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The 101st "Wolfpack" Stormtrooper Legion

- - - - - Stormtrooper Legion NPC Lore Combat CIC

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The 101st "Wolfpack" Stormtrooper Legion




  • Intent: To expand on the legions located within the Core Imperial Confederation Stormtrooper Corps and to allows for Stormtrooper and Clone PC's to have a legion to call there own for their characters to use and operate within. To create a military legion to be used by the Core Imperial Confederation in both military conflicts and humanitarian efforts and resolutions.
  • Image Credit:
    • Symbol; Created by Me
  • Role: Stormtrooper Legion
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  • PCs:
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  • Organization Name: 
    • The One-hundred and One (101st) Stormtrooper Legion
    • The One-hundred and One Imperials Consultas 'Lupus' Stormtrooper Legion
  • Nickname(s)
    • Wolfpack (Widely Accepted Nickname)
      • The Wolfpack
    • Imperial Vanguard (Endearing)
    • Blue Wolves (Endearing)
    • Little Wolves (Endearing & Hopeful)
    • Prowlers (Impartial)
    • Werewolves (Impartial)
    • Wolf-men (Impartial)
    • Bloodthirsters (Derogatory)
    • Head-choppers (Derogatory)
  • Motto(s):
    • "No Surrender."
    • "Audi Nos Inique Agunt."
      • Loose Translation; Here us Howl
  • Battlecry:
    • "Et lupi inter homines."
      • Loose Translation; Between humans and wolves
  • Classification: Multi-front, High Mobility & Tactical Imperial Combat Legion
  • Affiliation: Core Imperial Confederation; Imperial Stormtrooper High Command
  • Symbol: 
    • The symbol of the One-hundred and One Stormtrooper Legion hearkens to the sigil of a wolf. The wolf symbol takes a profile-type view, showing the distinctive and unique nature of the biologically and naturally created fauna commonly called a 'Wolf.' The most distinctive feature shown is that of the 'spiked' ears of the predatory animals which are wolves to showcase the reputation that the 'Wolfpack' legion has acclaimed within such a short time-frame. Their angular and predatory eyes are present to determine their overall ferocity and 'prowling' desire in battle to finish the mission. Then the 'sharp,' canine teeth are visible protruding from the snout, curving inwards with smooth and curved motions as to demonstrate the precision from which the Wolfpack strikes. Showing their capable bite to 'rend flesh from bone,' or more accurately, 'rend machinations of war from oppressors of self-sovereignty.'
    • The wolf symbol, when printed and/or painted on structured, vehicular transports, weapons, armor, and any number of devices and structures dedicated to the One-hundred and One Stormtrooper Legion (including sensitive documents) will be placed upon a secondary symbol with a surrounding 'frame. The symbol that the wolf symbol sits on top of is that of the past Galactic Empire's, the one of Emperor Palpatine and of one Tanomas Graf. It has also become a symbol of the newly formed 'Galactic Empire' from which it draws inspiration and it's loyalty towards and from, the Core Imperial Confederation. The symbol used is a representation of, of course, the Wolfpack's loyalty to the Core Imperial Confederation from which it has gained the majority of its infamy. The symbol of the Galactic Empire is a representation of the cold and hard iron fist of the once Emperor Palpatine, now, however, in modern times, the symbol represents power and uttermost authority as one of the few 'Heirs to the Empire.' The symbol had, at one time, and had originally, been part of the Old Republic. At that time, their symbol was warped yet eerily similar to that of the Galactic Empire from which it would form into under the cunning and gentle, guiding hand of Sheev Palpatine, Darth Sidious, Emperor Palpatine. At the time of the Galactic Republic, such an icon had inspired hope and freedom of a democratic galaxy ruled and united under one singular banner. Now the symbol represents a combination of all. The cunning of the Galactic Empire of old, humanitarian ideals of the Old Galactic Republic, and now, a calling of power and the willing power of the assertion of authoritative power under the guidance of the Core Imperial Confederation, under Tanomas Graf, under the immortalized Sheev Palpatine.
    • The exterior border of the wolf symbol holds more underlying and subtle symbolic guidance and ideas than it appears to be. The border is taken from that of the once great First Order which had, at one time, spanned across the great expanse of the Outer Rim, a testament to the glory of which Imperial factions could rise up to be given enough time, dedication, and overall military might. Despite the falling of such a monumental Imperial power to the claws of the Ssi-ruu, remnants of the military 'dictatorship' remain in different forms other than the Imperial Warlords of the Outer Rim, and other than the First Order Enclave which overtakes currently overtakes the 'systems' of BakuraPanatha, Bunduki, and Rattatak. One such remnant is in that of the symbol of the One-hundred and One 'Wolfpack' Stormtrooper Legion. The border was originally taken from a small group of military officer's that had once sworn allegiance to the First Order but had fled with the departure of High Chancellor Tanomas Graf towards the Core of the Galaxy to rebuild the former Galactic Empire. The border itself represents the origin from which the Wolfpack was formed, from the First Order...or at least somewhat. It acts as a memory of the Order and a remembrance as to the original formation and creation of Wolfpack Legion. Added to each interior 'corner' of the First Order's symbol was that of a short and blunt 'spike.' This spike speaks to the sharp daggers and claws with which the First Order Officers who formed the idea of the 'Wolfpack' Legion. These sharp claws and daggers act as a testament to the encompassing idea of Imperials, as one falls, another rises, and so on, and so forth. In essence, a representation of the perceived 'immortality' from which Sheev Palpatine had achieved with his Galactic Empire. Though the Empire had died within a 'short' timespan following the Battle of Yavin, it's memory continued to live on despite the winds and rains which beat against its ideals, it's dreams.
  • Description: 
    • The One-hundred and One 'Wolfpack' Stormtrooper Legion is a fully-fledged and fully-equipped professional military force which acts in unison with many other stormtrooper legions across the territory of the Core Imperial Confederation. Like all armies that hope to obtain the glory of fighting on a galactic scale, the Wolfpack Legion goes through rigorous, standardized, imperial-sanctioned training regimens and tactical knowledge assimilation. Being trained in most forms of both conventional and unconventional warfare, this allows for the military group to keep up a professional and adaptable fighting and tactical battlefield knowledge and intelligence, rising above some other standard military groups that range across the Galaxy, from private military organizations to galactic government-sanctioned armies. That is not to say the One-hundred and One 'Wolfpack' Legion can take down all other offending military groups, more-so that it can remain toe-to-toe with even the supposed 'best-of-the-best' military groups of the Galaxy.
    • The total army size of the 'Wolfpack' Legion is locked below four-thousand soldiers, it's total numerical size of soldiers in active use is estimated in the three and a half thousand range. This smaller size allows for the stormtrooper legion to both be easily adaptable to ever-changing battlefield conditions along with being highly maneuverable on the field with little error visible for mass miscommunications and wrong orders for the legion due to how it is divided up among itself to minimize possible tactical errors from high command.


  • Headquarters[Subject to Change per IC Actions]
  • Domain: [ Does your organization lay claim to any particular area? Link the planet(s), Cities, or other types of areas your organization has influence over, if any. Do they keep to themselves, or are they an active part of the community? How is their relationship with the local populace? This is the place to flesh out how your organization interacts with the community around it. ]
  • Notable Assets: [Subject to Change per IC Actions]
    • None as of the Moment


  • Hierarchy[Subject to Change per IC Actions]
  • Membership
  • Climate
  • Reputation: [ How do people see this organization from the outside? Beloved? Distrusted? Wary or neutral? Describe your organization’s reputation here. ]
  • Curios
    • Visual Distinction; 
  • Rules: [ Most organizations follow some set of rules. Maybe the Resol’nare, the Jedi Code, etc. Does this group have any religious beliefs? Philosophies? ]
  • Goals: [ What are the goals of this organization? Future plans for expansion? Collection of information? Providing education to those who seek it in certain skills? Supporting charitable works? For all intents and purposes, this is your in-character intent with this organization. ]


  • Accumulated Army Size: ~3,400
  • Significant Stormtrooper Companies: [Subject to Change per IC Actions]
  • Personnel Demographic Composition:
    • Volunteer Forces; 45%
      • Humans; 78.92%
      • Near-humans; 21.08%
    • Standard Clones; 30.11%
    • Biosynthetic Clones; 24.89%
  • Unit Availability: Uncommon on the Battlefield
  • True Unit Experience:
    • Overall Military Experience; Trained
      • Some combat companies are of the experience rating of 'Veteran.'
  • 'Acclaimed' Unit Experience: 
    • Supposedly of Veteran-status according to the General Public and Rumors
  • Combat Function: [ Describe this unit’s general function in combat. Put things like tactics, habits, goals, how they interact with other parts of a larger army, do they need support or are they the support, etc. ]
  • Equipment: 
  • Subdivisions: 


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