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The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

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Sankt Yora

Sankt Yora

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Kuat City Center



Location: Government Complex, Kuat City Center
Allies: Srina Talon, Chekīta Awaud, Aryn Teth, Voph
Enemies: Deception, malice and violence
Objective: Speak privately with the Exarch


The Confederacy was here.

Her aide enumerated the foreign power's positions as the Senator made her way down the ornate halls of the government complex, their pristine structure lacking the manner of disrepair and decay seen elsewhere even within the capital city. The whole of Kuat suffered, but priorities upon priorities, at least the capitol floors were waxed and shining. Perhaps it would impress one of the Confederate dignitaries who appreciated the finer things. That the Falleen woman had not gotten that impression from her brief exchange with Exarch Talon only served to buoy her optimism for the coming talks.

With the fleets of the Southern Systems in orbit standing primed and at the ready, their promised investigators were already landing, some a bit more heavily armed than others. It was the hope of the Senator, and indeed the some of the Kuati people who listened while the cynical news media continued its nonstop prattle of the situation as it unfolded, that those armaments would only be used in self defense and not in an act of aggression or war. The Exarch had not promised that confrontation could be avoided, but doing so could go a long way toward convincing House Kuat that the Confederacy could be trusted more than the Republic.

Assuming that Kuat of Kuat, or one of his representatives, ever decided to show up.

Yora could not fault his caution, he did not share her faith in Balagoth or in any other belief that she could discern. To feel the constraint of a physical body, the confines of mere mortality, without the promise of greater life or service beyond, yes she could understand how that would be crippling. She understood his decision to leave the hard choices to her. She had been like that once, letting others run her life. But no longer would she be intimidated by events beyond her power or feign illness to avoid a confrontation. Apathy bred contempt, and the only contempt she would allow herself to feel here was for the New Republic.

A long-standing aid effort, heartlessly named the New Republic Kuat Agency for Relief and Employment, had maintained their mission on her world for years. It's middling efforts were highly marketed to the remaining worlds, declaring proof positive of the Republic's humanitarian efforts and overall altruism. But on a world without a permanent detachment of Republic Military defense forces, where Republic laws were mere guidelines for Kuat to follow, aid workers moonlighting as SIS or Special Operations were not uncommon. The Republic's eyes had not left Kuat, nor their need to exert control over Kuat's supposed autonomy, diverting Confederate cargo ships bearing supplies was only their latest tactic in the dejarik game of charter negotiations.

The Senator let none of it prey upon her constitution as she faced the Confederate delegation at last. "Greetings, Exarch. I hope your flight was pleasant." There, the expected niceties were complete. At the Echani woman's request, Yora gave a slight bow with her head, "Of course. We can speak in the conference room. Your other delegates and staff are welcome to start here in the banquet hall, they can join us after we have finished."

Gesturing towards her assistant, the Senator let Ms. Raetha lead away the Confederate entourage, leaving alone Sankt Yora, Srina Talon and those who had stayed with her, protected with security led by Chekita Awaud. The gilded conference room was spaciously built adjacent to the banquet hall to hold a dozen or so participants, with ample room for aides or other staff and specialists around the edges. It looked frivolous for a conversation between such a small group, but now was not the time to concern herself with looks. Kuat was in crisis, and the Confederate Exarch had come herself in an attempt to resolve it.

"We may speak plainly in here, Exarch, there are no Republic listeners, breathing or otherwise."

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Ingrid L'lerim

Ingrid L'lerim

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Objective: Invictus
Location: Kuat, Capitol Center
Equipment: Bio link, She is wearing her armors, her face not seems
Tag(s): Ephraim  
Ingrid was on the planet before the CIS’s army attacked it. Sometimes good to be an agent. When the invasion begins she received the coordinates where she needs to meet his Handler, Ephraim. Before the attack she had a lot of job here, this time not assassination, just sabotage and survey. Thanks for this she move quickly and at ease. She knows where she needs to go without help.

Just in case she wears her both armor, and the stealth filed generator. ‘Cause the stealth generator she needs to use hiding, or dark places to moving, because the user could be easily detected in close quarters. Only work perfectly at medium and long ranges; and user could not maintain the stealth field while running. So she needs to move slow, not fast.

During her route she watched the republic people, soldiers and civilians too. There was no different between them to her. They are the enemy. She don’t know how much time has passed until she arrived the coordinates. The Capitol building. Ingrid don’t’ want to wait forever, so when she checked to a clear path to the building so start. She use every single cover, maybe this was a slow way, but more secure than the running.

When she to arrived the building she following her instructions which will lead her to the Handler. No one dies here yet, so she don’t deactivate her device. She imagined how to kill everyone who crosses her path, but she can’t do that yet. Not receiving orders yet, but if she lucky, don’t need to wait to much for this.

When she finds his boss in the given coordinates/room, she deactivated the stealth generator and coughed softly to get her boss attention. When it does she salutes to him. This time she is not acting or play nothing, this is not that kind of job like on Tynna.

“Handler, sir! The Red Witch reporting for duty! My instructions brief me, you will give me my next orders.”


Edited by Ingrid L'lerim, 24 March 2019 - 06:05 PM.

"I'm going to identify those who threaten the Confederacy – and one by one, you'll see them disappear."

Gregor Yoor

Gregor Yoor

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Allies: Civilians, Republic personnel, Alexandra Feanor, Aston Jacobs, Abigail Meredydd
Enemies: Invaders, Anton Delane Ingrid L'lerim, Ephraim
Objective: Detain the runner. Protect the Civilians
-- The man only stood there as the others walked in to introduce themselves, he was just here to deliver the supplies and go back to service with his Order. Watching as another armored individual walked in to give her greetings he was in awe at the design of the technology that she was encased in. Interesting to see such a masterwork of metal and wires that metalsmiths of his time would have fallen in love with possibilities. It was when that women approached the red headed women that he realized the vibration of intense Force Power within the room. It seemed that the level of Force Mastery was still on the rise.
-- He felt a sudden disconnection from the Force a split second before the red headed women jumped over the table to attack one of her own workers. This women had to be Alexandra Feanor, the leader of the aid workers and a women of great skill with the use of the Force as she lifted the man with ease and did not need to focus her powers.
-- The other women that passed him within the fine designed armor ran past him and took out the other man that was fleeing. If he remembered correctly she introduced herself as Abigail Meredydd, she was also a skilled force user as he could feel the manipulation of the force flow off her as if leaking magnate that continued to attract the living force around her. She took the other man without any problems and the fleeing man was unable to give a proper fight back. These women were skilled in their fields and capable warriors, not bad at all.
-- The last man was left to him and he continued to stand there and only snapped his fingers in the direction of the fleeing man. He focused on the energy of the mans head and forced the living force surrounding him to come crashing against the Mercenaries brain. This overloaded the stimulants in his bran and he fell to the ground. He would survive, as soon as his brain was able to recover from the overload. An easy enough to do when one knew the power of Force Stun, he had used it pretty often during the War.
-- He was content with his job and just walked out as the leader went on to a Press Conference. This little battle of bureaucrats was something he was use to. The Sith and Jedi of his time often did it to justify their reasons for doing what they did. He could feel the hand of the Dark Side manipulating it all from the shadows as it often did. This was nothing to do with him, he was to protect the civilians from the whatever threat this was. The Grandmaster walked over to his soldiers and knights as they finished unloading the supplies.
-- The large man stood tall among his followers and gave his orders. "Crusaders of the Temple Order, make sure these vehicles get back to the camp and continue to work out in the Wastelands," He paused as the Soldiers in White Armor saluted and gave a 'Ho'. He then looked to the Knights in their armor and tunics. "Brothers, move around the city and protect civilian centers, be wary of these Republic Workers, some have been corrupted by a Dark Force, their minds have been clouded by corruption and we must purify their souls and guide them back to the path of light through fire and metal."
-- The Knights stomped a single right foot, slammed their right fist into their chest and shouted out "HO!" as they bowed their heads.
-- "Grandmaster Yoor," His radio came to life as he tapped it to open then close the line. This informed the radio operator that he was listening. "One of our contacts within the city has spotted a shady individuals within the Capital Centre, we should probably check it out sir."
-- "Agreed, I will check it out myself." Gregor turned off his radio and looked to his Knights, "Brother Samuel, Sister Keller, your with me, we will clear out the Capital Center for our new outpost within the City."
-- It seemed like that would be a good place to coordinate with his Knights to make sure they were able to protect the civilians from this new threat. By the Holy Light, he only hoped that they would put up a fight.

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Shakti Sweet

Shakti Sweet

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Location: Capitol Building, Kuat City - Kuat
Objective: Security Detail for the CIS Investigation Unit
Tags: Alkor Centaris | Scherezade deWinter | Kaden Farr | Xobos Yakieer | Alden Akaran | Ephraim | Ingrid L'lerim | Priesse Brinari

Enemies: Looking Like It’ll Be The New Republic
Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems and her Allies


Things were progressing rapidly now - what had felt like several long hours of watching Ephraim dig through reports while trying to ignore Xobos throwing the odd glare her way, Shakti was now left feeling a little off balance with all that had transpired.

She’d extracted herself from her position beside the door as the blueprints had been located and narrowed her eyes as she regarded the datapad the merc had flashed her. Seemed that he’d managed to find something important - and she raised one brow curiously as she watched him forward the report off before handing the pad over to Alkor Centaris at his behest. The redhead stood back and instead took up a post leaning against the edge of the cluttered desk, putting the other apprentice at her back. It didn’t take a brilliant mind to pick up on the fact that
Xobos didn’t much like Shakti, but she was struggling to find a reason to care about that with the evolving situation. Her arms folded neatly across her chest as those brows of hers furrowed.


What followed was a touch chaotic, between the brief interview that was broadcast from aboard the Eternal Glory, Anton Delane putting a good face on most of it from what she could tell, followed by Alexandra Feanor droning on with some Republic propaganda from what she could tell. All of it culminated with some very clear instructions from their Vicelord, Darth Metus. It seemed the time for playing babysitter was done.


Arms unfolded from across the Firrerreo’s chest as she lowered her hands to her hips. One quick shrug of her shoulders set the blades that sat in the holster across her back free, causing them to fall easily into her waiting palms. With a small flourish, the twin set of small rykk blades swung free and slid to rest against the lengths of her forearms. She glanced over her shoulder once as she spotted the Miralukan at her back and gave one sharp nod towards the door before she turned that way herself and began to stride towards the hall.


She trusted that fruit basket and the grumpy apprentice would follow her out, if not the entirety of the forces that had converged in the room. She gave a sharp nod to the busty brunette on her way out the door as well, noting that she appeared to be a walking, talking armory and admiring that about the woman. Her blades glinted slightly as she stepped out of the cramped office and into the hallway proper, brilliant green eyes peering down the hall as she spotted an armored woman hurrying towards the office she’d just exited. She stepped clear of the door to allow Ingrid to enter, sparing the woman only a moment of her attention before she turned in the direction she recalled entering from earlier that morning.


With a soft flex of the hilts in her hands causing the blades to bounce against her arms gently, Shakti set off at a brisk pace towards the exit. The time for searching through documents and looking for proof was done. She had her orders once more - and it was time to round up some New Republic forces.


Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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Location: Kuat City

Allies: NR

Enemies: CIS

Post 1


Kuat, once one of the best ship building planets in the entire galaxy, now severely reduced in capacity. However, Kuat still had engineers, engineers that many would consider the best around. That’s why Adenn was there, on Kuat, to recruit some engineers to Clan Mortui. Already several had decided to join Mortui, they offered a stable job, some health benefits and getting them off Kuat. At the moment, that was a dream to many, and it came as no surprise to Adenn then that so many agreed to it.


Those that had agreed to join were sent to the Aegis Eternum in orbit. Said ship was near what remained of the rings of Kuat. Thus, when the CIS fleet suddenly arrived in system, they saw them ahead of time and acted accordingly. Warning Adenn of the impending danger, the Aegis Eternum headed away from the CIS ships, seeking to find safety away from them. At the same time, they powered up their shields and weapons, but didn’t fire. They’d fight back, but most likely wouldn’t survive a conflict of such scale.


Meanwhile in the city, Adenn was walking around with 2 squads of Mortui Mandalorians. Though they weren’t expecting a fight, they had come prepared for one, and were armed and armored accordingly. Thus, when they learned that the CIS arrived, they immediately checked their gear over. It may have been an unspoken rule to not engage the CIS unless engaged, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t be ready.


Muttering to himself, Adenn got another update. The CIS wasn’t just a fleet, it was an armada, one that could no doubt conquer this world ten times over. Said armada had also now blocked off and blockaded the planet and were sending down “relief forces.”  Growling in irritation, Adenn decided to leave whatever zone the CIS may soon be in. Because if he saw some CIS scum, he wouldn’t know if he’d be able to hold himself back form murdering them. Not that he really wanted to hold back, but it could prove deadly to the citizens here.


It was then that he got the message from Allya, they claimed to be here peacefully, yet they had an armada in orbit. They had a blockade in place. The sheer absurdity of it made Adenn laugh, drawing looks from the civvies around him. Ignoring that though, Adenn had to decide what to do. Looking around, Adenn noted the ships incoming to the planet, ships with CIS heraldry. The very notion made Adenn sick to the core. Shaking that off, Adenn looked around once more, before noting that the wastes were relatively free.


Considering his options carefully, Adenn eventually decided that it would be best to head there. Very few, if any ships were going to land there, and those that did, they would be easy pickings. No doubt they also wouldn’t be missed. Grinning at the thought, Adenn then began to make his way towards the wastes of Kuat. There he could keep out of sight, out of mind, while stilling giving his enemies a headache the likes of which they’d never forget. He and his men were about to go guerrilla on them.

Chekīta Awaud

Chekīta Awaud

    I'm smiling, this should scare you

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Location: Kuat Government Complex 

Peps:  Srina Talon Sankt Yora @Voph @Priesse Brinari

Objective: Security Detail


It was time, her communicator beeping to indict that the Confederates were approaching the spacepad, ready to hopfully clean up this mess, with as little death as possible. Chekita gave a small nod towards Voph as he arrived before the small group made their way to meet with the CIS diplomats and their Extrach. She had heard the Echani women was kind and understanding, but at the same time she was an Echani, a battle focused people, almost as much as her own, if not more elegant. Then there were the odd rumors that this Srina Talon could, and would at time become quiet angry, in all honesty there was no real way to tell how the person would react during the talks.


Speaking of which the small welcoming party finally came face to face with the CIS members at the end of the hallway, probably one of the only places in the building not totally ruined. She stood slightly to the side, just behind Yora as the Fallen women greeted the guest, her always present smile on display for those looking in her general direction. As the two representatives conversed Chekita's eyes scanning the small group. They seemed welcoming enough, nothing gave any real hint of hostility, but force users were always able to hide that sort of stuff, one can never be two certain around them.

Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

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Aryn Teth  

Kuat City Space Port, Kuat, Kuat Sector, The Core Worlds

Allies: The CIS, Srina Talon, Sankt Yora, @Chekïta Awaud, Voph

Enemies: None Currently (But technically the NR)

Aryn Teth was torn. It had taken a great deal of time after the fall of the Galactic Alliance for him to truly decide where his loyalties in the future would lie, but even though he had chosen his side, he still felt a great connection to the Alliance-in-Exile, and even the New Republic. The Alliance and the Republic had perhaps never completely agreed on things, but the Republic was still one of the last great bastions of democracy in the galaxy. Hearing of the violence that the New Republic had supposedly wrought against a Confederate civilian ship had troubled him deeply, he had been one of the first to question the truth of the story in the hope that the Confederacy would not be so quick to march to war as they had in times before. Aryn had not gone so far as to assume the truth of the matter one way or another, but he had hoped that an opportunity to learn that truth would come before blood was spilt, and not after. 
To that end, Aryn had been deeply comforted by the actions of his wife - Srina Talon had always had a cool head in situations like this, and he certainly could not help but wonder if his own influence on her had made her consider things with even greater caution in this case. Yet, regardless of her specific reasons, he had been pleased that the Exarch had seen fit to calm the Confederacy, and to create the environment in which a proper investigation might be undertaken. 
Still, there were concerns on the part of the Commander of Ashes, many within the Confederacy had come equipped for war, with droids, soldiers and ships at their backs, and equipped in all manner of weapons and armour. The Confederacy was still the government he had always known, but in the aftermath of the Great Galactic War more and more was it aligning itself with those who had been Aryn's greatest enemies. While he understood the necessity for such diplomatic endeavours, and did not fault Srina or the other leaders of the CIS for making them, there were those among the armed forces, the Knights Obsidian and the Viceroyalty that he knew would not hesitate to turn to violence at the slightest provocation.
Aryn may not have considered himself one any more, but he mused that now he was perhaps a truer Jedi than he ever had been before.
While the threat of danger was still considerable, and Aryn knew all too well that violence could erupt across Kuat before this investigation was complete, he had refused to equip himself as others in the Confederacy had. Aryn was not there to fight, and he would make that plain to see. He wore no armour, carried no special equipment and no weapon whatsoever, he was an investigator, a diplomat and a peacekeeper - not an avenger, not this time. His lightsaber had come with him, solely because his wife seemed to refuse to allow him anywhere without some form of defence, but it had been left in her care. He would not take it up unless it was absolutely necessary.
Quietly, Aryn followed after his wife once their ship had docked, and he could feel turmoil within her. Though he knew she had been perhaps the driving force in staying the closed fist of the Confederacy, he knew that she was unsure if this was the best decision, she was still Sith, after all, violence was in a way her nature. "You are doing the right thing, whatever happens now, is out of our control." He allowed his voice to echo in her mind, transmitted silently through the bond that linked them together. As if to solidify it, he laced his fingers with her own for a brief moment, letting her know he was there as they continued through the spaceport. 
As they approached Sankt Yora and their security escort, he released his grip on Srina's hand, silently inclining his head towards the two in greeting as the Exarch spoke. With that same silence, he quietly followed the group as the Falleen senator led them away to the conference room for their discussions. Aryn brought himself toward the windows as they settled into the room, briefly peering out and down into the streets while the others chose to settle themselves. Slowly he let the force radiate outwards from him, brushing over the minds and the hearts of those across the world. Kuat was like many other planets across the galaxy, he could feel the currents of the force flowing across it, away from the metal and machines across its surface. He could feel the echo of the creatures across Kuat through the force, anger, fear, desperation and greed, it all felt... discomforting.


With time, and with hope - perhaps that would change.

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Srina Talon

Srina Talon

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Location: Kuat City Center [Conference Room]
Accompanying: Chekīta Awaud | Sankt Yora | Aryn Teth..And possibly others?
Allies: CIS + Allies, etc 



Her holo-comm was going off every few seconds with real-time updates. Srina had shared a few words with her people, minimal, as she wished them to be safe and successful. She could hear assurances passing through general broadcasting. The Confederacy had work to do, however, they did not seek to inconvenience the people of Kuat. They would be paid and supported for their time and patience so long as the investigative procedure was allowed to be conducted unhindered. The Republic was...Very strange. It was different than the Galactic Alliance. They seemed almost humble, small, but they spanned across a good portion of mid-Core. Did they not have the resources to see to the ring?


Kuat was part of the New Republic. Yet, it was not. The Republic controlled this sphere, they fettered supplies and whatnot through a heavily controlled Distribution Center, but, somehow the planet was still autonomous? There were so many inconsistencies that Srina did not know what to think.


All she knew for certain was that Kuat was still in shambles. It was scarred; beaten—and for some reason had been relatively left to squalor. They were given bandages to slow the hemorrhaging of their way of life, however, the wound required more. Surgery. Healing. Restoring the orbital shipyard was the only way to ensure that the planet and its people had a future. Passing out aid helped. It kept the people alive. But, was it enough?




Silver eyes flickered. The Core had been devastated. Yet, Coruscant was already the shining pearl it had once been. Without the benefits of a mothering nation. Kuat? Kuat was entrenched in Republic space and could barely stand to defend and or feed itself.


Something was amiss.  


“Understood, Kainan. Be mindful. We have brought more than enough raw materials but work on the shipyard itself is complicated and dangerous. You should not overtax yourself. ”, she spoke to Darth Tacitus, recently resurrected, and insisting that he aid in this effort. Srina worried for him. He had made certain feelings known for her person but the white-haired woman had not been given the chance to respond one way or the other. In the same heartbeat, he had seen fit to die. “Keep us updated.”


She could feel Aryn Teth following along behind her and his unspoken words quieted her mind fiercely. He always knew what to say. Even when her thoughts trailed along the line of oblivion, somehow, he pulled her back. His fingers found her own and she paused, briefly, before continuing their descent. “I can feel that something is wrong. It is in the air. Call it the Force…Call it what you please…But I feel it.”, her chin dipped slowly, and ivory hair slipped over her shoulder. Silver eyes held unfathomable emotions. Things she knew not how to express.


“I am trying. I do not know if it will be enough.”  


Srina reached for the former Commander, her gentle Jedi, and pulled his lightsaber free from her waist with a breath of telekinesis. No one really seemed to blink an eye when she carried a cadre of weaponry. She was Echani. Combat was in her blood. To take away her sword was to remove a limb, part of her life, her soul. The lightsaber that she had kept safe for so long floated over and clipped itself to the belt that her husband wore. She knew he would fight it…“You must.”


Must. He could not be unprotected. She had nearly lost him on Coruscant and on Eshan. Enough.


Her hand lingered in his. Fingers entwined, there was no loving gesture, nor perfect promise. Aryn knew. She knew. Now, they had a mission to complete.


Aryn released her hand as they continued making their way down the ramp and Srina knew that Voph had fallen in-step beside them. Srina had forgone all manner of battle-droids, and instead, had decided to rely on mostly flesh and blood. He was convinced that her position in the Confederacy meant that there was a target on her back. Perhaps he was right. She was both a strength and a weakness to the Vicelord. They cared for one another deeply and held a mutual respect that went beyond that of an Apprentice and Master. Only her hand had stayed Darth Metus in the first place.


Her death, even accidental, would likely turn Kuat into a smoldering nightmare.


Srina exhaled slowly as she looked over at the skilled man who had volunteered to brave this war-torn world. Not everyone would. When things were placed into perspective…”Perhaps, you were right.”




The trip from the space-port to the City Center was swift. She could feel the eyes of the people but remained near Sankt Yora with her head held high. It would help perception for the Senator to be seen with the Exarch—and not at odds. “Traveling was…Travel.”, Srina responded honestly, gently, though her thoughts were frankly far away. As Aryn used his gifts to gauge the atmosphere of the citizens, she could feel the pain, desperation, and longing. The governmental building under control of House Kuat was actually fairly put together. The Confederate coloring caught her eye.


So much effort had gone into their arrival. Even, a banquet. “You went through so much trouble. It is appreciated—yet, unnecessary. I do not hold myself to the standards of the nobility. Nor do my companions…I completely agree that we may speak plainly.”


Srina turned her head to look down at the red and blue bunny droids. They were hiding behind her cloak, peering at the Kuati Representatives, as if they had never seen someone that particular shade of green before. They were always so curious. “My little rabbits will head toward the banquet hall. They are exceedingly curious.”


“This is Aryn Teth. He knows the Core better than I, and in that respect, he will remain to advise.”, she introduced him by name, uncertain if it would ring a bell for the Senator. It had been a long time since the Alliance had fallen. “And this is Voph. A protective friend.”


The Exarch watched her ‘murder moppets’ hop off to explore in the other room before turning her focus back to Sankt Yora. “We are temporarily affecting your airspace with our blockade. With that, I do have a rather indulgent amount of credits that were granted by our Minister of Commerce. I can deposit that electronically to your accounts, however, we did run into trouble on our way. We were hesitant to turn over our aid and supplies to the Republic, and thus, they have denied it entry. We brought it for the people of Kuat, and my people, believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that it is distributed fairly and evenly to those that need it most.”


“The Confederacy has a lot of experience in working with war-torn communities. Eshan City is one such example, during, and after the Mandalorian occupation. We are quite capable of assessing a situation and acting accordingly. We are also attempting to settle a small forward operating base in the city…We hope, eventually, to be able to move supplies there but we may need your help. We do wish to make good on our word.”


No sooner had she stopped speaking than a broadcast snapped across an empty holo-projector. Srina did not recognize the woman speaking. Her heart sank, as this creature spoke, and she could feel the anger rising in her Master. Her eyes turned toward Sankt Yora. Instantly, she knew, that the green-skinned female was not on the same page as the Republic representative. She raised her hand and absently rubbed the space near her heart. Her eyes grew distant. “…That woman…That woman is going to start a war. The blockade does effect supplies, however, we are mitigating the interruption by replacing any loss of goods and then some. This accusation is only because we refused to hand everything over to a Distribution Center that is run by the very people we’re investigating. They would deny Kuat…Deny the people aid simply because they do not approve our method?”


“People wish to live. They don’t want to starve. Why would they care what hand feeds them? What roof shelters them from the rain?”


Srina was…Bothered. Her words were spoken coldly. Quietly. It was not for a lack of emotion, moreover, that she was bursting with it. Documents flooded the Holo-Net, bogging it down, as the secrets of the Republic seemed to spill forth and overflow. Was this woman mad? Srina did not know her. She did not know every leader, of every nation, unless she had a reason to. She had found reason in Sankt Yora, while here, she found only juvenile and short-sighted responses.


She moved toward one of the chairs that sat around the conference table and the blue of her cloak rolled when she sat down. “Tell me how to proceed with the supplies Sankt Yora. If you tell me to push them through the Distribution Center I will. If you tell me to order my people to press them forward forcibly…I will. Your people should not suffer due to red tape, hubris, and bureaucracy.”


Then came the speech from Darth Metus. Her heart sank further as his wrath rolled through her like a wave. “Vicelord, please.”, she voiced, barely words, while the Force Bond she held with him would relay her concerns. The Republic seemed to think that their documents were enough. Records released, that could have been scrubbed, meant nothing. I am here with the former Senator of Kuat…We have only just begun. Do you trust this? Does nothing feel off to you? If the blockade is complete...Can we not allow some of the supply vessels safe passage?’


The documents were damning but any slicer worth their salt could fabricate anything they needed. Someone had hacked into the Citadel previously to hide records and information beofore. While the Republic was certainly guilty of providing less than adequate attention to Kuat (at least by Confederate standards), Srina, was not certain that they were guilty of harming their civilians.


Silver eyes fluttered open and pulled toward the former Senator and Chekīta Awaud. They were haunted.


“Are there safe places for your people to go? Bunkers? If so…Please begin directing them there.”  


A precaution. Hopefully, it stayed that way. 



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Immortal Cyan

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Solar Caligati Priesse Brinari

Post 2

Equipment: VSA-01 “Auxilia” - Combat Suit, TTH/TPV-001 “Xiphos” - Pattern Plasmatic Vibrosword, TTH/SIR-001c “Helius” - Pattern Battle Rifle, Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower Pistol, 2 Class-A Thermal Detonators, Field Medkit, Liquid-Cable Launcher

Location: Capitol Building - Hallway directly outside of Conference Room, Kuat City

Allies: Shakti Sweet Alkor Centaris Scherezade deWinter Srina Talon

Enemies: Chekīta Awaud


Priesse was no longer in diplomacy mode.


As she returned the implicit nod of a particularly lime-eyed Obsidian knight  (Scherezade deWinter), the diminutive mercenary put her full-face helmet over her head and pulled a massive battle rifle from the weapon mounting on her armor. Her white-cyan hair was now completely concealed beneath the helmet, and at that moment, she became just another faceless mercenary intent upon earning her paycheck through blood and battle. Having listened to the darkly intoned speech from the Vicelord of the Confederacy, her duty was now more clear than it ever had been since she stepped off of the shuttle.


Her duty was to detain the agents, soldiers, and representatives of the New Republic, by force if she had to.


The Thrysians had instilled within her a warrior's mindset, and as such she knew that it was extremely unlikely that she would be acting as a simple jailer. The agents of the Republic would be obligated to resist the directives of the Confederacy. Priesse expected combat, anticipated it even, to the point where she would feel somewhat let down if the Republic decided to comply with the orders of the Vicelord without putting up a fight. After all, she was getting paid to fight. Of what use was she if there was no fighting to be had?


Priesse stalked through the halls of the capitol building with the swagger of a professional soldier, her path taking her directly towards the conference room where the meeting between the Exarch and the Kuati senator was to be held. She had no intention of disrupting it, but she recognized it was paramount to seize control of the space around it and to neutralize any Republic-aligned agents guarding the senator so as to prevent the Exarch from being captured and used as a negotiating chip in the event of a potential hostage crisis.


Two more Golden Company mercenaries joined her as she turned the corner into the hallway where the conference room was located, one of which was the Primus of her section. She immediately spotted the armored forms of the security team (Chekīta Awaud) in charge of protecting the Kuati senator, and the towering Primus gestured for the pair of Caligati under his command to aim their rifles towards the security detail.


Priesse did so without hesitation.


“In the name of the Thrysian Solar Auxilia, and as directly dictated by Vicelord of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, to all agents of the New Republic, you are under arrest. Immediately step away from the senator, drop your weapons, unpower your armor, and hold your hands above your head so that you may be taken into custody. Failure to comply with these orders will result in the deliverance of lethal force. Do not resist.” The towering Primus bellowed out to the security team with authority in his baritone voice.


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BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo

BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo

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Location: Kuat City Center [Banquet Hall]

Tags: We are looking for an RP partner...Come find us! 


“Do not fear. BNI-Bella is here!”


The rabbit brandished her azure glowrod toward her companion while she darted around the legs of Aryn Teth with purpose. She held on to his pants and leaned forward so that she could try and poke her best friend in the eye. They had an elaborate game of cops and robbers running that had spanned the entire trip from Geonosis to Kuat. Their battles had been epic. From the tops of sofas to almost getting shot of out an airlock…Life was good. “I’ll protect you Jedi Teth!”


Voph is better. Adjust your calibrations Bell. We want to kill him. Not save him.”


BNI-9000 glanced over that the masked warrior and her blue-hued photoreceptor seemed to wink for a moment while she scanned him. “He doesn’t even have any eyes.”


“And he’s going gray. He’s an old model. Very, outdated.”


The red-hued rabbit, Leo, rolled his read to the side to show his exasperation and began to recall the reasons why he felt that Voph beat Aryn while trying to duel his companion. She was tricky and slick ever since she’d been revived. BNI-9001 pretended to be annoyed with BNI-9000—But really? He couldn’t fathom ever being without her. The simulated emotion that made him feel like he might shut down too when their data-stream was cut remained ever in the back of his mind. He never wanted to be without her. “It’s called experience.”








While the trio of organics made their way toward the assemblage of Kuati people from the Ferocity the male rabbit tackled the female, and both fell, rolling out of the way. They fought for a good long while, bickering like younglings, but eventually managed to catch up. They could always find the Mistress. Their primary directive was to protect her. ”Srina Talon” was their owner, their friend, and the mother-figure that read to them before bed. No one could read as apathetically and uncaringly as she could.


By the time they caught up to the Conference Hall in the City Center they could only mind their manners and hide behind the Echani’s cloak. The green-lady was pretty. Her features were symmetrical and pleasing to their sensors. She seemed very important. “I think I would like to be green princess…”, Bella murmured, elbowing Leo, while they whispered from the relative privacy of hiding behind the Mistress.


“She’s a Senator. Not a princess.”


“Your manners programming is corrupted. Rude-Rabbit.”


The two rabbits glared at each other while they wandered off toward the banquet hall, passing the robustly fantastic human, Priesse Brinari on the way. "Leo...That's a lot a lady...", They missed her order to arrest everyone that was a Pubby and instead admired her impressive physique. "Darth Metus told me what this is called. Thicc. With two c's." 


Bella's eye glowered. "Ruuuude." 


The purple-themed banquet hall was filled with people, laying things out, while staff seemed to be working and taking care of issues here and there. Their pointy ears raised high over the tables. “Rude…But. Look what I got.”


In his tiny paws he held something very interesting. The light-saber that had been clipped to Aryn Teth by their Mistress. The blue-hued female bunny instantly warmed up to him.


“It’s a real lightsaber.”, she stared, in awe, and then took it gingerly. “How does it work?”


The red one shrugged, but, he was pretty proud of himself.


“We can be real Jedi now.” 


"I thought you wanted to be a Sith?" 


"...Same thing. Right?" 

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Chekīta Awaud

Chekīta Awaud

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Location: Kuat Government Complex 

Peps To StabPriesse Brinari

Objective: Fight? Stab some people, have gun

Equipment: Rendili Battle Master ArmorARGHACS-201, Vibro Knife


Sh'it had certainly hit the fan faster then an out of control pod racer, the speech from Dath Metus was not good news and if past interaction with Sith were anything to go by things would not turn out well. The CIS didn't seem like ones that gave mercy when fighting with bitter contempt, in a nut shell, things were about to get messy, really messy. She glanced towards Srina Talon and Sankt Yora as the former asked about a safe place to hunker down to hopefully keep the diplomatic members safe. It didn't take a force sensitive to know that the Extrach didn't agree with the Viclords decision to start fighting, giving the Echani a small nod. "Here, this is a map of the capitol building, I've denoted a safe room in a rear sub level, you should be safe their".


"Go on ahead,me and my Praetorian Squad will act as a rear guard and keep things on lock down, I have a feeling some of your CIS pals are not gonna be happy about this and will try and kill you regardless if Ms Talon is standing within close proximity". She quickly slipped her battle armor helmet on upon giving the duo said information, and not a moment to soon as some mercenaries which she recognized from the Golden Company rounded the corner, always bad news, mercenaries that fought for the Sith, First Order and anyone willing to pay. At least they were making demands first before shooting, but those demands were not something she could willingly accept, that and she loved a good fight.


"Yeah, nah, not doing that, if you deranged Viclord wants to attack us and filled with blood lust I can't surrender to you", in response she drew her side arm, keeping it pointed at the women who asked her to drop arms. "Now two things can happen here, we can walk away and you leave, or we shoot each other and someone gets charged for a war crime later one, your call, but just between us, I won't mind spending a few shells". Her heart was starting the race, her love of battle coming to the forefront, trigger finger already twitchy and ready to go.

Ilsa Visel

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Location: Kuat Drive Yards

Allies: Darth Tacitus, Anton Delane & Eternal Empire & CIS

Enemies: New Republic



It was quite a rush, the excitement of the Empire going to war, she stood in one of the refitted hangars of the Kuat Drive Yards by her ship as she supervised the engineers working on her T-77 Talon Stealth Interceptor. She had her helmet off and hooked it under her arm as she looked over the schematics, diagnostics and the plan of attack on an encrypted data-pad. Her profession wasn't a particularly open one yet she enjoyed it nonetheless, her ship was quite literally one of the finest definitions of stealth in the galaxy and interception was, indeed, her profession. After listening to Delane's news report she was raring to go and it brought joy to see her Emperor back in business after the ordeal at Eshan..


"All done, ma'am!" the engineers called her over to her ship, "Fully fuelled, armed and ready to fly" "Thank you" she replied to the engineers, she sat in the cockpit of the T-77 "Talon", fitted her helmet onto her head and began doing pre-flight checks whilst the engineers moved onto the next ship, firstly she ensured her flight suit was safe to use, ensuring there were no rips or tears and that everything was fitted correctly, next she did a weapon check, today she had her VA-17s Light Repeating Blaster which sat in the cockpit with her, should her ship fail and need defending manually and in her holster she armed herself with a VA-24p Slugthrower Pistol which was useful should anything be resistant to blaster bolts. She wasn't sure about the magnitude of the New Republic's response so she felt it was imperative to arm herself to the teeth just to play it safe.


So there she sat, in the cockpit, "T-27 ready for departure-" she began, awaiting a response from command to deploy


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Location: Kuat City Center [Conference Room]
Equipment: ArmorLightsaberModified Ri-Qorit DeviceRing, Frag Grenade x2, Flashbang x2, EMP Grenade x2, Complete Republic Naval Roster
Accompanying: Srina Talon Sankt Yora Chekīta Awaud Aryn Teth Priesse Brinari 
Allies: CIS + Allies, etc 
Voph arched an eyebrow at the robotic rabbits running amidst his feet. Old? Why did everyone have to remind him? He knew well enough that he was older than most. He sighed quietly, not bothering to switch on his helmet's modulator. Not everyone needed to hear him bemoaning the constant reminder of his age. The other droid was correct, however. With age did come experience. Too much experience.
Voph turned to watch the address alongside Srina as the holoprojector flickered to life. He recognized the woman from his brief stay on Alderaan during the summit. Alexandra Feanor was every bit the fool she had proven herself to be on Alderaan. A Jedi that had allowed a Sith to infiltrate her ranks and cause havoc was nothing new. Jedi arrogance knew no bounds. Voph glanced down to his datapad, confirming that he had access to the files. Copies were made, and forwarded. The entire roster and deployment of the Republic Navy. It was all Voph could do to keep from laughing. His helmet turned to Srina, and he whispered guarded by the force so only she could hear: "Fear not. If the Republic does start a war, they've crippled their own Navy. Fools."
Voph would have said more, but they had company. Golden Company. Voph spun, drawing his lightsaber and letting the purple blade spring to life, held down towards his feet, but at the ready none the less. He set himself squarely between the incoming Golden Company warriors, and those he was here to protect. With his life if need be. His left arm came up, indicating to Srina to stay behind him, and to a lesser extent, Sankt. He would make no such attempt for Aryn. Though he'd not met the man before, he recognized the shows of affection between them. He'd die for Srina as well. And Voph would take all the help he could get. "Exarch, we should leave. Senator, if you've a safe place, lead us there."
Voph turned his attention back to the firefight that was about to erupt. Golden Company wasn't there for them. Just the New Republic. His voice boomed, a buzz creeping in as the helmet modulated it. "If you seek to fight, do so elsewhere. I'll not allow my wards to come to harm."

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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

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Approaching the Kuati System


Heading toward the CIS Blockade

7th Fleet - HIMS Elidibus





Fiolette on her way to Galidraan from Coruscant had been privy to Confederate actions over Kuat. At first, the Lord Admiral was puzzled what would the Confederacy want with the world? It was a member of the New Republic was it not? Upon further investigation, Sith-Imperial intelligence uncovered that Kuat was not a member world of the New Republic. Furthermore, the world had little to no support from the government entity that enveloped their space. It meant that Kuat had been rebuilding on its own after the Sith Empire's Kuati Offensive sometime ago. Feeling out information through several sources within the region, she made contact with Dromund Kalakar the Armada's HQ. "Lord Admiral Raaf of 7th Fleet, diverting course to the Kuati system."


"State the nature, Admiral."


"Investigative, CIS naval forces have been deployed enacting a blockade. News outlets claim the downing of a luxury liner bearing citizens of the Confederacy over New Republic space."


"Acknowledged, however, this is a Confederacy matter..."


"Indeed it is, but I counter that it would be in our interest to aid the Confederacy. Status on our relations regarding the New Republic?"


While she waited for Kalakar's answer, the Lord Admiral was informed of new information coming across their sensors. "What?" She asked again, her voice changed from the firm, reassured to confused and very puzzled. "This just in, it seems... the New Republic has released some information." Under the claim of transparency, the New Republic released information regarding ship movements, designs, personnel movement, roster and information on the local Kuati naval information. It was jaw-dropping at the amount of information that was released. Fleet movements had been included as well, "Sentongo transfer this information to Kalakar, copy to Bastion as well, the Emperor will want to see this."


"Lord Admiral," Kalakar's response came through, "you are free to engage New Republic vessels, watch your fire we're in a-"


"Yes, I understand non-aggression pact, thank you command. Raaf out."


The Elidibus by this time neared the Kuati system and behind her more than enough dagger shaped ships having been last tasked to escort Emperor Darth Carnifex of the Sith Empire at Coruscant. "Sentongo, inform Task Forces 72 through 76 to disengage and head toward Galidraan proper, the Confederacy has more than enough vessels here for the engagement. We'll need only the command and special task forces."


"Yes, Admiral."


"Galeway, contact Confederacy naval forces inform them of our approach."


Lord Captain Galeway acknowledged the order and moved swiftly across the command center to make contact with Genesis Rostu of the Confederacy Navy. They would be informed of an incoming Sith-Imperial naval group with a request to join and aid the Confederacy in this hour. A favor, an extended hand toward them that perhaps one day the Confederacy could repay but certainly they were not obliged to."How long until revision?"


"Within the next few minutes."


"Excellent, keep us on course."




Kurayami Bloodborn

Kurayami Bloodborn

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Location: Kuat Orbit, Flying escort in S-13

Accompanying: The Serenity

Tag: Genesis Rostu Darth Metus 


While it was true that Kurayami was a Lieutenant under the new ranking system within the navy, he had little reason to bring 100 meters worth of craft, or really anything other than his most recent design. True, the hyperdrive was a bit below his standards for most craft, but at least it mounted one. During the hyperspace journey alongside The Serenity he indulged in his favorite pastime of having slightly more than a nip of namana nectar. The ship had received astrogation data from the Serenity and was thus on autopilot until reversion. Soon after he capped the flask and returned it to the inner breast pocket of his flight jacket he dropped back to realspace. It had taken him slightly longer to get to the rendezvous point as his hyperdrive was only a class 4. He took control of the ship again and guided it into a racetrack CAP pattern over the Serenity the ship's color scheme easily visible among the black backdrop of space around him. That was entirely intentional. 


After sometime of absolutely nothing of any note taking place he sent a message to the Grand Marshal asking permission to do a sweep of the area surrounding the ring-shaped orbital shipyards. Upon receiving clearance to do so, he increased throttle to full military power and headed towards them to make a few passes and make sure all was quiet there as well. From what he could tell that was indeed the case, the droids working to make repairs on the heavily damaged sections. The debris did at least provide a good chance for him to more fully test the agility of the craft, so that is what he decided to do. Boredom and alcohol combined to bring some of the turns a little too close to the ship for comfort, but barely managed to avoid hitting the pieces, and then was pulled back to reality by some sort of broadcast from the New Republic themselves. That got his attention. At least for a moment he did, until the woman started spouting what was clearly heavily rehearsed NR propaganda. Who would take this as the unedited truth? How stupid did she think the CIS was? Granted he was not the most intelligent man ever, and was more than slightly drunk, yet even he could clearly see through the massive pile of chit that was being set before them as 'facts.' 


"Now I need another kriffin' drink... damn..."


Before he had a chance to take that drink however, the NR released a bunch of formerly classified documents, for the sake of transparency they claimed. Well that was helpful, thank you crazy NR lady for the massive amounts of useful data. He pulled out a personal datapad that was not connected to the Holonet and utilized a datalink to plug it into the comms system on his fighter and download the data, every single document they had released was now saved to a datapad that they had no means of accessing. He would have to take some time to looks these things over when he got back. There was also the transmission of supposed stealth designs by the Vicelord, though the source was unknown to Kurayami he quickly downloaded and saved these as well, before disconnecting the datapad and stowing it back where he had taken it from. The Vicelord's commands rang clear through his comms channel. Upon receiving them he sent recognition of the order and began powering up offensive systems on the fighter, just in case he had to take action to defend himself. Mentally he steeled himself as the systems ran through their diagnostics and came to life. If things went sideways in the debris field surrounding the ring was as good a place to be as any.     

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Location: CIS Fleet, Orbit around The Dread Queen

Objective: Intercept Blockade Runners

Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Darth Metus

Enemies: -

Vessel: Moonbeam (Interceptor, see Signature Link)



The small interceptor orbited around the much larger and impressive super star destroyer, The Dread Queen, as Cay-Yo had assigned himself the role of intercepting small starcraft (Fighters, Interceptors, Bombers, Small Shuttles) who attempted to run the blockade near or around The Dread Queen's perimeter. The Moonbeam as his ship was called was barely armed but it was quick and almost unparalleled in it's maneuverability.


Cay-Yo had heard Metus' speech and thought it was fitting, if not a little intense. He did not see this as an investigation. The Patitite saw this as an impending conflict that he wanted to be a part of. And why shouldn't he be eager? Ever since Eshan he had wanted to know more about the power of these tall beings and now he'd have a front row seat to their power in space.


"This is Cay-Yo, I'm flying around your ship, don't crush me." Cay-Yo said over his fleet radio to The Dread Queen in hopes that the communication's officer would pick up his friendly transmission.

Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Location: Above Kuat


Objective: Talk to her Father




As her father's transmission went out Allya's blood ran cold. This was not good. The communications of stealth technology, it meant nothing. There was a bigger problem here. It didn't make any sense. Their ships hadn't been attacked by stealth ships, they had the data that said so. However, they were found on a republic world, no sensor data from the Republic. No someone wanted them too believe it was so. Someone wanted to confuse them, to gather them to.....oh by Hod Ha'ran. A trap. Someone wanted to gather them here, someone wanted to trap them here. The planet was a trap. The wheels in her mind turned.

She called out once the to planet again. “Please, people of Kuat, I know you must be scared and confused. Please, do not attack either Republic or Confederate troops, or personnel. Please, head to the bunkers. If you cannot, please take shelter in your homes. Do not go outside. Take shelter until this is over. Do not antagonize, do not fight. So long as you are not aggressive, you are non-combatants. However, if you fight, you become combatants and not protected by CIS treaties. Please, think of your families, and the families near you during this time of chaos. I am sorry.”

Allya signed off, and quickly ran to a shuttle. She didn't know if this would work, but she had to go to her father. She had to get him to withdraw CIS people from the planet's surface. She wasn't sure, but there was a good chance this was all a trap, they had to close in, defend themselves......but more importantly, her mind went to the countless people on the planet. If this was a trap, then there was a good chance millions of people would be doped into playing a role in it. She had to protect them too. Those emotions Jerek Zenduu had drilled into her, caused her heart to twitch. So un-Sith like, so different than she once was. But, she had to prove to her Alor, her Buir, she still stood by him too.

The shuttle soon docked in the private shuttle bay of the massive Dread Queen. Allya exited and headed towards the command room of Darth Metus. He knew she was coming. She had given the codes, she had reached out and touched his mind to prove it was her before she stepped foot on the deck. It was such a gentle, and loving, caress of a daughter who adored her father. Allya's mind went to the past, as her armored feet echoed across the metal halls.



Her Buir. He was the one to teach her to wield a sword, they spent hours swinging sticks around, laughing and having fun. The man was the one to first teach her the controls of a land speeder, and let her drive one when she was just a child, she nearly crashed but it created a love affair that lasted to this day. His inquisitive mind had fed hers as he taught her to build droids, and weapons.


Her daddy, he had taught her to dance, he was so bad at it, but she had so much fun swaying in his arms. The man held her, and tossed her in the air. He had protected her from a wild animal attack, so strong, brave and noble. He was so smart, and powerful, she idolized him back then.

Her father, the strength and the power in his voice, when he had taught her to harness her emotions. That horrible worry and  the death on his face as he sat at her bedside as she recovered from that horrible assassination attempt that caused her ship to crash. He didn't leave her side for days: He did his work from the hospital room.

So many saw the evil, the negative of him. But Allya understood more than that. She saw a man who tried so hard to hold something together. Who had sacrificed almost everything he ever cared about to keep the Southern Systems together.

His emotions were so intense, and was why hers were too. They were two peas in a pod. Unlike so many of his children, Allya had always been near him. Not always close by, but close to him. He had been a part of her life from birth.

However, he was angry. Not the kind that burned fierce and loud. No, the cold flame, the quiet rage, that destroyed everything in its path with hatred, and scorn, that dehumanized and deteriorated all. It would devour anyone in its path, who tried to stop it. Including his little girl. She didn’t know if he would accept her or not, but, she entered the room without fear. Instead, all that filled her heart was love, devotion, and worry for his well being.

She entered the sprawling command room. No one else was around, just father, and daughter. Perhaps he had wanted to be alone, perhaps he had sent them all off to listen to her. As the heavy doors closed behind him, she saluted him. “Vicelord.” Then her hands went up, and unclasped her helmet, and let it tumble to the floor. “Buir. Father.” The girl undid all her weapons, and let them slide to the floor there by the door. So young, so heavily armed. Soon, her armor came off as well, until she was simply in front of him, in the armorweave body glove. “Let me explain. Please.” A girl submitted herself to him. Without her weapons, and armor, she didn’t stand a chance if he struck out at her.

Once unarmed and unarmored, she moved towards him, her hands away from her sides, in an upraised manner, palms pointing in. It was the motion of a child who wanted a hug from her parent as she moved up towards him. “We fell into a trap. We know there were no stealth ships. We saw the reports, the ship knew the ships were there. They commed in as republic. We have sensor data from a dozen freighters in the area who got stopped by a patrol they all identified as New Republic. But the Republic Sensor data says there were no ships at all. Their records show no patrols, or any war ships at all in the area. And yet, we know that can't be true. There was entire supply trains of goods coming to this planet. They were preparing. There had to be escort ships.”

She crossed half the distance, her arms still up, as she moved towards her father. “It's a trap. They wanted us to come here. At least someone did. This was all set up. By who, I am not sure. My money is the New Republic. If that is the case, then the entire planet is a trap. Auntie Srina is on the planet. You are here. And Uncle Adron will be here soon. The CIS exists because you three exist. Cut you off, and it falls apart. I know, I'm a kid, dad. But the mind you gave me is reeling. I feel the planet, and its populations are a trap. We need to pull our forces off it. Take the battle to the skies. Close in the blockade to just around the planet, starve it. Ion bomb the power generators, and let them rot there for a bit, until the Republic troops on the planet surrender. We then keep anyone from coming or going, no supplies in or out. In a couple of weeks, they will cave. It will bring our forces closer together, less spread out. It will also make it so if the Republic wants to fight us, and destroy our ships, they put the planet at risk, of the hulls sliding into the planet. Shows their true colors.”

She took a deep breath. “Please dad. We have to get Aunt Srina off the planet. I may be wrong, but I feel it. Something bad is happening. Someone is pulling the strings, making us look like fools.” Finally she stopped in front of him, and smiled so beautifully at him. “Please, let's avoid the trap. Let's try and leave the people alone, let's fight the enemy we see in front of us. Let's strike at what we can see, rather than the citizens who are clearly being manipulated in these events. They don't know any better. Let's consolidate our forces, and avoid the pointless blood shed.” She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “If my words make you angry, or if your anger can't be quenched by them, take it out on me. It's okay. I know your rage, I feel it quake in my soul. You are so much a part of me. I know Auntie Srina feels it too.” The girl reached out, to take her father's face in her hands, even if it was masked, to caress where his cheeks would be. “My life is yours. You gave it to me. It's your to do with what you will. If you need to take a life, take mine. I give it freely. Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum, buir. I love you dad. If you don't want my life, then, please, just hold me. And let's find a way to make this right. To make all this make sense. To protect what we actually care about, rather than rushing blindly on rage. Please.”


Darth Metus | Srina Talon | Adron Malvern | Darth Tacitus |

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Noah Corek

Noah Corek

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Location: Aid Distribution Center

Objective: Get People into Bunkers and Get the Kuati Security Bureau

Equipment: Armor - Rifle - Pistols - Knives - Sword - Special Ammunition

Accompanying: Alexandra Feanor - Aston Jacobs - Abigail Meredydd - Gregor Yoor

Enemies: None nearby


Noah groaned as he slipped the final piece of armor on his armor's bodyglove. Popping the joints in his neck he slipped his helmet on and immediately blinked his HUD into existence. One might question why someone on the planet for a humintarian mission had brought a full set of Phrik plate armor. Well that was simple, Noah was a Mandalorian and that meant while not wearing his armor everywhere he went it meant at least having it with him wherever he went. Of course one might also ask why the head of the New Republic's Special Operations Command was doing on a humanitarian mission. Well that answer was simple his wife, Alexandra Feanor. 


Along with Noah came ten operational detachments from the Republic Army Commandos, exactly one hundred and forty of them split into ten teams of fourteen were scattered amongst the Kuati Security Bureau training them in everything from how to handle a rifle properly to advanced patrol tactics to help them deal with the various criminal organizations and various hostile factions that had cropped up in the relative lawlessness that Kuat had descended into. As Noah began to check over his weapons he heard the door open and closed behind him. Noah turned and was met with Major Joleen Sicur, a Rutian Twi'lek who was Noah's current XO. 


"Sir I have that status report on OD-331." To this Noah nodded and she pulled out a datapad. "About an hour ago the entire OD's vital signs monitors flatlined. We're led to believe that they either took the monitors off intentionally, a clear violation of your orders, or they were completely wiped out. As of right now we are leaning towards the later." To this Noah sighed as he took the datapad from the major and skimmed over it before taking his helmet off briefly to pinch the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. Even after serving nearly four decade in some form of armed services it never made it any easier losing a soldier. 


"All right that is a tragedy but we have to deal with the matters we already have on our plate. So is the moving of the Kuati civilians and our own people to the bunkers and protective structures going?" Jolee scrolled through her datapad and nodded. "We're about ninety-five percent done with that and expect to be completely done within the hour." Noah nodded and moved onto another topic. "All right what about the accountability of all our soldiers?" Jolee nodded as she scrolled through the roll call and looked back up to the general. "Besides OD-331 all troops are accounted for." 


Noah nodded and began to think. "All right then gives these orders. All Republic personnel, be they civilian or military are to get rid of anything that could identify them as such. Next clear out all the armories we've set up and distribute them among our guys and the Kuati troops. Lastly make sure all troops understand that the ROE remains unchanged. They are to only fire if fired upon or in the defense of civilians. Oh and have a message beamed up to Fleet Admiral @Dracken Pyrce that Republic troops on the ground are down and Kuati civies are being taken prisoner." With that Noah took one last check of his gear and began to walk off. "And what are you going to do general?" To that Noah looked back, chuckled and then began to walk off once again. "I'm gonna find my wife."



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Kuat City Center



Location: Conference Room, Government Complex, Kuat City Center
Allies: Srina Talon, Chekīta Awaud, Aryn Teth, Voph, BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo
Enemies: Aggression, chaos and subterfuge
Objective: Seek respite from displays of hostility


New faces. New dialogue. New rhetoric.

The Falleen took it all in, letting the new information ruminate inside her scaled head, topped with black hair pulled back neatly in a bun. Surely, the Confederacy’s offer of aid would be prudent here, the New Republic’s efforts paled in comparison with their eponymous ancestors. For all that their accumulated experience may derive from the aftermath of their own destructive impulses, the Confederacy was a degree higher than the Sith Empire, who let their destruction stand as a monument instead. With the resources and supplies available to the Southern Systems, far from the worn-torn Core, they seemed far more capable of following through with the promise as well.

As their attention mutually turned to the holobroadcast, Yora felt her hand move to the pocket containing her chain of beads. She resisted the urge to touch them, laying her hand on her robes instead, the fabric between her palm and the source of her resolve. The speaker, the New Republic’s foremost Jedi Master —though the title officially had little meaning in the secular government, Alexandra Feanor was still held in high regard by many of the Republic’s movers and shakers— and the coordinator for the Republic’s aid distribution center, seemed resolved to meet the aggressive-yet-nonviolent Confederate forces with a war of facts.

An unsurprising tactic, given Feanor’s acclaim as an historian, yet one that would cement her failure in the annals of strategy. Too many Jedi acted as she, too willing to believe their adversaries as reasoned or pliable in the face of logic. They lacked the foresight, or perhaps the fortitude, to engage their opponents on the field of battle chosen for them. The Confederacy presented a need for truth at the edge of the sword; Feanor’s honesty was the right path, but her combative tone vastly overpowered the contents of any records she was able to provide.

Regardless, Yora’s own office had sent much of the same information to the Confederacy prior to their arrival. Their mind would not be changed by mere records and documents that could be easily falsified. The Senator understood it, the Confederacy needed to see the proof for their own eyes, and see the willingness of Kuat to provide it humbly. An innocent world taking such a defensive stance would not charm one of the galaxy’s greatest military powers from a misplaced reprisal. Only the Confederacy could decide to back down now, and it would take all her ability to convince them.

The fact that Kuat’s government itself appeared divided did not make for a good overture to the Confederacy, whoever this Representative Hydrid was, she certainly did not speak for the ruling House Kuat.

Indeed, Exarch. It would seem that the Republic’s hubris has overwhelmed their honor in this regard. They have often insisted their aid came without strings, yet now you are here to witness another of their false guarantees.” Yora’s expression was not accusatory, nor did it display anger. It was the face of one who had found herself in this predicament many times over the course of her tenure. “If your people can avoid open confrontation with the Republic’s workers, then I would be pleased to have the Confederacy distributing aid directly to our people. The Kauti people have had too many enemies already, bureaucracy is a needless one.

The holobroadcast switched again to an another interrupting feed, this time portraying the Confederacy’s Vicelord. Yora was equally unsurprised by the tone of the message, she was already familiar with the Confederacy’s intentions. That the Republic would interfere with them so brazenly appeared to have cast the deciding roll on the course of the Vicelord’s armada. An exclusionary zone around Kuat would certainly not please the Republic, and perhaps not even House Kuat. If only Javrin had come today, it would certainly be easier to reassure him against this being yet another conquest now than after the fact. The Senator prayed that Kuat of Kuat would eventually see reason, she feared the Confederate reaction in the face of an unruly leader would be unfavorable to the Kuati people, his acceptance of the paradigm shift in Kuat would go a long way to quelling any future insurrection.

An insurrection that may already be occurring regardless. Yora’s aide, who had stepped into the closed conference room after getting the rest of the Exarch’s retinue settled, leaned in to whisper in her ear. The news she received from the young woman was alarming, but the Senator maintained her neutral expression as best she could. "Excuse me for a moment," the Falleen said to her companions, stepping off to the side. Her assistant continued to whisper, almost inaudibly, and turned the datapad so that Yora could see the video footage playing on its surface. When she returned to the table, she did not sit, but stood before them with a grave expression on her face.

"It appears the situation has worsened. You may have been accurate, Exarch, when you called these desperate times. The Republic certainly seems to think they are." The woman breathed in sharply, as if drawing strength to tell the woeful tale. "I have just learned, by eyewitness accounts and video footage, that Kuati citizens were assaulted by Republic aid workers. Or rather, Republic special forces, some in armor and others in identifying dogtags and armbands, who were present under the guise of aid workers, arresting Kuati civilians that they declared as infiltrators. You see, Exarch, even though the Republic denies Kuat its seat in the Senate, they still deign to act on our behalf, as if we were children and not an autonomous planet as they proclaim. Without our voice given form in the Senate hall, we have little means to disprove otherwise."

The Senator grew quiet for a moment, to let the words sink in for the Confederate delegation. With their Vicelord's declaration of a new exclusion zone around Kuat, and the aggression on the part of the Republic, their mission here had no doubt changed drastically.

Her next measure was postponed by the leader of the security detail, Chekita Awaud, offering exactly the suggestion Yora herself was about to give. She gave the man courteous nod, deferring to his expertise. Their Praetorian guardian laid out a map, indicating the bunker deep underneath the capitol. Yora had been made aware of it, though she had never needed the use of the safe room. She motioned for the delegates to stand and follow her, and let the Praetorian Squad lead them out of the conference room and toward the complex lift that would take them to the bunker sub-level.

In the next few moments, a confrontation erupted, one whose proximity surprised even Yora. She had not expected any violence to reach the government complex yet, so when the armored accuser announced themself on behalf of the Confederacy, she began to acquire some semblance of understanding. This appeared to be a misunderstanding, but it was one that she had little interest being involved in. Taking the insightful advice of the man called Voph, whose confidence with an activated lightsaber seemed to suggest the Exarch's trust in him was not misplaced, the Senator turned to lead the party on a different route.

"Given the volatility of the situation, Ms. Raetha," she said to her aide, beckoning as they walked. "Please send a message to House Kuat, tell them to take their own shelter." When they reached the lift, Yora took one last look at their entourage before they entered, as if taking stock of the situation one last time. The woman's aide had returned to her side, and she could only assume that the Exarch had rallied the same for hers. "Exarch, please ensure anyone you leave here will be protected otherwise. The bunker is not easily accessible from the outside once we enter, and it would be unwise for us to do so in the near term. It will have secure comms to the outside, and abundant supplies for our sustained health, though they will no doubt pale in comparison to the banquet that was prepared." If that was a joke, it passed without incident on the Falleen's somber face, and she added simply, "Come."

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Ship: Eternal Glory

Objective: Prepare to Destroy the enemy unless they grow up and face facts.

Enemy: New Republic, and Kuat



He heard the news with great glee. Oh that idiot bought it. How dumb could any man be? Stealth ships? Really? It didn't matter. It meant the plan had worked. War was now upon them. The nose of his ship was still pointed at the large ship before him. However, with a smirk, he called out. “Begin to charge up the composite laser. I want it full charge. Bring all weapon systems online, shields to full. Begin to call in the other ships from the sides. All Eternal Empire ships, shields and weapons to full. We are no longer playing.”


Anton stared out the bridge window, his arms wrapped behind him, and he shook his head. For all his planning for everything he had done to make this moment happen, a part of him felt....sorry for the deaths he would cause, and for a moment, he acted on that. He opened a comm call to Dracken. “I want to tell you a story. And ask a question. First, the story. We both know the Stealth plans are bogus. However, they were still found on your world. The only way for the attack to not be on your sensors, isn't a stealth ship. We have dozens of independent freighters claiming to have seen ships that claimed they were New Republic in the area. Our ship was destroyed there. And yet, your sensors saw nothing. Not the attacking ships, not the battle, and not even our ship as it entered your space. This can only mean one thing. The sensors were pointed away from that area. Right? They claim there were no military ships, but what do we find here? Republic troops on the planet. Trains of ships ladden with goods to precious to go unguarded. This doesn't make any sense does it? Then that entire speech, we JUST found out the information ourselves. How did she even KNOW that stealth ships could possible be involved? Unless she helped to plant it. I don't care if the Republic is innocent, or not, they are clearly hiding something. There is no doubt about this. Their actions are too inconsistent to have it otherwise! Or are they really just that dumb and ill lucked? Which point, they should give up now.”


He sighed and shook his head. “You have ten minutes to get your ships out of here. No stalling, no negotiations any longer. Leave. Contact your people on the ground to turn themselves in. But I will tell you why. How many of your people are you willing to die for this? A temper tantrum of a Vice Lord, which will be overturned shortly by the Viceroyalty. Something that can be negotiated later, when emotions aren't tense. When you've acquiesced to their demands, and approach the table having shown your intentions are pure. How many men do your frigates hold?” He waved his hand and the massive ship turned its nose, that charging composite laser now pointed right at the much smaller, less defended ship, Sword 3. “In my culture, to die for our Emperor is the ultimate goal in life. We grow up, and see the martyred in the Hall of Memorial, and our children scream, I want to be like them when I grow up. We will fight till every last one of us is dead. Every time you get our ships close to failing, they will ram into yours rather than surrender. And we will do so over and over, until every last one of us is dead. So, commander. I'm going to ask again, how much is YOUR PRIDE worth in lives? How many millions do we have to slaughter on the planet and from your own people, because of people who are obviously lying to you and refusing the back down? Is it worth those millions? Because, I assure you, Commander. Mine is. I would sacrifice the entire planet, every one of your people, and every one of mine to this grand game. The only way for negotiations to happen now, are once you have left, the forces on the planet surrendered, and for the Vice Lord to calm down. For you to appeal to the viceroyalty. We can make this bloodless, commander. Or you can give me exactly what the Eternal Empire wants. The chance to break your little Republic into a million pieces. JUST GIVE ME THE EXCUSE!” His voice at the end was filled with malice. “Make your choice NOW. Your time is coming to an end, and it isn't your life that you are bargaining with any longer. I will target every one of your smaller ships, I will blast them, and blast them, killing your people, and delighting in it.”


Oh he was curious how this man would respond to this.


Dracken Pryce