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RNS Solemn Purpose

- - - - - Resistance Resistance Actual

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Intent: The Government Headquarters and Flagship of the Resistance Migrant Fleet

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Canon Link: MC85 Star Cruiser | MC80 Home One-Type Star Cruiser

Primary Source: Rebellion Actual



Manufacturer: Mon Calamari Shipyards | The Galactic Alliance | The Resistance

Affiliation: The Resistance

Model: MC85 Resolute-Type

Production: Unique



Classification: Command Ship | Battlecruiser

Length: 3438.37 Meters

Width: 706.55 Meters

Height: 461.61 Meters

Armament: Average

[High Full Power to Weapons]

  • Heavy Turbolasers (18)
  • Heavy Ion Cannons (18)
  • Point Defense Lasers (12)
  • Heavy Proton Torpedo Launchers (6)

Defenses: High

[Extreme Full Power to Shields]

Fighter Hangar: Average

  • Squadrons (12)

Support Craft Hangar:

  • Shuttle Squadrons (4)
  • Dropships, Light Freighters, and Transports (3)
  • Numerous Civilian Berthings, Docking Clamps, and Mooring Tethers for other vessels

Minimum Crew: 1,165

Optimum Crew: 13,545

Passenger Capacity: 180,000

  • Government Officials: 3,850
  • Military Personnel: 11,000

Cargo Capacity: 40,000 Metric Tons

Consumables: Unspecified

Maneuverability Rating: Average

Speed Rating: Moderate

[Very High Full Power to Engines]

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0

Backup Hyperdrive Class: 8.0



The Solemn Purpose features a modified Long Range Communication system fitted with GhostWave Transceivers and Ion Scramblers. Its other systems, sensors, and computers are overworked and in need of maintenance, but otherwise the technological standard for modern battlecruisers.




Communication Systems

Hyperdrive Systems


  • Self-Sustaining: The Solemn Purpose was originally designed as part of a long term idea to create a ship capable of indefinite resources by maximizing its ability to recycle its atmosphere, waste, and water supplies. The Purpose has a 96% recycling efficiency on its own, however since it siphons its resources off to other vessels it is unknown how long it will be able to operate.
  • Mobile Capitol: Resistance Actual is the Capital City of the Resistance, containing numerous civilians, government officials, the offices for the remaining government departments, and a command center with high powered communication equipment capable of encrypting and transmitting across vast distances.
  • Hyperdrive Modifications: Modified in the early days of the Resistance, the Solemn Purpose has Anti-Ion Emission Tracers to prevent their Hyperspace travel from being tracked and a Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer to allow it to travel through some interdiction fields and gravity wells.
  • Damage Reduction Systems: With charged plating shielding and damage reduction armor the ship is able to maintain the same level of defense throughout a battle as its shield system does not fail or overload like normal ones, consistently reducing enemy weapon's effectiveness at piercing the hull.
  • Power Converter: Resistance Actual has been fitted with a power converter that distributes portions of its reserve energy banks to its primary systems, allowing the vessel to enhance the power of its combat systems, either its shields, or its engines.


  • Non-encapsulating Shields: Unlike traditional starship shields, the Solemn Purpose is fitted with a charged plating system, which does not negate or block enemy firepower, only reduces its ability to damage the hull and armor of the ship. This means precision missile strikes and boarding actions are much harder for the ship to defend against.
  • Unassigned Energy: In combat, the reserve power Resistance Actual has must be assigned by the crew or it is not utilized. This means when ambushed by enemy craft, the vessel is not able to perform at its full potential for a time.
  • One System at a Time: The ship’s power converter can only direct its reserve power to a single combat system at a time, taking several seconds to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect it, and begin the flow of energy to the next system.
  • Few Emplacements: The Purpose only has a few capital ship weapons, limiting the weapons it can bring to bear on any one target and making those turrets it has high value targets.


The MC85 Resolute-Type Star Cruiser, sometimes referred to as a battlecruiser or Star Defender, is a massive three and a half kilometer long behemoth of Mon Calamari design, mirroring the ancient model made for the New Republic. Created with other species in mind much like the MC90 Star Cruiser, the Resolute-type is ergonomic for any humanoid species with adjustable life support to make it more or less humid and warmer or cooler on the vessel, even capable of adapting different decks for different species preferences. The original idea for the very restricted Resolute-type was as a test bed for the opportunity of Extra-Galactic voyages and long term space-faring patrols. While the class itself wasn’t intended to go beyond the reaches of the Galaxy, it would be testing features that might be attempting such a feat in the future. This included a Molecular Furnace in the bowels of the vessel connected to the waste processing units, to recycle the raw materials that would normally just be compacted and dumped into space. Additionally a solid fuel converter is connected to the system, so that when parts are not required, the vessel is able to siphon raw materials into the converter to produce additional fuel cells for its engines.


Another feature was high efficient reactors and conservative engines to promote fuel efficiency so that its consumables and fuel supply would last for the longest period of time. Theoretically the vessel would produce enough waste to replenish its fuel everyday, however that is not always the reality. According to its designers, the vessel is 96% efficient in its recycling, only unable to replace 4% of its waste, water, and fuel that it uses. Its systems, while standard were fabricated to reduce the need for general maintenance and replacements, however on a ship its size something is always in need of repairs.


The Solemn Purpose underwent significant internal modifications to accommodate the Resistance Government, however the main changes to its systems were simple upgrades to its communication systems to increase their range and include a Ghostwave transceiver to assist with sending messages across the galaxy. In the early days of the Resistance, an HIMS was acquired and installed into the monolithic vessel as a safety precaution so that it wouldn’t fall victim to interdictor traps while it moved throughout space.


Operational Systems

The MC85 Resolute-type was built to minimize its weapon systems to conserve space without limiting its firepower. This allows it to conserve space for ammunition storage and cargo holds without reducing its intended firepower drastically. As such the MC85 has eighteen heavy turbolaser turrets and eighteen ion cannons spread evenly across the hull with the majority of its batteries able to fire in any fire arc. Fewer openings for weapons also means more armor to defend itself. Two clusters of three heavy Proton Torpedo Launchers are featured on the prow of the weapon fitted at forty-five degree angles so that each cluster can launch ordinance to the port or starboard flanks of the vessel.


For shielding and armor systems the MC85 uses a 00D-A Charged Plating damage reduction shield and AR-0B damage reduction armor, which combined heavily reduce the firepower of enemy vessels striking it. While a portion of their weapon’s fire is always transferred to the armor, the shielding system doesn’t have the issue of failing or being overloaded. It is not one hundred percent effective at stopping energy and kinetic strikes from the armor, but neither does it fail or overload. When more power is pulsed through the charged plating system, the hull is damaged less and less by enemy fire. This combination system is excellent for long term engagements, but has difficulties repelling boarding vessels and protecting itself from precision strikes from starfighters.




Military Sections

The bridge, observatory spire, port and starboard hangars, and several strategically located barracks make up the main military sections of the Solemn Purpose. Every section of the vessel which is necessary for combat engagements is controlled by military personnel and cut off from other sections of the vessel by a military barracks and security stations. The shielding controls, reactor systems, each weapon turret and its auxiliary generator are all manned and defended by their dedicated crew which live in barracks nearest these sections.


The Bridge, Observatory, and personnel offices are all positioned together, so that they can be supported by the second largest barracks on the ship. Here office spaces for officers are located, the military high command has a mission control room to command operations from, and a command salon for its officers. The Supreme Commander and ship’s commanding officer have offices in the neck of the observatory spire.


Port and Starboard hangars dedicated to military use contain the bulk of the Ship’s starfighter complement and garages for their repair. Eight squadrons of various types of fighters are held in racks on the sides of the flight deck where they can be easily accessed by catwalks for rapid release, and the empty flight decks make returning and landing operations quicker since the lifts are not burdened with fighters coming down from the maintenance bays above the flight deck.


Government Decks

Situated atop the dorsal ridge of the large cruiser there are the series of decks and levels dedicated to the Provisional Government. Numerous common rooms have been converted and re-purposed into office cubicles in an attempt to provide the various analysts, data-loggers, and staff enough working space on the ship. Banks of salvaged computers have been constructed in corridors to contain the thousands of files the exiled government was able to acquire before resigning to remain on the run. The very lifeblood of the Resistance is found aboard these decks, controlling the flow and distribution of information throughout its various cells.


While most of these decks are cluttered, in need of maintenance and repairs, the high priority decks contain the the living quarters and cramped, overcrowded office spaces for the higher ranking members of the Provisional Government. Some members share their work space with another government officer, or schedule their use of the offices so that they do not interfere with each other. Important officers may have a rented office they are expected to use a certain amount of time each week in order to upkeep its use. Living Quarters however are not so cramped, the full time officials and their families afforded a comfortable apartment with enough bedrooms for their family and private kitchenettes, refreshers, even entertainment suites with some minor degree of luxury. Other, less permanent officials are given a much smaller space, normally only a bedroom with a closet/refresher with a small desk and fold-out bed.


The Council Chambers where the Advisory Council holds its meetings and deliberates its edicts reside in a more spacious and secure area of the upper decks. This relatively small chamber contains several chairs around a simple table with built in datapads and a central holoprojector unit. The Councilors and their secretary meet everyday for at least a short time to discuss developing situations and issues that have arisen the previous day. Each chair also features an encrypted holocomm allowing the Councilors to meet from anywhere in the galaxy, their image projected into their respective chair during the meeting. Occasionally they will meet with others in this chamber. Attached to the chamber there is a series of private offices for the Councilors, enough space for them and their aids to work and operate their respective departments and take visitors.


Just aft of the Government Quarter there is a small hangar capable of holding a few shuttles with mooring clamps and tethers for additional transports, even vessels as large as a corvette, dedicated for Government use only.


Jedi Quarter

Aft of the Government Quarter, arrangements and adjustments have been made for the exiled Jedi Order and its allies to have their own space, separated from the masses and military. Humble but private living quarters and bunkrooms surround three primary sections of the ship. The living quarters and various bunkrooms are sparsely decorated, most not assigned to anyone in particular, just available to first come first serve so that its members that are at Resistance Actual have a place to sleep without having to go to Capitol Row or the Barracks.


The first was large briefing room that has been modified and converted into a convocation chamber for all the members of the Jedi Order to meet. The large hall had its backstage areas stripped down into a makeshift armory and forge, for the construction of new Lightsabers and storage of weapons such as DXR-6 Disruptors, various jedi armors and equipment to be distributed and leased by the Jedi-in-Exile. Medical facilities are found here as well, equipped with the most reliable medical utensils and facilities the Resistance has access to, provided especially to the Jedi Healers so that they would be able to provide aid to severely wounded or afflicted people to the best of their ability.


The second hall is the Gardens, a homage to the ancient Jedi Temple’s Gardens of Tranquility, the Jedi were given possession of the Mon Calamari Cruiser’s indoor botanical garden where they are able to meditate and commune with the Force in relative isolation. Sometimes members of the Military and Provisional Government are permitted entrance to the sereen patch of green, where they walk the grounds, tend to the garden as a hobby or way to ease the stress of the day away, sometimes they are invited to meet a Jedi there. It acts as a reminder to the old Jedi to what freedoms they lost when driven from their home. Often this area is used to call Council Meetings, with many preferring nature to hallowed chambers.


The third section dedicated to the Jedi is the training rooms. A Large gymnasium consisting of several open areas and rooms with gravity adjustments and equipment were provided to the Jedi who cobbled together sparring cages, simulation rooms, flight simulators, and other common equipment so that they would be able to maintain their fighting abilities throughout the duration of what is expected to be a long and grueling war.


The Hangar situated at the rear of the Jedi space has been delegated for their use, made from an upper flight deck and lower maintenance level. The Flight Deck has three garages to contain Jedi Starfighters and their equipment, where basic repairs, rearmament, and refueling can take place. The Flight Deck itself has space for several shuttles or light freighters, even a light corvette or two if things were shifted around for emergencies. From several lifts, shuttles and fighters can be lowered into the Maintenance Level where they can be repaired from serious damage, rebuilt or modified in the sealed section of the ship.


Capitol Row


Amidship there is a one kilometer long, one hundred fifty meter wide corridor four stories tall. Originally this was to be a massive cargo bay intended to hold enough resources for a possible Extra-Galactic mission similar to Outbound Flight. However this space has instead been turned into a large marketplace and community called Capitol Row.


Shops, bodegas, and kiosks are scattered around the hold selling anything the Resistance hasn’t labeled as contraband. The occasional cantina, casino, or entertainment suite has cropped up, renting the space out on various conditions issued by the Provisional Government. Capitol Row is almost always crowded at any time of day with visiting spacers and residents always walking the corridor. Hydroponic gardens for fresh produce are common sights, along with Resistance Banners and Holoscreens playing advertisements, speeches from Resistance Leaders, or news broadcasts from the Resistance or outside sources.


Near the end of the corridor, refugees have build a small township, complete with a makeshift wall surrounding their little village. They have crudely constructed houses of scrap, sheds, and hydroponics crates within their walls and rumors of stowed away supplies such as food and water for themselves. The guards allow them to remain so long as they don’t cause any trouble, which they have so far refrained from.


Many of the general apartments are built facing Capitol Row, some opening straight into the balconies or mezzanines running the length of the massive corridor. Surrounding these are the general living quarters, small apartments barely large enough for a family unit or a pair of individuals to share with a kitchenette and refresher attached to the two bedrooms. These apartments are in high demand and only given to permanent residents of the ship. Some soldiers use these with their families when able or when space is available for them to move in, though most single soldiers in the Resistance prefer the better kept quarters in the barracks. The corridors are tight and in high-traffic times people have trouble moving through the passage ways at speed, some preferring to take jefferies tubes and back ways to avoid the crowds.


Main Docking Bay


The Main Docking Bay is located on the ventral surface of the ship, its cavernous opening situated just ahead of the reactor bulge of the Battlecruiser. The sizeable docking bay is designed to hold numerous shuttles and freighters, a handful of docks to hold corvettes and light frigates. Nearby docking tubes and mooring clamps for larger ships to access the vessel.


At the fore of the hangar and docking bay there is a lift which takes ships up to the Hollow. The Hollow is the engineering level of the ship, where the Molecular Furnace and Solid Fuel Converter are located. From these systems parts are fabricated and there is a production facility of significant size on the level. While the Hollow is partially responsible for the production of fuel and water purification, its main function is the creation of small parts and systems for use in repair and modification of starships. Because of this, several Starship companies or modification specialists have set up their shops in the bowels of the Solemn Purpose to offer their trade and wares to visitors to Resistance Actual.


The Hollow is filled with various pit shops, mechanics bays, and engineering garages where ships in various states of disrepair are strewn. Starfighters in the process of being cannibalized for parts, shuttles with missing drive units, and droid shells sit on racks or hang from cables while they are worked on by swarms of engineers, ugnaughts, and maintenance droids.


Lower Levels

In the lowest levels, living conditions are tight. Whereas in the Government and Jedi Quarters there are some luxuries and even with all Capitol Row’s constant flow of people they have space to themselves and apartment suites with separate bedrooms. The cramped corridors aren’t tall enough for many species, with bulkheads less than one point eight meters tall, exposed cables and maintenance tubes run in a sickening criss-cross throughout the sector of the ship. Boxes of spare parts and tools sit along the corridors and many systems are glitchy and in constant need of repairs in order to remain functional. The lights are dim, sometimes flickering or non-functioning, and the air is stale. Originally these dormitories were not intended for residential use but for visitors only, hundreds of permanent residents have chosen to live in the crypts. Small single room dormitories are shared by up to two beings at any given time with only a small closet/refresher for amenities.


Down in these levels there is a market known as the Crypts. Less than legal activities are forced to take place in the Crypts were surveillance and security is limited, and so smugglers who bring on contraband often actively seek out rooms in this quarter in order to evade notice of Security. The illegal trade is limited, and most have to know where and who to look for in order to make exchanges, the Resistance Smuggler’s wary of selling to strangers and unwilling to supply weapons to the residents without a massive markup in price. However, it is said if it can be bought, it can be bought in the Crypts.

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