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Brother Trevor Cruxis


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Gregor Yoor

Gregor Yoor

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Intent: Fallen Dark Jedi member of the Templar Order of Light
Role: Dark Jedi that archives and researches the Dark Side of the Force
Links: N/A
Age: 30 years of age
Force Sensitivity: Master
Species: Human
Appearance: Dark Skinned man with eyes white as snow, bald and has a long scar from a lightsaber down the left side of his face very close to his eye. Standing at 6'2" he is a beast even without his Templar Armor.
Name: Trevor Cruxis
Loyalties: The Templar Order of Light and Grandmaster Gregor Yoor
Wealth: Pennyless
Notable Possessions: Book of Dark Knowlage (WIP), Sword of the Faith (WIP), Templar Sheild (WIP)
Skills: Dark Force Sorcerer, and Counter Dark Combat Specialist 
Personality: Silent, Observant, and only communicated through writing or telepathy if he trust you.
Weapon of Choice: Force
Combat Function: Counter Dark Side Force Effects
[+] Strong Attachment to the Force
[+] Very Intelligent
[-] Touched by Darkness
[-] Weak against Light Side Force Users
-- Born during the New Sith Wars, Trevor was raised at an early age by the Brotherhood of Darkness due to his strong attachment to the Force. A quick study he was a skilled user of Dark Alchemy and became a Sith Sorcerer where he created demons of nightmares. He served with them for some time until he was captured by the Templar Order and instead of killing him he was convinced to join their ranks as a Dark Relic Seeker. He then trained under Grandmaster Tye, the leader of the Templar Order of Light and became his personal Sorcerer of the Dark Arts.
-- Following the man to many battlefields he personally killed many Sith Knights with their own tricks and powers. Though when he came against a Sith Lord, he was not strong enough and was cut across his face and his throat was crushed. If he was not saved by the then Deputy Grandmaster Gregor Yoor he would have lost his life, instead he lost the ability to speak. He continues to serve as the Archivist for Dark Arts and will sometimes teach others on Counter Dark Arts Training as he calls it.