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stormtrooper smol CIC 1.0 Imperial Confederation

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Immortal Cyan

Immortal Cyan
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Serial Number: ST-00/0666

Nickname: "Beast"

Formal Name: Sashana

Faction: Core Imperial Confederation

Service Branch: Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

Rank: Private First Class

Species: Human, Genetically Engineered

Age: 3 Months (Body and Mind Flash-Aged to Adulthood)

Gender: Woman

Height: 4’7.5”(1.4097 m)

Weight: 115 Lbs. (52.16 kg)

Body Measurements: 29D-22-40

Eye Color: Bright Magenta

Hair: Smoky White

Skin: Pale Creamy

Force Sensitivity: None

Theme: Closer - The Chainsmokers, Halsey


Strengths, Weaknesses, and Characteristics:

ST-00/0666 has a crippling fear of water, which manifests in her inability to swim (despite it being a skill which was flash-imprinted into her memory) and her habit of avoiding even small bodies of water. In spite of repeated (and often abusive) attempts by her instructors to force 0666 to overcome her phobia, 0666’s phobia only grew more crippling. It was not until her drowning incident was reported to her medical advisors when her instructors were ordered to stop. By then, what had simply been a strong phobia had evolved into a crippling aversion.


Because of her youth, 0666 is also extremely gullible and naive. She is very trusting and loyal to a fault. However, in many ways, 0666 has a personality profile which is close to the ideal for a Confederation Stormtrooper. When in combat, her capacity for violence and brutality is unmatched. Her willingness to follow orders is admirable and praiseworthy. In addition, her ability to think in the midst of chaos and her resilient motivation was also noted by her instructors in basic training.


A freshly-created biosynthetic trooper in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, ST-00/0666 bears a curvaceous hourglass-shaped figure with a conspicuously broad set of hips and thighs. The soft and feminine proportions of her form conceal a compact musculature underneath, hinting at her genetic engineering as a soldier of the Core Imperial Confederation . Her shoulders are narrow and dainty in appearance, further emphasizing the plump swell of her bosom and the delicate ridges of her collarbones.


ST-00/0666 has pale porcelain skin and smoky white hair which she cuts short to fit into her helmet. Her facial structure forms a heart-shaped profile, owing to a gently tapered chin, a high forehead, doll-like eyes with bright magenta irises, and pouty pink lips.


ST-00/0666 was created by Biogenesis Laboratories on Empress Teta in the early days of the Core Imperial Confederation. Within the first few seconds of her life, 0666 came close to drowning when the liquid in her growth tube failed to drain. The incident stimulated the development of enhanced safety mechanisms for the growth chambers. However, 0666 was left with the traumatic experience of drowning, which shaped her development from there on.


In basic training, 0666 was informally assigned the nickname “Beast” by her squadmates because of her speed, athleticism, and bloodthirsty fighting style.


After she graduated from basic training, 0666 was immediately given her first assignment and a set of shiny Mk. IX Katarn-Class Battle Armor. From there, 0666 joined the legions of stormtroopers tasked with defending the Core Imperial Confederation...


Mk. IX Katarn-Class Battle Armor w/ Paratrooper Helmet

Thermal Detonators

DC-15AB Blaster Rifle

K-22/02 "Lance" Mass Driver Rifle


Ship: N/A

PC Kills: N/A

NPC Kills:

7 First Imperial Stormtroopers (Bespin Brawl)

11 Anaxian Gangsters (Children of the Empire; Imperial Confederation Dominion of Anaxes)

2 Jedi (So Be It, Jedi; Imperial Confederation Dominion of Tython)

Total Kills: 20

Bounties Collected: N/A


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