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Georgiou-type, Advanced Space Mortar [Update]

- - - - - Primo Victorian Aurora Industries ASM

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Fiolette Raaf

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  • Intent: To create an advanced bomblet generator and add more flavor/variety to/for technology building for Primo Victorian and Aurora Industries.

  • Image Source: Artstation // Emilie Rinna (x)

  • Canon Link:  N/A

  • Primary Source: Sianium | Repurposed Canon Articles



  • Classification: Space Mortar

  • Size: Very Large

  • Weight: Very Heavy

  • Ammunition Type:

    • Disruptor Bomb

    • Gravity Bomb

    • Ion Bomb

    • Cluster Bomb

    • Proton Bomb

    • Magnepulse Bomb

    • Baradium Bomb

    • Plasma Bomb

    • Concussion Bomb

  • Ammunition Capacity: Up to 8 Bombs

  • Reload Speed: Average

  • Effective Range: Long Range

  • Rate of Fire: High

  • Stopping Power: Very High

  • Recoil: Very High


  • Fires up to eight bombs at a time.

  • Internal tracking and targeting sensors.

  • Automated reloading assistance.

  • Automated lock-on, targeting assistance.  

  • Internal temperature check.

  • Sianium power based technology.

  • Coil-based long range firing mechanisms.

  • Versatile mounting platform.


Developed by Primo Victorian as a method of delivering bombs in a long range manner. Utilizing coil-based technology the Georgiou ASM is capable of firing up to eight bombs with an average reload speed this after receiving automated assistance. The space mortar is also equipped with internal tracking and targeting sensors as well as an automated lock-on firing component.

This lock-on component assists weapons crews with targeting but it does not take the place of leading the target. Internal temperature checks allow crews to monitor the heat output of the ASM. Utilizing Sianium power technology, this allows the warhead to be enveloped by the energy field as it leaves the barrel.

However the drawback of such a device are overheating, coil degradation, broken siaber crystals and vulnerability to ion/emp based weaponry. The Georgiou-type ASM was also created so that it could be fitted on a variety of platforms from fixed defenses, land vehicles, to capital ships.



  • Versatile Mounting - Capable of being mounted in a variety of platforms, including fixed defenses, land vehicles, and capital ships.

  • Sianium Coils - Utilizing coil based firing mechanisms coupled with a sianium power generator to fire the bombs not only within long range but as well as with a higher stopping power than normal.

  • Hard Impact - Due to the rate of speed in which the bombs travel the impact of their shells can be quite devastating for those without kinetic defenses.


  • Heat/Power Draw - Is prone to becoming power hungry and runs the risk of overheating which can lead to coil degradation.

  • Heavy Recoil - Due to the sianium power technology the bomblet generator is based off of it has a high kickback or recoil meaning crews must pace their firing.

  • Broken Crystals - Siaber Crystals, if broken, tend to vaporize everything in a given radius, for the Georgiou this can prove fatal for not just the weapon crew but for the ship, vehicle or platform that it is mounted on.


Updated: Rebuilt with new components to eliminate ion/emp weaknesses.

Edited by Fiolette Raaf, 17 March 2019 - 10:51 PM.

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