassus Demici


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Objective 2: False Flag


He watched Persephone staring at her boots and frowned. They had touched down on the surface not two hours ago and had a meal before heading out. The feelings and anxieties on this planet were intense at the moment, distracting. He had meditated before they left the ship.


"Be mindful, and keep up." Cassus reprimand. Persephone had been put in his care, but she was proving to be far more complicated than he had imagined, and that was a consideration made beyond the issue of her Force affliction. 


He knew what she was moody about. Cassus had specifically turned down the assignment of venturing into the Dead Scar in Tarkin City because he felt Persephone wasn't ready to face the darkness. Or maybe he thought she was too ready. The darkness flirted with her in many encounters that they had had together, and she teased its lure with the possibility of courtship rather casually. He worried that he wasn't the right guardian for her. But Ashla had insisted the force had brought them together for a reason, in fact, had bonded them together in a psychic bond that left him as vulnerable as her. No, facing her darkness was something that had to wait. For now, guard duty and peacekeeping seemed in pace with what the pair needed right now.


That ridiculous medical droid still shadowed the girl, despite all his efforts to contain him in the ship. 


"I really must protest our presence here," it said, as a group of rowdy protesters bumped into him. "Mistress Persephone is not yet ready to face these dangers."


At this point whatever that droid said was just gibberish to him.


He stopped at the end of the street, just before they reached a Trandoshan colleague he had worked with before, and looked Persephone square in the eye. 


"Stay by my side at all times, listen, watch, attune with the serenity within. The chaos of this world is a passing thing, don't hold onto it." He had hoped he had reached her and she did look earnest in her attempts to understand his words, but he had a feeling as a teenager she would have a hard time following the advice.


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Prennis Keeoli

Prennis Keeoli

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{ Post: 01 }

{ Location: Mercy Learning Hospital, Chasin City }

{ Equipment: Scrubs, keycard, stethoscope, pager }

{ Objective 2 (modified): Listen to the King > Find her pager }

{ Tag: Voph }

~  ~

Doctors, residents, and nurses alike of the intensive care unit were crammed into the west on-call room, in various positions—standing, sitting, arms crossed, hugging their charts—but all eyes focused on the single holovision screen situated in the corner.


…Let it be known that I intend to join with the Silver Jedi Order, and will always be at the disposal of my home-world, should there ever be a cause for Commenor’s fighting for.


Thank you, all of you, for your support.


Commenor will Survive.


Slowly, after she saw Veiere Arenais step offscreen, Prennis lowered back onto the balls of her feet where she had been straining to see over the shoulder of another nurse. Not only was she less invested in the news, though she was equal parts shocked and saddened, albeit less than a born-and-raised Commenori might be, or at least a more established one, but current events couldn't be allowed to upset a hospital's functionality. Thus, she walked in the direction of the closest nurse's station, but couldn't resist shaking her head at herself. Could she have had worse timing? If only she had gotten kidnapped by pirates and left the First Order sooner...


Above her, the intercom crackled to life. The noise itself was almost unnoticeable, as Prenn had grown so accustomed to it, but the following sound was anything but. A short, whining siren spilled out of the speakers, causing Prennis to all but jump out of her holographic skin. Then, the voice of the hospital administrator, a kind togruta female that she had the pleasure of meeting to secure her accelerated internship, announced, “Code triage.What?  was her only thought. An external emergency? “Repeat, code triage.


Prennis!” At her name, she glanced down the hall to see the ICU charge nurse jogging up to her. “What’s going on?” The question slipped.


Riots,” the woman said. “We’re initiating an—” “This is an entry and exit lockdown. Patients, please remain in your rooms.” The charge gestured up at the ceiling. “Yeah, that. I need you to lockdown the ward. Langdo's got the south and east corridors.” Doing so was standard proactive measure; security was of course handling the external doors and taking up guard around some such entrances, ready to prohibit entrance of angry rioters but quickly vet any injured. But in the event that they, as well-trained as they were for hospital muscle, were overwhelmed, the rest of staff needed a plan b.


Prennis nodded, taking the keycard that the nurse foisted on her and running off down the hall so quickly that she almost fumbled and first dropped it then herself. In fact, the durasteel chestpiece of the stethoscope coiled loosely around her neck almost hit her in the face.


Your primary nurse or attending physician will be with you soon.”  ...or your nurse intern.


The administrator’s now-recorded message played over a few times before Prennis had completed her task: The last door left unlocked in this area lead to the few offices located in the wards. With a swipe of her keycard on her lanyard around her neck as well, a small green light flashed on the door knob before turning red and flashing off. Still, Prenn gave the handle a turn and tug, testing the lock. It didn’t budge. Mission accomplished.


This is an entry and exit lockdown. Patients, please…” The intern turned on her heel and took off down the corridor again so quickly that she almost lost her footing again. It was a little more than surreal that only about ten minutes prior she had been peacefully alphabetizing photocopies of her day’s charts as she waited for her twelve-hour shift to finally end. She had been looking forward to seeing a certain miraluka, but now she was only looking forward to the end of this nightmare. “Your primary nurse or attending physician…


She still did of course, but having finished securing the ward made the reports of civil unrest in the city seem far away. So, instead, she could focus on her training. Maybe she had finished in time to shadow Nurse Jalise on the tailend of her rounds. When Prenn slowed to approach the nurse station, she walked around the counter and bent to view the datapad display that showed the real-time location of each nurse based on a tracker embedded in their pager.


Code triage. Repeat…”  Jalise—ICU 248. Prennis—northeast corner EW.


Awesome, she thought, beginning to move away until her brain processed that latter datapoint. Wait, what? Emergency ward? She retook her position, this time extending a finger to make sure her eyes didn’t deceive her as she read.


They didn’t. Her name was listed below the floorplan, unlike her tutor’s, as a few other ICU nurses’ were because they had gone to assist in other wards. But the emergency room? She had been there maybe once, maybe twice. Instinctively, Prenn felt at her waist for her pager; it wasn’t there. She furrowed her brow. How did she loose it?


Patients, please remain in your rooms.” Prenn?” another nurse asked as she presumably came back to the station after her rounds. Prennis glanced up and straightened. “Can you tell Jalise I’ll be right back?” she asked. The woman rose her eyebrows, but nodded. “Be careful,” she said.


After nodding back, Prennis turned down the main hall yet again, bound this time for the emergency department.

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Objective: Ride out the storm

Location: Mercy Learning Hospital

Equipment: See Signature

Tags: Prennis Keeoli


Commenor. It had been some time since Voph had last walked the streets of Chasin City. Much had changed since his tenure among the House of Lords. Both to Commenor and to him. He kept his hood pulled close over his head. His scarred appearance and whitening hair certainly didn't look that familiar to most passersby, but his coincidental departure at the same time as the Queen wouldn't sit well with many of the locals. And Voph would much rather avoid the riots where he could.


And yet, as he wove through the crowds, he passed unnoticed, aided by the Force. He'd come to Commenor on business, checking up on the ships being constructed for him in the shipyards far above the planet surface. But when he heard that the Capital was beginning to riot, he could not stand idly by. His first thought was the palace. But he realized it wasn't where he was needed. He was shoved hard as a fight broke out next to him. Voph kept moving. He needed to get to the hospital.


He had told Seaja Linata to meet him there, or onboard the Scion. Voph fully intended to make it inside the hospital. But when he turned the corner, he wasn't sure that was going to be an option. Security was already locking down the building. He'd have to take a gamble. He pressed forward through the crowd, towards the nearest security guard. He'd have to hope his name still held meaning to people where it counted. He drew near the security guard, holding his hands up discreetly as possible to signal his passive intent. "Sir, I need your help. I am to meet someone within the hospital, I need--" "HEY!"


Voph paused. He knew when he was being yelled at. "THAT'S THE ONE! HE HELPED HER ESCAPE!" Voph turned slowly, his hand dropping down to his lightsaber. "GET HIM!" Voph stepped back, violet blade springing to life as a blaster bolt rang out in the night. The blaster bolt was deflected into the ground, but the next shot wasn't so lucky. A rock struck the side of Voph's face, and he began back peddling into the hospital. Slow, measured. He could take a hit or two. He dropped the blade to his side, and ducked out of the way of another rock. He glanced at the nearest security guard, who nodded and moved to open the door. As the door opened, another blaster bolt rang out. Voph wasn't fast enough to stop this one.


He instead spun, grabbing the hapless security guard and shielding him with his own body, moving forward into the hospital as the remaining security guards closed ranks to try and dissuade the crowd from following. As Voph entered the reception area, he let the security guard down as gently as possible. Somewhere near the emergency wards, if he had to guess. "Blaster wound, need a medkit." He knelt beside the guard, beginning to quickly and expertly strip away his armor to access the wound itself. Shoulder blade had taken a hit, probably the only reason he was still alive. He just hoped Seaja wasn't caught up in this mess...

Wu Yeoh-Mei

Wu Yeoh-Mei

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Objective: 3


Venture to a city and calm things down... or try to at least. THe Jin jedi was standing there in her ship. THe yacht styled jedi craft was fashioned after the legendary Jade Shadow. Wu had been in the hold as the ship came in and she was meditating with the force around herself. THe karlini scarf was longer then many others saw, her kimono styled jedi robe gleamed black and crimson vine silk. Saber on her hip and she loked at the small hair piece kiriko had made for some of the jedi.. Silka beads and kasha crystals that let one focus their mind as the ramp came down and the small Jin Jedi walked down looking up and around the city. "Well this should be fun."

Elaine Thul

Elaine Thul

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Objective: Byoo, but would like someone to talk to, and interact with.


She was sat in her embassy, as news came the planet was to peacefully transition, from the monarchy to become under the protection of silver jedi order. She had no political position here, she had some territory to call her own. Though she used it as a military base, and away of shipping things. Those things where mainly small arms, and armour, to who ever was fighting the sith. She could not get over what they did in the past, and she could not forgive. They had vong formed Alderaan, they killed everyone she loved, and tortured her, to the point she peed herself. She still had nightmares, about it all and lot unresolved emotion.


She was busy at the moment, she was gearing up her troops, for battle. The New Republic was in danger from confederation independent systems, they where planning to invade. She was going to help them, as they had sith in charge of them. She had them doing drills, running, checking and cleaning weapons. Her army was very very busy, she was waiting for transports to arrive. So she could start to ship them off for to the battle. 


She was in her office looking at maps, of where the republic think they need her. She was planning where she would deploy her troops, and then she meeting later to discuss it. Her army was better at counter attack than attack, so she had a preference for defensive terrain. She was also had worries, about the take over. As she lose her base, they may not want her equipment, or her their forces trained by her anymore. She did not want to lose this revenue stream, as it helped her keep up the fight, against the sith.


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Objective: 1
Posted: 1
It seemed her role on Commenor wasn't finished yet. Not that Jairdain wanted it to end, but she felt it coming. With the changes happening, her future was again in motion and she did not know where it was going. There was a blessing in all the confusion though and Commenor was joining the Silver Jedi.
These men and women had been a distant family to Jairdain since before the had started her job on Commenor. Now with this move, she hoped to be more active with them. 
She had Marcus with her on this important day and just hoped he was not going to throw a tantrum or wrench in the plans. For now, he was behaving and stayed quietly at her side. 
Listening to the speech Veiere gave, she nodded when he mentioned the current House of Lords. Being the regent of Juniper, this was something important to her. The only change she could tell was neither Brad nor Marcus could be considered royalty. Lady Kay had seen to that when she made her announcement. For now, she would be able to continue in her position until whoever was elected President appointed new Lords. 
Feeling no surprise when he announced his resignation as King, she felt it was right. Commenor was no longer going to be an entirely neutral world as they had been. Sides had been picked in the great battle between light and dark. Oddly, Jairdain who walked a neutral path was rather pleased with this choice.
Through the Force, she watched him leave the podium and was torn. For once she did not know what to do. Go with the man she still felt of as her king or stay here for the rest of the conference. Marcus made the pick and indicated he wanted to be with his grandfather.


Aida Aquila

Aida Aquila

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Objective: One

Location: Palace


Aida stood behind the podium and just off to the side, a silent pillar of support for King Arenais and his people. The force had drawn her back to the Silver Jedi, and then to Commenor to assist with finding the Queen. Needless to say, Aida herself had held out hope that the Queen was alive, and she was relieved to find that this was true. But, the revelations that followed had been truly unexpected.


Queen Arenais' confession had been shocking, to be sure...

But, sadly, it was a story that unfolded again and again throughout history. Power was tempting, for many... and some traveled down that dark path in order to obtain it. As she turned her blue gaze towards the sea of people that had gathered to watch the King, she could feel it – they were uneasy.


Soon, the holo-feed was live, the lights were upon Veiere Arenais as he spoke to address the Commenori. The banners billowed: Commenor, House Arenais, and Order of the Silver Jedi. May they fly peacefully, she thought.

As she listened, the Order's purpose – and her own – became quite clear.


The balance needed to be restored here on Commenor. With the Royal family stepping down, there would be much work to be done to ensure that the Commenori were left with a capable government that would see to their well-being and growth. This would be a rather large topic of conversation today, and she did hope that progress could be made swiftly.


Her eyes shifted as King Arenais walked past, his speech concluded. Aida felt for him and his children, but they were not alone in this. Aida would remain in her spot, for the next few moments, until the holo-feed went dark.

[Commenor: Kay Arenais, Jairdain, Silfe Sosuri, Darlyn Excron (Shoden Moz)]

[SJO: Josh DragonsFlame, Asaraa Vaashe, Cassius Droma]


Umedara Zaar

Umedara Zaar

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Undisclosed Location

w/ the Hutt Cartel




"Thank you," Umedara said with ease and pleasure as she was handed a menu. The restaurant was remarkable and her companion for the day was just as remarkable but then she supposed that was as far as it went with their species. "These appetizers look delightful," her eyes were above the menu watching the waiters walk about. A waitress passed by and the Mirialan's eyes wandered. In truth, she wished they were here to dine but the fact remained that they were here to check in on this new prototype of slave market. Slaves worked the restaurant showing off their many skills to potential owners who could purchase them in the basement below. Such services, such conveniences she thought a moment or two more. "Why don't we try a little of column b, and all of column a?"


Umedara placed the menu down, legs crossed in that sparkly blue dress of hers. "Excuse me," she called the very waitress over, "can you see if the band would be willing to play this little ditty for me?"


"Of course, right away." The waitress took the request from Umedara's hand and walked toward the band, who, like the staff were also for sale.


This was Sotta's newest idea and the hope was that if it worked on Commenor it would work anywhere. Who couldn't use a friend like Sotta? After all, why not the Hutts? The Hutts were here to help - and they're always in a mood to help. No one, no, no one had a friend quite like the Hutts.





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Iovty Karnsor

Iovty Karnsor


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Objective 2: False Flag


Iovty stood on the palace steps, overlooking the gathering crowd of hostile citizens. Since he'd arrived and taken watch at the steps he'd had insults thrown at him both for his race and for his seemingly hostile stance against the people. He'd even had rocks and other small objects thrown at him. Although such things were slightly annoying and distracting it wasn't something a simple wave of his scaly hand couldn't handle. As he watched over the crowd of people he spotted a familiar face heading towards where he was. He watched as he spoke to young girl and as the medical droid following them was shoved by a few protesters. After the trio made it through the crowd the man spoke a few words of wisdom to the young girl and when he turned away from her Iovty could see the slight look of worry on his.


"Good to see you again Casssus, it's been a while, how have you been?"

Cassus Demici

Cassus Demici


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"You know Iovty, keeping busy," he was sure the bags under his eyes and his heavy stubble could betray that truth.


Cassus always had a fondness for Trandoshans, and for Iovty specifically. Most saw the reptilian species as heartless brutes, but as with all species that was only a select few rotten individuals. Most were reverent to a great tradition that spanned to the birth of their people, one in which they had mastered into an art failed to be imitated by most. There was hunting on Serenno, and Cassus had participated, but he knew it did not compare to the science that the Trandoshans had perfected it into. Iovty himself followed a tradition of the Jedi that Cassus and his Master Ashla tended to agree with as well, living a life of selflessness, letting go of the material world and devoting oneself to the oneness of the force, foregoing any relationships or connections. But Ashla had accused him of preferring that way of living due to his inability to connect with others.


"How are you? How are things going here?" Cassus asked.


"This is Persephone," Cassus didn't bother to introduce the droid, in fact, he conveniently forgot he was there. "I've been charged with watching her."


Persephone's alabaster skin turned pink as she flushed, but Cassus wasn't sure why. He wasn't good with emotions.

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Darlyn Excron

Darlyn Excron

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  • Primary Objective: 2, Oversee lawful protests.
  • Secondary Objective: 1, Remain on call for Government proceedings
  • Location: Protest point, Palace
  • Equipment: Police uniform, Family Blaster, stun stick, lightsabers


Again, the Jedi were going to protect Commenori.

It was a bit sobering to think about, as Darlyn walked calmly across the floors of the Palace, making his way steadily to an area outside designated safe for public protesting in the front. He had to keep these people safe, and uphold their rights, meaning this duty was probably one of the most important he had today. There would be anger, and there would be unrest, he had to address the public's concerns steadily today. A large protest was taking place, one which the staff were well prepared for but none the less one that would test his personal control. Rioting was to be expected, but he hoped greatly they would be wise enough to avoid, at least on mass.

If only because of his own reputation with the law.

Naturally as he left the halls of the palace, the protest was still beginning to get underway, with high emotions and a police presence to keep the peace as this formed. With any luck this would be the full extent of the people's anger, though there was probably going to be more before the end of the night. The darksider noticed the approaching Jedi through the Force, and moved through the area to welcome them himself. He lifted a hand to the Trandoshan first, speaking up as he got within earshot of him and his colleagues. "Jedi then? Welcome to Commenor, wish it could be a better welcoming party. I'm Darlyn, Minister of Justice here. We've enough officers here to handle the situation should it become too violent, but I'm not exactly going to turn down help. If you don't mind, I have a few other locations that could use a couple more eyes just in case..."

Darlyn's earpiece crackled to life, and there was a short moment of him listening intently, hand on his ear.

"Already then? Yes, disperse that crowd and detain the shooters just as we practiced. If it gets any worse I'll handle it myself. Just help the security handle it." He sighed and pulled his hand away. "Well I was hoping we'd get more time before some idiot with a blaster got caught in the moment. Why would they even bother, it's not like they'll get away with it with all the damn cameras."

Darlyn's hand opened and closed a fist idly, he could feel the anger and contempt in the air. Already he'd had to send riot control to Mercy Learning Hospital, to handle the crowd brazen enough to bring a gun to their protesting. Across the city officers were on alert, maximum patrols were out, the works. He'd hoped to get through today with just insults and the odd rock or can thrown. Seems some ungodly force decided otherwise, which meant he very much expected someone to decide that Darlyn himself would deserve a shot in the back.

"... If I may ask your plans? I'd rather not have us all acting as lone wolves out here." This, directed at his new companions, the Jedi.

Voph :|: Prennis Keeoli :|: Cassus Demici :|: Iovty Karnsor

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Shoden Moz

Shoden Moz

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  • Primary Objective: 1, Handle Political Situation
  • Secondary Objective: BYOO, Make sure Dad doesn't get kicked out
  • Location: Meeting Hall, Palace
  • Equipment: Pink Old Republic Jedi Robes, Family Blaster, Force pike


Shoden waited for the feed to end before she did much of anything. It was, not a great situation to be in. Her home rioting over, god knows what anymore. Far as she was concerned, the story wasn't entirely what they made it to be, and they were responding inappropriately. But, she had to trust her father to handle the situation, she had to know he would do it just fine. Surely he would... She shook her head a bit, and dug into the inside pocket of her robes. She had to focus on the situation at hand (ha, her only hand) and get work done. She picked out a cig from her pack, lighting it and turning back to those still present. An 18 year old sitting with not only her own people, but the Jedi here to speak. What an image.

"Well, we have some work ahead of us. Best get to it, we have need to decide how best to handle the transition to a democratic state again. The first matter I see as necessary is to decide how we'll handle the relationship between the House and the President. Does the President appoint the House members, do we appoint the president through a vote on behalf of our nations, or are we all elected by the people? I myself would most prefer the third, seeing as the President already appoints their Ministers, and it would be unjust for six or seven people to elect the leader of the world as a whole." She interrupted herself with the cig, making sure not to exhale towards anyone. "Are there any thoughts?"

She wasn't the most experienced in the room, but if no one was going to start the discussion nothing could happen. Best to get it started quickly, and no better place to start than with the highest of offices. The one everyone needed to look towards, and was empty without the royal family being... a royal family.

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"How are you? How are things?" asked Cassus to Ivoty. Ivoty rarely heard such a phrase spoken to him so it caught him a bit off guard. Despite that though he was glad to know there were people who still cared.


"I'm well, doing my work on the edge as alwaysss. Asss for here, just seems to be a few rowdy citizens, nothing we can't handle if it gets out of hand." After Iovty speaks Cassus introduces him to the young girl accompanying him. "Why hello there Persephone," he says as he reaches out to gently shake hands with the girl, "I do hope Cassus is treating you well," he jokes with a slight toothy smile. As he does this he senses a strange presence from behind and before he can pin where the presence is coming from there's a hand reaching out to shake his. 


"Jedi then? Welcome to Commenor, wish it could be a better welcoming party. I'm Darlyn, Minister of Justice here. We've enough officers here to handle the situation should it become too violent, but I'm not exactly going to turn down help. If you don't mind, I have a few other locations that could use a couple more eyes just in case..." As the man speaks Iovty reaches out with his clawed hand to shake his, but when he touches the mans skin it feels cold. This must be the source of the strange presence, but why the man would be emanating such a presence was uknown to Iovty.


After shaking the man's hand and before the man can finish his statement the man reaches up to his ear to earpiece. He speaks a few words, but the only legible thing Iovty can make from the conversation is something about a blaster, an armed protester possibly? As he thinks such things the man begins to speak again.


"... If I may ask your plans? I'd rather not have us all acting as lone wolves out here."


Iovty replies, "We are here at the request of Jedi Master Veiere Arenais of the Silver Order. We were instructed to head to and guard the royal palace," he says as he waves to the palace behind them all, "and that's what we all intend to do." After completing his statement he turns to Cassus for confirmation.

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Objective 3: Cleansing the Darkness

Allies: Jedi


The question was: who else could even use Force-light to a sufficient effect to even effect damage control on the dark-sided nexus that surrounded Tarkin City? Jessica feels she has no choice but to actually intervene in there and use it. Sure, it was dangerous to go there afoot, due to the frenzied wildlife that resided in the premises, especially near Dead Scar, the epicenter of the nexus. This also meant she needed some sort of airborne platform to safely use Force-light from. In the dead of night, no less. She also abstained from using the Force before this operation began, because she knew this operation would require a lot of Force-energy to perform, and computational power, too. And also abstained from performing operations that required a significant amount of computational power, as a result. Plus it wasn't the first time she used Force-light for attempts at cleansing a dark-sided nexus. Kashyyyk and Sekalus before that. Or increasing the alignment expectation value of the nexus as she would usually think about those processes. As she was on a hoversled, that hoversled was nearing the position where she could unleash a blast of Force-light; the usual phosphorescent method would not be effective against a nexus of this kind.

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"Hmph," Cassus grunted in confirmation. They stood in the shadow of the palace now, not far away from the bulk of the protesters, the peaceful ones anyway.


"After reporting in we are at your disposal, Minister," Cassus spoke skeptically. He sensed something especially dark about Excron. Already towering nearly a foot over him he put himself between the man and Persephone, both physically and through the force.


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Objective: 1 – Help re-establish democracy


Cassius was standing off to the side, not within view of the holo-cams. He was part-listening to the speech, part paying attention to his datapad silently playing some of the footage from around Chasin City, and part absorbed in his own thoughts. So much had happened recently that it was a lot to process. Kay’s admission, the near-decapitation of the Commenori government… everything was happening so fast. With a hint of worry, Cassius thought about the civil unrest starting to break out in parts of the city, but also the planet as a whole.


Swift action needed to be taken if stability was going to be restored to the world. A transition of power such as this would almost certainly be messy – it took time to firmly establish a working democracy, time that they didn’t have. There were some parts of the old system that they could use, sure, but so much needed to change in such a short amount of time.


The former king finished his speech, and Cassius easily removed himself from his leaning position on the wall as the rest of the delegation moved into a more secure setting to talk politics. It was never exactly something Cassius saw himself doing, but he was in a rather unique situation. Having had previous experience with Lady Kay, Veiere, and Commenor, he had a special link to the world and its major players. Not only that, but he seemed to have Master Aquila’s trust, probably due to their past experience together.


The first among them to get down to business was, surprisingly, the youngest among them: petite redhead who apparently didn’t care about smoking a cig in front of not only important government officials, but esteemed guests, as well. Despite his initial speck of annoyance towards her, she asked the question that needed to be asked. He hadn’t planned on speaking so early into the talks, but he felt compelled to.


“The head of state should be chosen by the people,” Cassius said calmly, choosing his words carefully. As far as he knew, the official name of the position had yet to be chosen, whether it was president, prime minister, chancellor, or something else. “The citizenry has had their trust shaken – they need to feel as though their voice is being heard,” he gestured towards one of the nearby windows, as if to indicate the protests that were no doubt happening outside.


There was certainly a lot of work to be done, beyond just picking a new head of state. If anything, they needed to re-evaluate their entire system to government – their values and laws. Everything could change, but now was the time to do it.


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