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The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

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Eternal Muse

Eternal Muse

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Blood had been spilled.

The spark which could ignite the next Great War was struck within the borders of the New Republic. A luxury liner, compliant in every manner, was put to the sword with absolutely no provocation. What had damned the budding democracy was the fact that there were survivors of the devastation - and they ferried news of the attack to their Homeland. When word reached the Confederacy of Independent Systems, outrage ripped through the populous. Having come fresh off the heels of an international intervention, the people demanded that there be a response for the shedding of their own blood. If they could fight for people that were not their own, surely they would avenge their lost brothers and sisters. Before the Confederate Viceroys could even muster a response, it seemed as though the lust for vengeance had been answered.

For within mere days following the loss of Confederate life, word spread that two New Republic vessels had been put to the sword. This Judgment had not been an order from the chain of command - yet had been enacted regardless. As a result, both the Confederacy and New Republic had every reason to raise their blades against one another. Every reason to set fire to their lands until only one remained standing.

It was the plea of the Viceroyalty and the wisdom of the Exarch, Srina Talon which saw a temporary stay to the Confederate aggression. An olive branch was extended to the world seemingly responsible for the original destruction - Kuat - in the form of a meeting with her Senator. Through this, an accord was reached that would potentially satisfy the Confederacy's need for answers. The New Republic claimed no responsibility for the destruction of the liner, nor did Kuat. Therefore the southern systems were invited by the Kuati representative in order to conduct their own investigation. All knew that any reports offered by the supposed butcher of Confederate lives would be immediately called into question and doubted, and therefore the chance to discover who was truly to blame was accepted.

In exchange for the clearance to land upon the Republican planet, the Confederacy would stem the bleeding of its active wound. Kuat, once renowned for her Shipyards and industrial might, had been brought to her knees by battle. Her orbital drive yards were shattered. Her economy shuttered. Her people struggled, even to the present. Though the world had become a member state of the New Republic, recovery was slow. Therefore, whilst the Confederacy conducted its investigation, a commitment to extend aid was given. They would begin a reconstructive effort of the fabled drive yards, whilst also extending finite assistance to the citizenry in the capital city's center.

This benevolence could end with the drop of a credit dependent upon what the Confederacy unearths.

They arrived as literal Armada.

A thunderous horde of the Confederate's finest warships reverted into realspace within the Kuati system and Immediately commenced their operation. The southern systems would find the fabled world with sparse defenses at best, and therefore would have minimal resistance in establishing their operational foothold. In a manner similar to the Eshan Exclusion Zone, a cadre of interdictors and early warning systems fell into place in order to form a barricade between Kuat and the New Republic. This blockade was effectively the breathing room the Confederacy would require to commence its operation without the interference of the budding democracy - and would be maintained at all costs.

However, while the threat of decimation backed the blockade, the horde of transport vessels inbound for the surface were under the strictest of orders. Their droids and personnel were not to open fire upon anyone or anything - unless they were fired upon first. Thus, Kuat would find herself subject to three points of contact on the surface. The City Center would act as the hub for humanitarian aide and a forward operating base. The Capitol Building would have its flight and military records seized as to ascertain who was responsible: Kuat or the New Republic. And an irradiated ruin far beyond the capital's borders had received a signal just following the liner's destruction - a team would be dispatched to decipher why. At a glance, the Kuat investigation would be one of the most tense operations in Confederate history, for any stray spark could ignite the powder keg.

And unbeknownst to all, that is exactly what a select few were working towards this entire time.

Engagement Zones

Confederate Objectives


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Genesis Rostu

Genesis Rostu

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Location: The Serenity, Kuat Orbit

Accompanying: ---

Theme: Breakthrough

It felt as though nothing had changed.

When the Serenity erupted from the depths of Hyperspace, the light shudder brought comfort to the Grand Marshal's soul. Though before him laid an operation that had every chance of going awry, simply standing aboard his Star Destroyer felt like a return to the norm. Many years had passed since the clone had the opportunity to stand upon this Bridge; and yet, though his gaze had certainly aged, not a thing was out of place. All around him, a melting pot of droids and organics worked in harmony to maintain the vessel's heading and systems. The comms were alive at once, keeping an active line of contact open with the rest of the Armada. From where he sat, Genesis Rostu was afforded a clear view of the forces which arrived in tandem with his own ship and watched as the blockade began to fall into place.

It was heartening to know that the next generation was competent, to say the very least.

In his relatively brief time as Grand Marshal, the clone did not have the luxury of personally interacting with many of his peers. However, despite this reality, it seemed that the reconstituted Confederacy featured a plethora of able-minded tacticians within her navy. There was no difficulty whatsoever in organizing the operation of the day; and Genesis expected that each would play out their role to the peak effectiveness. There was only one thing which felt...ever so slightly...out of place to the Grand Marshal. During days long since passed, his literal first steps were taken in service to the Galactic Republic of old. Whilst most of the men and women serving on the bridge were infants, he was a full-grown clone fighting for the supposed cradle of democracy.

It was strange to be in the Core once again. Even more so to be opposing a nation which hoped to live up to the mantle of his birthplace. However. Genesis had no choice in the manner by which he was born. Had no choice in the first battles he fought. What quelled the strange thoughts in his mind was acknowledging that He had chosen this path. That he had the freedom to determine his fate - not the programming that once demanded blind loyalty to a defunct nation. This day, he would flex that liberty and see to it that the barricade they raised would hold fast. The Confederacy had come to Kuat to search for answers and to find those responsible for the spilling of innocent blood. The fact that they were showing as much restraint was a testament for how much the young generation had changed the norm.

For back in his day, you crashed Lucrehulks into the problem and sorted out the remains later.

"Begin transmission." came the thunderous baritone of his voice. At once, a message began to blare on repeat - advising any and all New Republic vessels in the vicinity to steer clear of the freshly forming blockade. They had come in peace, at the invitation of Kuat herself, and would not have their investigation interrupted. Deep down, Genesis hoped they would try.

He wanted to see just what this young generation was capable of.


Sankt Yora

Sankt Yora

    The Lady Vicar

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Kuat City Center

Location: Government Complex, Kuat City Center
Allies: Srina Talon
Enemies: Lies, discord and injustice
Objective: Greet the Confederate delegation


These offices were supposed to only be a temporary accommodation, the Senator's traditional offices were much too small for her entire staff. With the involuntary loss of Kuat's membership status within the New Republic, the Falleen Senator and her staff had little choice but to cram into the too-small offices that Kuat's Senator had held for centuries, and wait in hope of a change. After months of verbal sparring with both the Republic and the building's manager, one side finally caved and it was not the Republic.

She lowered the datapad onto the desk, feeling her eyes adjust again to the dimly lit chambers of her new offices. Her staff had done their best to strip away the garish decor of the Kuat Cultural Preservation Department —now properly housed in a storage chamber beneath the complex, waiting for the day when Kuat could fund such an agency once more— but the office walls were still too bold for her simple tastes. The woman sat behind a utilitarian desk, only slightly more ornate than the strictly functional ware her staff used, adorned in simple Senatorial robes of sheer black.

If they blended in too easily with the backdrop in the dim lighting, it was only so that the robes would not look out of place against the bright colors of the walls around her.

Before her on the desk, the woman clasped her pale-green hands together in contemplation. There were so many paths before her in the moment, so many decisions to make. She knew outside her door, an aide was waiting with a thousand and one items for her review. She knew that the Confederate delegation would soon be arriving, their fleet had already been detected in orbit. And she knew that sometime in the near future, Kuat would need to make an impossible decision that neither it, nor its leaders in House Kuat, were ready for.

The Senator breathed out, parting the hands that were covered in tiny, pale-green scales. With one of them, she withdrew a chain of beads from within her Senatorial robes, they were old and weathered but the symbols carved in them still looked as fresh as the day they were cut. Grasping the chain with a short, clawed finger, she passed it over the first, second and third symbols, tracing them lightly with the pad of her finger. On the fourth, she paused and clutched the chain tightly in her palm, focusing on the symbol etched upon the bead. The Falleen already knew the path she was on, she needed no rumination on that today, but sometimes just a simple reminder was enough.

Sankt Yora breathed out again, returning the chain to her robes. The hand withdrew, and as she brought it up to her eye level, she snapped the scaled fingers together. The door opened so swiftly, feet shuffled so silently, that before the Falleen had lowered her hand the form of her assistant was there at her side. "The preparations in the banquet hall are all ready, m'lady. There was some issue with the exact shade of purple necessary, but I made sure it was resolved." The Senator waved her hand, the aide's eyes widened once, and nodding she moved to the next item of business. "A messenger from House Kuat arrived, they have decided not to attend the opening discussions today. Javrin Kuat has taken ill and will be unable to attend, and his closest advisors are too busy with charter negotiations and shipyard retooling. The Kuat family trust your ability to represent them in talks with the Confederacy."

This caught Yora's attention. She breathed out again, quickly this time, turning her full attention to her aide. The young woman seemed to wither before her, but the Falleen paid it little mind. "Is House Kuat's messenger still here?" Bright blonde hair of the young woman's head bobbed as she nodded quickly. The Senator inclined her head in return, her assistant was intelligent and capable, not to mention ambitious. No doubt she had ensured that the messenger did not immediately leave Yora's office. She had little need to worry about Yora herself, and every need to rid herself of her timid demeanor. "Good. Send back the following," and before she could finish her instructions, the mousey aide had whipped out a stylus and it hovered, poised and ready, above her datapad. "The Honorable Senator Sankt Yora appreciates the continued trust of House Kuat and their considerable faith in her ability. Detailed reports of the summit meetings will follow, and she wishes Javrin all the best in his recovery."

"Yes, m'lady. And a gift basket."

"Of course, as is customary." The Falleen woman rose from her desk, stepping forward to let the robes drape around her as they fell from her chair. There had been no communication, no schedule set, no announcement of any arrivals, but she began to move forward with purpose regardless, the aide taking a trailing position slightly behind and to her right. "Come, Ms. Raetha, I believe it is time to meet our guests."

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Lace. Wanted. Blood.


She didn't care whose blood it was, really, as long as they got to cower in fear of her blade. She wasn't suited for the delicate politics other Confederacy members were handling in the city, no, Lace was much better at hunting. Hunting down whoever received that damned transmission in the Wastes of Kuat. Civilians dead on both sides. Too many lives lost. Their only lead as to who did it? In a radioactive wasteland. If anyone asked Lace's opinion, she'd tell them to glass the Wastes.


But that would be too violent.


Too messy.


This? This needed detail. Focus. Temper your anger, Lace. Lace took a deep, calming, breath as she felt the shudder of the ship enter the atmosphere. Fire in her eyes, Lace donned her helmet as a growl escaped her throat. As the ship landed on the surface, Lace drew both her sword and light saber, and waited as the doors opened, looking out upon the Wastes of Kuat.


She will have blood.

Aya Clarke

Aya Clarke

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Aya sighed, running a phrik covered hand through her hair. Aya wasn't.. happy about this. This senseless loss of life, the fear and paranoia that ran rampant within the public, the anger that struck at the core within the hearts of everyone. The anger that burned inside Lace, especially. Her friend was wise for her age, when she could control herself, and having felt the directed aggression in their sparring matches she knew so too was she attuned to her inner emotions. In times like these, you could forget to take the time to measure your actions, step on the wrong tile, make the wrong move.

She took another breath, and stood up as the ship touched down. Aya was not here of her own volition, she had come for a singular purpose. To keep Lace calm, alive. Her friend calmed down from her presence alone, and she had the uncanny ability to keep Lace in check, like the leash to a beloved pet's harness. Not something to restrain them like an animal, but guide them, calm them. 

Aya pressed the button on her collar, activating her energy projected helmet, activating the respirator so she could breathe. The oxygen is breathable, but the filters in the respirator would clean it well enough for her. If worst came to worst, she had an emergency oxygen tank she could activate. She just had one more thing to do, before they could leave.

Aya walked up to Lace's side, lifting a hand to rest on her shoulder on the far side. Gently she would squeeze her shoulder, and ever so slightly pull the other woman into her side. "Calm, Zerker. We need to stay calm, so we can think. We can handle this can't we?" Flanking on either side of them was three BX Commando Droids, totaling 6 droids alongside them. Counting Aya and Lace, 8 total. Of course others might come to join them but, that was knowledge Aya did not possess.

"Come, we have much ground to cover. Best to begin walking." Aya had her sword and lightsaber on her hip, and in her free hand was Yei Karkan, with a purple Confederate flag bound around the end. She kept care to make sure it was still bound together, while her feet echoed down the landing ramp.



Homeworld: Aelozath :I: Armor: Hoylin's Saint Armor :I: Weapons: Personal Blade, Yei Karkan, and Gifted Lightsaber

Alkor Centaris

Alkor Centaris


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Allies: CIS
Enemies: - - -
Objective: Search for incriminating evidence, or exculpate the Republic of guilt in recent attacks.

As expected, they were welcomed to Kuat, albeit under unhappy circumstances. Many Confederates were torn about this operation- some wanted nothing to do with it, others were hopeful that conflict could be avoided. A handful wanted to see the Republic burn for crimes against Confederate citizens, but there were forces at work more important than any of their individual desires. Truth was the modus operandi of the Knights Obsidian. Knowledge was power, and the data that Kuat had access to could pave the way to peace.

Or, it could mean war. The details were shrouded in mystery, and the people of Kuat had come under duress in recent times. With their apparent loss of status within the Republic, relief efforts were abysmal and funds stood at a standstill. The Vicelord and his esteemed colleagues had provisioned for a trade of mutual benefit- whatever Kuat knew, for the kindness of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Even now, as Alkor moved into the Capital Building with several other Knights, the fleets of the Southern Systems moved to protect the reeling world from further harm. They had to trust those in orbit to maintain vigilance while they worked, lest it truly come to war.

"The Viceroyalty will be working alongside the former senator of Kuat to the Republic," one of the others mentioned, "but we will not be part of their summit. Access to various areas of the building has been authorized, but it has also been expressed that we cooperate with them in this investigation. Do not show any hostility toward the Kuati people as we work, and allow them to work alongside us toward our common goal."

It stank of politics and posturing to Alkor, who had always been a warrior foremost. Still, avoiding a war was as noble cause as any, and if there came a need for him to secure the area he was at least present. "Knight Centaris," the Master Knight regarded him as others moved to their assignments, "I recognize this is your first assignment with regard to data retrieval, so I do not expect you to make leaps and bounds. What I do expect is that you maintain decorum and do the best work you can."

"Sir," Alkor gave a still salute, his eyes fixed on the far wall. "I understand."

"I know you are primarily used to conflict oriented missions," the man continued, "so I must stress that you are not to engage in any sort of violence unless-"

"No need to worry, sir," Alkor cut in. He offered a soft smile, defeated more by his own impatience than the man's lack of faith. "We don't want this to end in war. A conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy would end in a bloody mess for both sides."

"We're here for Justice," the Knight approved, "good. Nothing further, Centaris. Report anything you find and make sure to upload it to the Obsidian Network for review."

"Yes, sir." Alkor turned from his superior officer and sighed. Paperwork. "My greatest enemy," the Corellian muttered.
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Sor-Jan Xantha

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Flagship: Nadesico

Hangar Bay: Variable Geometry, Self Propelled Battle Droids, Mk I

Escort Ships: Nova | Mercy [ Medical Frigate ]

Personal Gear: Obsidian Type Strike Armor | Obsidian Lightsaber | Obsidian CR Ring




The timing behind all of this seemed terribly convenient.


A series of unfortunate events, close in time. It was almost as if someone were trying to get the Confederacy and the Republic to go to war. Except who? And for what reason?


As conspiracy theories went, it was a dilemma for which the young Jedi had woefully little information -- other than that which had brought the two governments to conflict over Kuat.


Except, Kuat was also a rather curious situation in itself. Since joining the Republic, it seemed that their allies on Carida had done absolutely nothing for the people of Kuat. The situation on the planet was as dire and bleak as before. He knew that Sankt Yora had been an active member of the Republic Senate. Had the Carida government been so flaccid that it was incapable of rendering aid to its own?


Of course, the Republic had seemed quite bent on expansion. Perhaps their claims of democracy masked a desire for conquest that took priority over improving the lives of its citizens.


More theories. And not nearly enough evidence or information with which to discern fact from mere fantasy.


The tow-headed Anzat stood atop the command deck, overlooking the so-called 'bridge pit' that contained the star destroyer's combat information center. His small form was shrouded in Obsidian armor, his face concealed behind the mask. For his size and shape, he might have been a Shada-Fan, or even a Jawa.


"Raise shields," the shrouded figure uttered, his voice disguised behind the mechanical distortion.


His mission was simple. Guide the medical frigate into orbit of Kuat, and then maintain air-space security so that relief operations could take place.


He wondered if it would prove to be that easy.


"All hands, action stations."




Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Objective: Become One with the Crowd

Location: Capital Building

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives  | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Alkor Centaris Sankt Yora + CIS

Enemies: TBD

Post: One




The Blood Hound was standing next to the other member of the Knights Obsidian (Alkor Centaris), glowing green eyes looking at their surroundings, but giving away nothing.


People around them were speaking, and she was doing her best to keep up. There was very little that the SIthling actually knew, having spent the last days trying to catch up with everything. Another had spent time, being next to her mind, telling her of things, informing her. It had not been easy. In her situation, there had been no option of giving or sharing the memories, which would have made the transaction quicker. And still, there were people to be avoided until then, peple who would not understand, people who had to be explained carefully.


But this.


The Sithling frowned. Like quite a few of the people who had come with her, she would have preferred to simply come in guns blazing, leave the streets running with blood. A reason was not needed. Yet she had made a choice several times; a choice to be part of the Confederacy, and as long as she was with them, she had signed up to listening to the orders. And the orders were clear.


And still, an investigation? How could the Blood Hound help with that? She was a weapon, a Warrior, trained both in this realm and in two others to take life, not to save it. She didn't know the first thing about investigating. Interrogation, sure, that was easy. Punch someone and make them bleed until they were ready to tell you what you wanted. But investigations… A whole different world.


It would be one of the rare times that other Knights Obsidians saw her as following within the group and not leading it.


Such a strange feeling.


"No putting the pointy end of our weapons into Republicans," she nodded, repeating the instructions. They knew that. Sure. Her fingers weren't wrapping around the hilt of one of her knives. Not at all.


"But what are we supposed to do?" she asked, turning to Centaris, "Ships were beheaded in space. Why does anyone think we can find clues here?"





Chekīta Awaud

Chekīta Awaud

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Location: Kuat Government Complex 

Peps: Srina Talon Sankt Yora

Objective: Security Detail


Royally karked was probably an understatement for how Kuat was faring, it made all the destruction and death the Sith inflicted upon Alderan seem so little, she was kind of glad her unit was stationed on the FWC home world during the invasion. Though one thing seemed a little odd, why had so little new about the dire state of Kuat not be common? such a lifeless world and struggling people would surely ring alarm bells with the New Republic, it seemed inconceivable that some sort of reconstruction effort would not be undertaken by them. The only possible explanation would be the New Republic focus on making sure the ME didn't stab them in the back, dealing with all the many other war torn worlds along with liberation of commoner and Alderan Campaign fought a while ago.


Not that it mattered, at the end of the day some karked up fire altercation had taken place which put the CIS and the NR on a warpath in things didn't get fixed soon, but something seemed off, almost like a certain event had already happened to the NR that sent it to war with another faction unwillingly. It took her a few second but then it hit, when the Republic was still called the Remnant and was based around Teth there was a attempt by a tried party to have the Mandaloiran Empire invade, one which pulled through but fortunately both sides stopped fighting before nay major damage could be dealt. The main difference was the third party looked to make it seem both sides were going to attack one another. This time around shots had been fired and people had died, on both sides, evident surfacing of the NR and CIS doing quite the unspeakable things tonon combatants.


It was a confusing mess but hopefully today answers would come to light, and even if she was just asking a head of security for the day the face Chekita was the current Alor of the Awuad clan did give her a little political power to weigh in on talks and any potential deals. Something that could only start once the CIS diplomats and representative arrived for the talks, a date that was unknown, she had already donned her Rendili Battle Armor, all except the helmet, which hanged from her belt, an action to be respectful to the coming guest and convenience. 

Zoe Rosella

Zoe Rosella

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Location: Forward Operating Base

Objective: Aid the Citizens

Allies: Josiah Denko & CIS

Enemies: TBA




Zoe had been running around a fair bit now, assisting the people of Kuat in the Confederacy's newly-founded forward operating base which was propped up to provide aid and compensation to those in need, she'd been helping in the medical sector of the base running supplies, such as water, to and from the sick and wounded. The amount of citizens that had turned up was quite a shock to her, was the Kuat government doing enough? or is this all they can do? ~ "AAAARRGH!", a scream bellowed from the room beside, without hesitation she ran into the room to see what the commotion was, it was a man who was in a significant amount of pain, it looked like it was an old wound that had reopened as he hadn't looked for medical attention. He was writhing uncontrollably and the staff working were struggling to keep him down, Zoe quickly moved in to hold him down as blood squirted over the walls until one of the medical staff managed to sedate him so they could stop the bleeding and begin to work on his arm..


Relieved, Zoe took a few steps back and took a sip of water, exhausted from the non-stop working. She eventually found herself outside the building as she began to wonder where her master, Josiah, had gone. He wouldn't have gone far but she couldn't help but think about what he was up to..





Dracken Pryce

Dracken Pryce
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Location: Orbit over Kuat

Allies: New Republic

Enemies: CIS???

When CIS ships reportedly destroyed New Republic vessels the various investigations in New Republic space kicked into overdrive. Why had the CIS been so quick to damn the New Republic and suddenly do the same thing? Had they been so out for blood that they'd left all reason in the Southern Systems? Pryce doubted that. While the CIS themselves were....An enigma in this war against the light and the dark Pryce had never seen them as unfair or rash as a whole. But wheels began spinning in his mind when he received word from Corellian intelligence that fleet movements had been spotted en route to what could have been Kuat. How Corellian intelligence had gotten inforatmtion like that to him before the New Republic he would never know, mostly because there was never a call to action from New Republic high command.


In fact he'd come here at the request of Corellian Senator Lisza Starseeker. Herself and one other passenger she refused to let him in on were aboard as well. Forces at Annaxes had been pulling out since the sudden bolstering of their forces by what preliminary reports described as CIC reinforcement and with the Annaxes campaign axed until further notice Pryce strayed from his standard patrol along the outer edges of New Republic territory and had made his way to the Kuat system. As the stars peeled back into their positions and the Starchild along with its New Republic fleet dropped out of hyperspace all seemed to be fine from a cursory glance space from the viewports. Contrary to that sensors were blaring and techs were scrambling. 


"What's going on?"


"Our sensors are going crazy...It looks like a CIS armada is parked right outside Egress Point Alpha. We're also detecting a large amount of traffic in and out of the planet." A lump formed in his throat hearing those words. Could they have been here to invade?


"Have they detected us?"


"Unsure," came a reply from the other side of the bridge. 


"What about the New Republic Relief fleet? What is their status?"


"They seem to be...Fine as far as we can tell."


"Get a transmission to the New Republic, secure channels only. Now. All hands to battle stations. We aren't going to fire on them but we need to be ready, lets make our way to Egress point Alpha at a steady pace. Launch one squadron and prepare to drop Swords 1 through 4. Don't forget to hail whoever is in charge of the relief group. Tell them Fleet Admiral Pryce has taken command of the mission." The Starchild was large and lumbering but it eventually made its way to the other side of the planet and the fleet massive. His eyes bulged. A fleet he could handle, but this...


"This is an armada...They want to take Kuat..." came a whisper from somewhere behind him. Pryce shot the tech a sharp look. The CIS weren't that foolish. Did they intend to make Kuat an exclusionary zone like they'd done with Eshan? They had the forces to do it, but if that was the case why were the New Republic vessels still active and why hadn't a call gone out to the New Republic if Kuat was under attack? Things didn't add up! The New Republic and the CIS weren't at war and Pryce wasn't about to start one now. His thoughts turned to Ava now. He couldn't rule out the possibility of this being his final battle, especially with a fleet that large hanging over Kuat. He took a deep breath before giving one more order.


"Keep steady and hail...one of their flagships. We need to get to the bottom of this..."


Genesis Rostu  

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Srina Talon

Srina Talon

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Location: Kuat City Space Port [Headed Toward the City Center]
Accompanying: Chekīta AwaudSankt Yora | Aryn Teth..And possibly others?
Allies: CIS + Allies, etc 



Even though the Confederacy had recently embarked on a motion for friendly relations with the CIC on Coruscant the little Exarch would forever dislike being so close to the Core. She missed Geonosis already. Life on the blisteringly hot world was simple, predictable, and she rarely had to worry about offending someone due to her blunt disposition. Nothing good ever came from traveling North. Nothing.


Yet, she had made a promise. She had sworn to Sankt Yora that she would arrive to Kuat in person. Thus, she would keep her word.  


The atmosphere in the Ferocity during the trip was somber. The frigate had more in common with a tomb than it did a space fairing vessel, despite, the pair of rabbit droids that sprinted through the color-coded halls at breakneck speed. Srina seemed to weave around them without difficulty. Either they avoided her on purpose or her reflexes were so cultivated, that they seemed to be made of liquid, over soft tissue and protein filaments. “Do not leave your playthings in the corridor.”, she warned them, clearly, seeing little glow rods laying about that they both pretended to utilize as lightsabers.


While Srina would not fall, as Echani eyes missed nothing, she was not alone on her personal vessel. Aryn Teth, the former Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance, was ever at her side. He had recently relocated to Geonosis from Naboo so they could see one another more frequently. It made the pain and loss that she had endured on Eshan…Bearable. Between the man that had somehow wormed his way past her emotional walls and the Master that easily made her feel safe and protected—She was healing. Day by day, she was doing better, well enough, that she could care for her sister Tellu Talon.


The descent to the depressingly ailing world was uneventful. The rings were obviously suffering. A few ships were docked at certain points, but otherwise, it didn’t seem to have been used in half a decade. When the time came Srina provided the clearance codes from her contact within House Kuat and they easily let her frigate through. There were multiple other vessels that followed her, however, they were all cargo freighters. It seemed that unless the goods were relinquished to an existing institution they would not be allowed to pass down to the world that desperately needed them. They were loaded with the supplies that the current, or former Senator, had specifically asked for. Srina did not understand the politics on Kuat very well…Nor this. But, she would ask the green-hued woman upon her arrival.


Without the bulk of the supplies, there would be a large portion of the Confederacy, waiting, on the streets of Kuat with nothing to do. Why a governing body would not allow aid delivered directly to their citizens was confounding, however, there may have been some unseen reason for it. In the meantime her people could focus on the investigation, and or, set general contracting droids to work and aid the populace. There were likely many tasks that needed done and many tired people that were sick of doing them.


Other ships would be following to directly take a look at the orbital shipyard, while teams, would be deployed to the streets of Kuat to begin the groundwork. The transmission that was sent after their vessel was blown away was sent to Kuat. Specifically, the Wastes, but that didn’t mean that people on the ground, in the thick of it, couldn’t provide valuable details.


Her eyes closed and her stomach slowly twisted.


Was this the right call? Would it have been more prudent simply to react as they had with the Jen’ari and attack their perceived enemy with wanton abandon? Srina couldn’t help but recall how well that had worked out with the Chiss Ascendancy. They were butchers in their eyes, even though, the CIS had been given the impression that the blue-hued nation followed the word of their new Emperor whole-heartedly. That seemed not to have been entirely true. The last thing the Exarch wanted was another gray area. Another slip up.


Another military action that crushed a populace. Eshan…Eshan was free. However, it was also devastated.


Srina did not want that for Kuat. Sith or not…She did not want it. But would she be able to stop it? The young woman didn’t know.


As she walked down the ramp, swathed in the blue and silver armor that Darth Tacitus had created for her—she accessed her holo-comm to address the Confederates that were patiently waiting for orders.


“Confederacy…You are here to ascertain the truth of what has transpired. Use your instincts, your skills, and make sure to check in with anything you find. Those of you working on the rings…Be careful.”   


With that small notice, she continued on through the spaceport to meet with the delegation. She had minimal weaponry on her person and lacked any sort of obvious support in the form of offensive technology. Magnaguard were usually her go to in delicate situations, however, this was not a scenario in which she expected to encounter obvious enemy combatants. Wearing her armor, moving among friends, would need to suffice.


Upon spotting Sankt Yora, in the presence of security Chekīta Awaud , she inclined her head politely and silver eyes dusted over the rest of the company the formidable woman met.


“It is a pleasure to meet you face to face. I have many things for you to peruse...And a few questions. Would you prefer to discuss it here? Or somewhere more private?”  



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Brea Hersy

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Location: Kuat Wastes

Equipment: Vibroblade, also the ability to shapeshift into a giant cat monster

Tags: Aya Clarke | Lace Vi'dreya




As soon as Brea landed in the lifeless expanse of "the wastes," she began questioning her choices. It likely wouldn't be the first zone to erupt in war if indeed war was on its way, but if she wanted to gaze out at something so barren, she would have stayed on Felacat.


There were already two CIS members there by the time she arrived, departing from the same ship. Unlike some, Brea didn't really know anyone in the Confederacy, and she was ambivalent as to whether or not it remained that way or not. It was just a job, practically mercenary work, although she had more of an obligation to the CIS than any other faction, seeing as how they liberated her home planet of Felacat and now had jurisdiction over it. Coming all the way out to Kuat was already a commitment, considering the stress of hyperspace on her kind. Long trips were never pleasant, and she had the trip home to then look forward to after she was done there.


She wore a mask over her nose and mouth as well as goggles, although the goggles were fairly standard procedure for Brea regardless of circumstance. At her side, having been pushed out of her ship, was the same speeder she had been using to get around on her home planet since she was little, painted her favorite color, orange.


Signaling the other two with a brief wave, she said, "Happy hunting, yeah?" as she lifted one leg over the seat of the speeder to mount it.

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Location: The Wastes

Allies: CIS, Aya Clarke, Lace Vi'dreya, Brea Hersy

Enemies: Unknown

Post: 1


"Dropship inbound."

The voice crackled over the dusty wind that blew rough particles across his armor and mask. Carbon, with one knee pressed into the wasteland ground and his scattergun held at a low ready across his chest, lifted his lenses to the sky. Sure enough, a black mass had detached from the clouds, angled sharply downward. "Confirmed. Confederacy ident." Behind him, a discardable anti-armor missile tube was lowered from a shoulder. They quartet waited, patiently, as the ship came into land, dust billowing around it's engines into a miniature dust storm.

When it cleared, he stared out at a Viceroy, her companion, some droids and a woman on a speeder. From within the rocky outcropping they were using as cover, he knew they were mostly invisible to eyesight, while radiation and geography would scramble attempts to fix them with sensors. "Alright. Let's keep it quiet, and stay out of sight."


"Shouldn't we let them know we're here? Security as a group?"


Carbon shook his head, watching the woman on the speeder as she undoubtedly left her companions in the dust. "If they're aware of us, any potential hostiles will be too." With a quick flash of hand signals, he made sure they knew to stay in cover and out of sight. "Our weapons are short range, not long range. Stick to the shadows."


His headset clicked with three affirmatives. Whatever had started this mess, they'd find out, one way or another.

Alexandra Feanor

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Location: Kuat City, Kuati Aid Distribution Center, City Center

Allies: The Republi, Abigail Meredydd, Aston Jacobs

Enemies: None

Others: N/A for now.



[96 Hours]


As the Galaxy continued to move on, one world was stuck picking up the damage left behind.


Ignorant to what had happened, and with the world in a state unable to even fend for itself as far as supplies go, Kuat was in a state of barely holding on. After the last invasion by the Sith, and the decimation of the Planet's famous rings, meant for building grand vessels capable of great destruction, the planet had come to find out what happens when such things fall to the planet. So much damage that the planet would have been unrecognizable in the months that followed.

And now, even years later, barely had things even come close to being repaired. The great cities of Kuat could not be repaired in seven years, and its shipyards even further in a state of destruction. The Planet still crawled by, but it was no shining example for the Galaxy and that was all due to a battle that these people likely never even signed onto. That was probably why they did not join the Republic, hoping that their neutrality would afford them the decades they needed to even bring a shred of a sense of normality to the planet.

But just as quickly as the invasion had taken place before, news came in the form of some video that no one could honestly explain. It was odd though, while citizens of the Confederacy screamed in outrage, the people of Kuat would come to be as confused as the rest of the galaxy most likely.

For eight years now, since the Republic returned to the core, it had brought with it the promise of a better life. And while Kuat join the Republic part way into the Government's time in the Core, it did not rejoin the government in full after the Charter for the New Republic had been finalized. While it would not join in full, the planet would choose to join as a economic member, one not beholden to the laws of the republic but with preferential treatment in trade deals and part of the Republic's regulations on trade and travel. The Planet would not gain forces, or ships to defend it, the leader of the planet quite clear about that, but foreign aid and republic citizens were welcomed to help rebuild where they could. Transports were sent with food, water, clothing, and all the goods necessary to help the process of rebuilding jump start. After All Kuat had been a massive economic giant and while it had the money prepared for disasters, it had not expected the damage left behind by the Sith.

That was why when news of the ship being torn apart came to the world, the people there were skeptical. The Republic had no ships that could do that in the sector, Kuat's own security able to confirm that without a second's hesitation. As for their own craft attacking, the problem came about as to why? Just as the Republic recorded everything about its fleet, investigators would find easily the Kuati Security fleet was even more bogged down by procedure, most of their ships docked in the remaining portion of the rings or even stationed just around it. Unless a ship tried to ram the ring, the Kuati Forces would not react.

And even then, from the ground with the lights of the planet dimmed, and the rings so close, it would be easy to see what happened and yet, nothing. There would be no videos of this supposed attack from Kuat, no eye witnesses, no video feeds from the shipyards or the Kuati Security Forces. There would be absolutely nothing from Kuat to provide any hint that the ship had even reached the planet.

Quickly, the people of Kuat became just as suspicious, but for other reasons. The did not blame the Republic, nor did they imagine it was the Confederacy at fault, instead the blame was aimed at Imperial infiltrators. The Republic for years at this point had been at war with Warlord of Anaxes, unable to break through the line but also holding it against the Warlord who sent people to die. Corellia, Dorsis, and Cambria all understood what the Imperials would do to win and Kuat had long seen imperial war machines at work, having made many of them.

Blame was quickly shifted from the Republic to the Imperials of Anaxes on Kuat itself, seeing only them as the possible culprits for what had happened.

And Alexandra in all this time, filmed every second of the changing attitude, from silent rebuilding to hateful speech thrown at Imperials who likely killed the ones they loved. The Republic was quickly absolved of the blame, atleast, for most people. With the Republic keeping all records of fleet movements and weapons discharges open to scrutiny, thousands upon thousands of hours of video feeds and recorders, droids quickly combed through and found nothing, there was no Republic fleets in that area, much less having shot at the ship.

Alexandra while all this happened just filmed, recorded people's words on video and on paper, and continued on, helping those she could, and taking the words of hundreds upon hundreds, slowly as the days passed and things became slowly clearer.



[12 Hours Prior]

Things were progressing wildly, Alexandra sitting hunched over in the Distribution center within Kuat City, listening to people and trying to answer their questions. People were worried all this would stop supplies, stop the years of work on the Rings above. Alexandra wasn’t a Republic diplomat, and could only gather up so much information which made distributing it even harder. What documents she did have sat infront of her and she scrolled through them on the datapad, listening as more questions came.

What was she to say when these questions came, that she could rewind time and stop the world from being destroyed. For seven years, the republic had been at war with the Imperial Warlords from Anaxes, the ones the Republic wanted too spin for the tragedy but now the CIS actually claimed ownership of the deaths. Did this mean the Republic would be attacked and would Kuat be attacked again… no the planet wouldn’t be attacked. It was in the middle of republic territory, the only path through the Silver Jedi and the Jedi would not let a fleet come through and wipe out a civilian world at this point.

Her eyes drifted to the Kuati Representatives, members from the king’s government and they looked back at her just as lost on what to do, how to tackle this. Her own eyes quickly returning to the information and the tables on where goods would be delivered next.

Kuat City itself was in disrepair, not as greatly as when the sith invaded thanks to the Republic’s efforts but it still had along way to go. And thanks to deals on Cambria on Rendili in the past years, things would become easier for the people of Kuat. Those worlds were providing food and water, as well as material good like clothes, tech and vehicles to rebuild, as well as the materials themselves.

The Republic had to shoulder alot of burden in doing this in the first place, due to the lack of Kuati ships in their arsenal. It was a fact of strategic reasons over business, wanting to keep the planet from being a military target for those like the Anaxes Warlords. It would bring alot of work to nothing if the planet was attacked again before it had been rebuilt and uplifted back to its original greatness, or something close to that.

Rendili was the one most useful in that regard.

While KDY itself could replace certain sections and rebuild, they still had contracts to handle and if they focused too many resources, that could cause disruptions to what capacity for ship building remained. Rendili provided the ability to create the larger portions of the shipyards, which would then be tugged to Kuat via hyperspace tugs. It was a plan that honestly, went a bit over Alexandra’s head but the simple parts were there.

She was happy to play the part of messenger though, as it put her right where she was needed in the first place and among the people she could actually help. She had spent just as much time healing people as she did being the mouth piece and keeping records, but that was part of it. Sure, she was not there every day, other things needing her attention and the Galaxy was a big place but there were tens of thousands on Kuat helping the people there.

Some created the bunkers and buildings people needed for sleep, and to store the resources that the Republic brought to the planet, some simple came to help where they could, no marketable skill, no great ability. The small help of bringing food to others, bringing water and clothing out to those who could not come to the center itself. That was enough for thousands who came to help.

Of course, the Republic supplemented volunteers with a group of their own. While you would not look at the helpers and people who came to Kuat and see soldiers, soldiers were there. Most had registered their side arms, allowing them to be carried in a concealed manner as long as a marker showed them to be Republic citizens. This helped from some idiot trying to pretend to be a republic soldier, in addition to that, all soldiers made sure to stop by their armoury at the end of the day and deposit their sidearms, that way all can be accounted for on a constant basis. These soldiers numbered in the thousands, but other than the pistol or occasional rifle for those helping to transport the supplies to the surface, no one would even notice unless they looked for it.

No one cared though, these soldiers were picked for this job, members of Special Operations units that could be trusted to do their job and not muck up the whole situation and for five years there were no incidents, atleast, none that weren’t handled with a quick trip to the med bay for drinking too much off duty and on their free time. Soldiers were still soldiers, and even the best did a dumb thing once in a while.

She sincerely hoped that things would stay well.

[Present Time]

Alexandra rubbed her eyes, thinking on how this day would go on.

She had gotten some sleep after her shift a twelve hours before, only six hours of sleep though so she wasn’t too awake as it was, but there was something more on her mind.

First there was the news of a Confederate Armada appearing over Kuat and instantly cutting off all supplies to the distribution centers, and the Confederates putting up shop as if the Republic had never been there. Aside from the fact they stepped in and disrupted the whole chain of supplies, there was now problem that the literal train of resources that had been shipped in on a constant and regular schedule was now significantly interrupted.

There was first the problem of keeping supply lanes, and the Republic immediately closed off the hyperspace lane leading into the interior, meaning the only way to get to Kuat now would be through Silver Jedi space, open space, and then Confederate space, with less reliable, slower and uncharted paths through hyperspace. This was a significant reduction in the timely arrival of supplies if the Confederates expected to take control of the world like Eshan was in the previous years… which came the second problem.

A literal army, with military grade equipment, vehicles, and more destroyers than one had seen in years in the skies above. It hadn’t let loose those armies, not quite yet, but the people in the main center were in a big enough craze and those she knew were republic citizens and soldiers looked at eachother with a clear sign of worry. No one had made a sprint for the Armoury, not yet, but the guards there were just as on edge as everyone else. Thankfully, one of the Kuati Reps were taking charge, getting people back to work.

Even if there was now a confederate fleet, in the skies, they had jobs to do.

Alexandra could not ignore the datapad though, quickly sending off a message to Noah Corek, another on the planet before leaving her office and pushing out into the main area of the distribution Center. She needed to find someone to talk to and there was something telling her that soon things would become far more violent, the last thing she needed was Confederacy agents stepping in on the operation here and harming more people than they help through misuse of supplies and giving too much to certain areas, while others go significantly under supported.

After all, they for some reason refused to contact the infrastructure already in place and if the word about this Prefab being set up is true, thats going to trouble.


Republic Objectives:

Little bit more plain, we sadly don't have special graphics.

  1. For Ground Forces/Personnel: Continue operations helping people and distribution of supplies. Avoid contact with Confederate soldiers and individuals but ensure the peace and security of the people is upheld. We are here to ensure that the civilians lives are protected, and that the supply lines we have set up remain capable to continue the growth of the planet. You are not to fire on Confederate soldiers, and conflicts will be avoided unless Kuati Civies are harmed, or supplies meant for them are seized.

  2. For Naval/Starfighter Personnel: Hold on the strike of Confederate assets. Allow the blockade for now and protect the shipments that are coming and leaving the planet. Any further shipments will be stopped, do not force them through as that will only start a fight, you are to ensure the ships are not seized though, as those that made it to the planet are meant for the people of Kuat. Once more, Do not fire on the CIS unless they intend to take over the Kuati Drive Yards and harm reconstruction efforts, Civilians, or fire upon yourselves.

  3. Reinforcements/Allies: Link up and help with investigation of the incident involving the original CIS Civilian Liner, provide all Republic records for operations and areas, as well as firing authorizations to the Confederate officers where you can and if they decide they require access into Carida’s records, oversee their entrance into those files. As with the other objectives, do not fire on the Confederates unless you are fired upon.

  4. Bring your own objective… you know that last bit.

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Gregor Yoor

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Location: Kuat City, City Entrance to the Waste

Allies: Republic

Enemies: Unknown



-- Walking through the streets were a small troop of plated armor individuals, each had a cross on their shoulder or chest. Their helmets were ancient and resembled the stories of the long forgotten wars of before. Their steps on the ground vibrated confidence and hard fought years of struggle. As for the armor, though it looked ancient to the sleek technology of today, it was well kept and those with in the White Armor the sun reflected off it. The Black Knights polished their armor to give off the same shine, however, a red cloak with their cross baring on their chest stopped one from seeing the rest of the Armor.


-- The one leading them all was the only Black Knight without the cross, but instead had what seemed like many different religious scripture on his armor. He took off his helmet to reveal his smooth features and ocean crashed eyes along with his sun blessed hair that rolled down his back as the helmet was removed. He looked alone the street and shook his head.


--"Kuat, the touch of darkness has even touch you," He bowed his head and whispered a little to himself, once finished he looked back up, "Your light has not faded yet my old friend."


-- One of the Knights walked up and bowed his head with his right hand in a fist across his chest over his heart. "Master Yoor, the Republic has asked us to offer assistance at the Aid Center."


-- The Grandmaster of the Order nodded, hooking his helmet onto his belt and looking over the soldiers in white to the two vehicles they brought with them. "Thank you Brother Timmous, we shall head there now," He turned to face the city center and waved the convoy forward.




Location: Kuat City, Kuati Aid Distribution Center, City Center

Allies: The Republi, Alexandra Feanor, Abigail Meredydd, Aston Jacobs
Enemies: None
-- The small convoy of Vehicles and Soldiers arrived at the location where they were to meet with the Republic Aid. Walking through the city revealed to him that the city was better off then the rest of the planet. His new order of Knights have been on the planet for some time now helping where they could. However, the more experienced members were out of their time and many of the new Tech was difficult to understand let alone use. Whatever they could not use they had now sent to the Republic.
-- Gregor Yoor walked up to one of the sentries of the Center, "I am Gregor Yoor, I have supplies to offer to the Republic."
-- The soldier was kind enough to inform the man as to where to place the supplies and who he would need to meet in order to confirm the supplies. A women by the name of Alexandra Feanor. It would seem he was to meet this women first before he could return to the Wasteland to assist with the management of his order.

Kaden Farr

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Location: Kuat City Center

Allies: Alkor Centaris, Scherezade deWinter

Enemies: None for now

Gear: In Bio



Kaden silently followed the Viceroy and the Knight which accompanied him. There would have been a time when he would have been more vocal with his opinions but those days had ended. Death had a way of making a person change, and Kaden was not an exception to that sentiment. He no longer knew who he was, simply that he was a cog in the wheel on a machine much larger than he could have ever imagined. Silence, Subservience, and Obedience, those three words summed up his life in the moment. His usual independent nature did not mind as he was rediscovering who he was now that his essence had been reunited with a body. Every fiber of his being wanted revenge for his own death, but the day would come when he would have it. Today he simply followed.


The former warmaster candidate served the Confederacy at their pleasure. He served another, but that was for a much larger purpose than what anyone else would ever be able to understand. Kaden was certain he did not, but for some reason, all of it had led here. 


This moment was a result of many choices, and Kaden was in the dark was to why. As he looked around the area, nothing looked out of the ordinary. It was a society rebuilding, constructing, trying to maintain order and survive devastation. He knew this phase of existence more intimately than he wanted to, or wished that anyone else would every have to know. Life was one hell to the next, and today was a perfect example of that. Light eyes remained fixed behind the HUD of his armor. His face had no reason to be exposed. He was there to observe, protect, and investigate. Anything that deviated from that would be because orders changed, or the scenario changed. For now this was supposed to be peaceful, and Kaden would quell the desire for bloodshed. The Son of Anger could be non-violent when he needed to be. Today was one of those days. 


His steps fell instride with with the woman, the other who appeared to be a warrior. If things went south they needed to be together.



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ALLIES: CIS (@Genesis Rotsu | Sor-Jan Xantha

ENEMIES: NR (Dracken Pryce)





Pickle Rick had arrived to provide powerful enforcement for the blockade.


After nearly twelve hours in space, Pickle Rick's annoyingly slow hyperdrive had dropped the ship off in Kuat. It was followed shortly after by six experimental corvettes with unique AMS guns capable of directly repairing structures in space. Seeing the space in the vicinity to be safe, the corvettes broke away from Pickle Rick and headed towards the ruined orbital stations to repair as much as possible.


Pickle Rick loomed over nearly every other vessel in the blockade, its physiological presence alone creating significant reinforcement to the Confederate presence. Its largest guns, the 500-meter long Cerrus-class Demolishers, remained inactive, but ready to be unleashed apon enemy retaliation. But Rick put firing Pickle Rick's primary armaments low on his agenda. He was holding a blockade, not launching a counterattack. There would be no need to provoke the Republic forces unless they launched the first attack.


"Primary power to shields and ion weapons." ordered Rick. "Hold position and do not fire turbolasers unless absolutely necessary."


"Also, keep transmissions open. If we're lucky, we can negotiate for the local Republic forces to leave."



Outer Rim Military Engineering - Rick's Legs - Rick's Armor - Rick's Lightsaber - Leave Feedback Here!



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Allies: Alexandra Feanor , Gregor Yoor
Enemies: None.
Objective: Help where possible, and see to it that no-one steps out of line.

An armoured soldier, almost reminiscent of a robot, walked towards the distribution center. Most of her body was hidden underneath a light cloak. She looked around and saw exactly what she had expected. People were nervous, on edge- and who could blame them? It wasn't everyday you suddenly had an unknown - and possibly hostile - fleet above your head. Or well, for most people it wasn't an everyday occurrence anyway.

Abigail had been gone for a while now. Searching for goals of her own. She'd never lost the feeling for the Republic, however. Even in the most distant parts of the galaxy, she still kept it in her thoughts. Sure, she wasn't as connected or invested in it as most people she knew, but she still saw its value, and therefore sought to assist and protect it when she could.

Today would be such a day. They were asked to provide aid, to help the people of Kuat. Why the CIS had suddenly shown up acting to own the planet, she didn't know. All she knew was that she didn't trust it one bit. She doubted the Republic had suddenly forged an alliance with them, so their arrival was unlikely something to be appreciated. But, Abigail and the others were ordered not to engage anyone, and in this case orders were to be followed.

Abigail arrived at the main area of the distribution center and looked around, quickly finding who she needed to see. Abigail quickly moved towards her while ignoring the occasional glances she received. Her full armour and cloak probably made her look a bit out of place, but she hadn't exactly been gifted time to change into something more suitable.

"Feanor", the monotone voice sounded from under the helmet as Abigail stopped in front of the redhaired woman. Before speaking another word, Abigail pulled back her hood and tapped on her helmet, making it retract so that it revealed the kind face underneath. "It's good to see you again. Although the circumstances leave something to be desired."


Shakti Sweet

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Location: Capitol Building, Kuat City - Kuat
Objective: Security Detail for the CIS Investigation Unit
Tags: Alkor Centaris | Scherezade deWinter | Kaden Farr | Xobos Yakieer | Alden Akaran

Enemies: Whoever Destroyed the CIS Ship
Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems


She had her orders. It felt… Odd. Much of her life had been lead with no outside influence, but now there were so many. Between her newly self-appointed Master and the mercenary that seemed perfectly content to bark orders at her, the freshly minted apprentice was getting it from all sides. It was hard to tell if this was better or not… She suspected not.


The culmination of all those factors had lead to the mute trudging along behind a small delegation of CIS investigators - acting as an escort. She’d been subject to several stipulations regarding her attire and appearance as well - none of which were leaving her feeling extremely pleased or comfortable. While some had been allowed to don armor, she’d been presented with a wardrobe that was more befitting her new station, and almost all of it was business or business casual clothing. She’d selected a pair of black, high waisted trousers and a back blouse with an equally tall collar. The same red wolf emblazoned on her shoulder as had been on the first piece she’d received some days before. The brilliant mop of red mess atop her head had been tamed to smooth waves that swayed around her chin with every movement she made. She’d even been made to put on a touch of makeup, the smokey black around her eyes making the piercing green of the matching irises even more stark against her burnished gold skin.


At least she’d been allowed her blades, though they were painfully apparent in the shoulder harness she wore - not hidden below layers of loose fabric the way she normally carried them. The hilts stuck out near her hips, bumping against her sides with each step and making her feel a little more at ease. Something about having a weapon within reach always made her more comfortable. Though it would need to do double duty today since she was feeling extra doom n’ gloom. She’d been given express orders to join up with those charged to investigate the attacks from Kuat, and to provide security. She wasn’t up to the task of investigating herself, not yet anyway. Instead, she got to babysit… Again.

She’d been joined by the other two apprentices that were beholden to Adron Malvern, and one mercenary who was looking more or less healed up from their tussle on Genosis. Shakti herself, despite having taken a good deal of damage in very recent history, was looking whole and better, and no worse for wear. She showed no signs of lasting damage from the breaks in her ankle or nose - instead, she was looking fresher than ever, and her movements were just as easy and clean as they had been the first day she’d met Ephraim aboard the Dance or Die station. As she stood observing the merc, silent and brooding, it would be like his grumpy shadow had never been hurt in the first place.

The redhead leaned idly against a wall, beside the ingress to an office that several of the CIS forces had been allocated to allow them to comb through the Kuati’s data. Between paper reports and digital reports, the available desk space was a mess; datapads and stacks of reports splayed across every available inch. It all looked insanely tedious, but she assumed that it would all be worth it if it would lead them somewhere with regards to the attacks on the CIS and NR vessels. She knew that Exarch Srina Talon
would be meeting with the Kuati representative just now to discuss what they’d discovered on the political side as well. With some luck, they’d be able to suss out what had happened and be off this planet shortly - their desire for revenge having found a target.