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The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

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Location: Kuat City Center [Conference Room]
EquipmentArmorLightsaberModified Ri-Qorit DeviceRing, Frag Grenade x2, Flashbang x2, EMP Grenade x2, Complete Republic Naval Roster
Allies: CIS + Allies, etc 
Voph nodded to Teth as he hurried off to retrieve the droids. He turned back to Srina and the senator, the later of which was offering a drink to commemorate the end of negotiations. Voph sighed, turning back to look in the direction they'd come, and the direction Teth had run off in. He could still hear the blaster fire echoing in the halls. Then, his com lit up in a burst of noise. Allya. 

“Lord Voph, this is a trap. We have a massive amount of Republic Ships pooling into the area, they have begun to restrict the Hyperspace lanes. I have every reason to believe Auntie Srina and Uncle Adron are targets on the ground. That the ground is itself a trap. We have a MASSIVE number of Republic Transports heading planet side. Do not go under ground, get them OUT of there! Don't trust anything, expect to die any moment, okay?! I'm heading there, to pull you all out. We need to get this battle into the sky, and off the ground. We have no way of knowing how many special forces are already planet side, or what they have already done, and where. This entire thing feels off. Someone planned this all. Please, do not let harm come to Srina, or yourself, or that senator.”


Voph instinctively turned to look at the Senator and Srina. He activated his com to send a return message. "Acknowledged. We'll redirect to the roof for extraction." Srina was on her own com, speaking with...Solan, was it? "We are safe for now, but reinfo--" Voph cut off. Alarm raced through his body. The hairs on his neck stood on end. The Force was warning him. Something bad was happening. BAD. The world slowed to a crawl as Voph turned back to look towards the banquet hall, is brow furrowing at the brightness of it all. Brightness. Chit. Voph's eye sockets widened in horror. Bomb. He had to protect the Senator and Exarch. But Teth. Teth was at the heart of the explosion. He had to save Teth.


You can't save everyone. The words of the Fell One echoed in his head. Voph wished he could find a way out. But there wasn't always one. So he weighed his options. He could survive this, no problem. But Srina...were she to die, Kuat would fry... As Voph came back to reality, he knew in the back of his mind the com channel was still open. Not that it would matter. The Force surged around him, dark and terrible as he spun back to Srina and the Senator. "GET DOWN!" 


He couldn't save Teth. His armor might take the brunt of the blow. But he HAD to protect Srina. His lightsaber fell from his grip as he opened his hands, arms spreading as the Force answered his call. From deep down, Voph called. And the Demon answered. It began to bubble and boil within him. That dark core he vowed never to touch. His rage was immeasurable. Instinctual. Primal. As his comlink was severed, the last thing that Allya would hear was a roar. Inhuman. Terrible. Loss. Death. Agony. Torment. Buried deep within, and unleashed in a terrible rage. His arms came together, hands closing into fists. He could feel the heat of the blast at his back, as the Force shot forward at his command, surrounding Srina and the Senator.


Then the world went black. The void shifted and turned. Voph turned, and saw the light behind him. It was blinding. He raised a hand to shield his face, wreathed in the tattered cloak that haunted his dreams. He could see, at the edge of the precipice, a figure. Smiling. Arms outstretched. It was time to come home. Time for him to rest. And by the maker how he needed it. The weight of a galaxy crushed down on Voph's shoulders, forcing him to his knees. He was exhausted. "You did well, my love." Voph felt a tear slip down his face. Varessa. His beloved. She was still waiting for him. "I can't...I could...could have done more." Voph felt, more than saw, the ghostly figure kneel beside him as he collapsed, prone amidst the shifting clouds. "Then do more." 


A gasp shuddered through Voph's body. Everything hurt. He could feel air on his face, warm, with the scent of fire. His right hand spread, and fingers dug into the floor to find purchase. Muscles tensed as Voph pulled himself forward, rubble shifting as he moved. Everything hurt. A fire burned within his bones, and upon his face he felt blood. Srina. Was she alive? "Exarch...Srina..." He coughed, and spat blood. He paused to catch his breath, then pushed himself to his knees. He had to get to Srina. He had to protect the Exarch. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.


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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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Objective: On my way to da knife fite!

Location: Capital Building

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives  | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Alkor Centaris Kaden Farr Ephraim + CIS

Enemies: Alexandra Feanor Abigail Meredydd Gregor Yoor

Post: Six


OOC Note: This is Scherezade, but she appears as Madalena Antares anywhere data-relevant (Pathfinder Madalena Antares).




It was a good thing that neither of them had mentioned the Jedi that Scherezade had supposedly killed. It saved her from the need to point out that she hadn't actually killed him because he had this thing where only one of his own blood could deliver death, so instead she'd carved his heart out and put it in a jar. She also didn't mention he'd attacked her while she was simply having lunch, for no reason other than the family she belonged to. But even if they'd mentioned it out loud – it was probably a safe bet that the details would not interest them.




Scherezade looked at the woman, who was now covered in better protective armor, and grinned again. The blade that came out of her armor's arm looked hot. She definitely wished she could take a calmer closer look at it; blades were, after all, a borderline fetish for the Sithling.


Next her eyes moved to the heavily armored man, who was already moving towards her with his lightsaber.


Laughing, Scherezade moved back, her speed enhanced by the Force; to some, her move might have been so quick that she seemed as a blur. Yet she did not need to move back more than a few feet, coming to a stop, her lightsabers ignited and forming a protective X to block the attempts by the man.


As she did so, Coper's Wail moved towards the woman, leaving an icy trail in the air as it did so. Scherezad doubted it would actually stab her anytime soon, but that was not what she needed – what the blade did, was stab in the air towards her, releasing waves of the Force, the outbursts coloring the air that rushed towards her in icy blue. If the woman did not find a way to block or avoid them, she could be knocked backwards a few feet in the case of a successful hit.


As the man moved towards her, Scherezade made a small sound, the other little knives in the air all going for him now. Twelve blades, all their pointy ends aiming themselves at various points in his body. Combined with the potential threat of Scherezade herself from the front, he would find himself surrounded by blades for all his 360 degrees.


The Blood Hound was ready to dispatch of the two of them quickly enough. Was she cocky about it? Damn right. But now might not be the best timing, yet as she made to move forward with her X from the lightsabers, the entire building began to shake.


Scherezade crouched down almost to the ground, all the blades in the air pausing for a moment as she adjusted. What was that?! It felt… It felt like a big bomb had gone off somewhere.


"You're bombing your own buildings?!" she asked, glaring at the two, obviously assuming that it was the Republicans that had done it, "are you pretend Mandalorians now? Lie and say you belong to the righteous side again please!"


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Daisy Americus

Daisy Americus


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Location: Kuat City [Rooftop Near CIS Aid FOB]

Allies: CIS 

Enemies: NR [Noah Corek]


Daisy figured that the mission on Kuat wasn’t going to go well when their supplies were held up in orbit.


The Mandalorian Protector had been sent down to the planet, hardly armed to the teeth, to give their more non-combatant personnel a layer of protection. She eyed the pretty ramshackle FOB that the CIS had managed to erect with a questionable stare. It wasn’t meant for sustainability. Easy to put up? Easy to tear down. It was the nature of this whole venture. Her nation had never intended to stay in Pubby Space, though, they didn’t mind lending a hand to Kuat since they were essentially sending everyone on a siesta that might take a hot minute.


Lots n’ lots of people wondered why. Why was this happening? Why were they here in this way? Why have an Armada? Why help out from the mess they were creating? The Confederacy was just like that, she supposed. Always opening their doors, always making the hard choices, even if, it became costly. The former resident of Concord Dawn saw in varying shades of grey. No one was truly right. No one was truly wrong. The Confederacy wasn’t evil, but, it sure as heck wasn’t always good. Most people knew it, considerin’, the purple demons had never claimed otherwise. They just had their own code.


The Silver Jedi saw it. The Outer Rim tolerated it. The Imperial Confederation?


Well, the jury was still out on that one.


At any rate—Daisy Jane was determined to do her job. Haseria was her home. Her home was in the Confederacy now. If the higher-ups said something was awfully fishy up here where the fancy-folk lived? She didn’t see any harm in checking it out, peacefully, or aggressively. She was a Mandalorian. When governments waited and sat on their laurels, thumbs squarely up their tuckus, it was usually the people under them that suffered. The bucket-head would never agree to waiting for the fight to come to them when their drawers were down around their ankles.


The best defense was a good offense.


Daisy had found a perch high above the crowds so she could be a good little guardian. Playin’ overwatch, with a sniper that she had brought in pieces, reminded her of shootin’ cans on the back fence with her brother Dusty. She sighed softly, missin’ home, missin’ Madsy [Scherezade deWinter], her mama, and a whole lot of other welcoming faces.  


The sensors in her helmet were keyed to keep out for a few specific people. Zoe Rosella, who was patching up people as best she could with a lack of supplies, and "Keva, whom, she had yet to lay sights to. There was a good lookin’ fella’, Kei Raxis, who seemed to be makin’ his rounds in a timely fashion. If she weren’t on duty, she might have been guilty of checkin’ out his assets a little more clearly while he headed off toward a caf dispensary. Kad bless the zoom on this scope. Either way, safety, duty first.


Oogle the hotties? Later.


There was also her younger half-sister to worry about. Daisy was a loving, kind, and caring sibling. Allya Vi'Dreya was a cute spitfire and Daisy didn’t mind that the caramel-skinned kid was the daughter of a Sith Lord. What she took issue with, was that her mama, Betty Americus, had a weakness for all things a certain shade of cocoa. The beautiful doctor, whom Daisy idolized, kept popping out younglings that didn’t look a lick like her papa Jo Americus. Either he didn’t notice, was going blind, or had just resigned himself to the fact that every few years he was gunna have a new tax deduction.  


The Pubby presence, till chit started to hit the fan, seemed pretty minimal. So weird. The golden-haired woman slowly started to notice a few things as time went on. Her comms were going nuts. The Vicelord was givin’ orders like these people were the Jen’ari reincarnated. All the speeches, all the ‘evidence’ only made her hold her grip on her weapon more firmly. Following orders was all she knew how to do. Politics? Not her bag.


A message came through from on high, regarding the aid supplies, and Daisy chimed in for the sake of the IMC civvie bringing them down. The Mandalorian responded to it, her accent thicker than a bowl full of week-old oatmeal, but still, she kept her eyes trained. “Hey, Daan Sarnova. They said you’ll be guiding in what we need to do kads work down here? The area designated from @Sankt Yora is still clear for landing. No hostility near the CIS shack, but, things are gettin’ right real tense. Right, real fast. Ah’ll try my best to keep things orderly.”


It was a…Side-eyed statement. She would, try her best. But she was only one person, part of a small detachment of Protectors, that all had the same goal. Keep the FOB standing so they could distribute necessities as needed. Well that…And potentially detaining any Pubby soldiers for questioning and security.


Woo, dandy. Darth Metus was mad.     


Movement in the rather dilapidated districts eventually caught her focus. It wasn’t the general slow milling about of the Kuati, but the synchronized, steady pace of trained professionals. They didn’t seem to have anything on them that would have identified them as being part of the Republic but there was something about them that made her stare long and hard.


Daisy followed the line of individuals by looking down sights, and paused, on a very handsome faced devil. “Well, Ah’ll be. The Kuati sure does know how to grow em’ tall ‘round these parts….What do they feed you? Half a bantha? A whole one?”, she mumbled, not really sure, who this individual was or why he [Noah Corek] seemed vaguely important. There was just something about him that set off warning bells in her head. He didn’t look dangerous. Not really. His expression as almost kind. Maybe…It was nothing.


Either way, he was headed in the direction of the Pubby Distribution Center. She set her sensors to scan whatever databases she had access to so that she could match the hunky face to a name before returning to watch the streets once more.  


Suddenly, she heard something in the distance. What the kark was that? The comms had already been goin’ nuttier than a fruitcake but everything seemed to have suddenly gotten ten degrees worse. As smoke rose from the horizon she felt a little bit of tightness in her gut. Wasn’t that from the Kuati City Center? Wasn’t that where a mess ton of their people were? Along with Exarch Talon?






The results of her search finally came up. It was enhanced by the data that had been released, though, it was still too new to be certain. The giant piece of beef-cake she had seen walking below?


Republic. Goooo figure.


Blue eyes narrowed while she took aim. A droid hovered beside her, spotting, while she took aim. They had just been detaining the NR…But now? The Mandalorian woman sighed. This was gunna get real ugly. She wanted to spare the Kuati the disturbing phenomenon of someone dropping dead in their streets. Instead, she fired from about three-hundred and forty yards out and sent it at a downward angle. Aimed at his feet.


If that wasn’t a warning shot she didn’t know what was. 


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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

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Kuati System


7th Fleet - HIMS Elidibus

Engaging Dracken Pryce | Katia Voltaire

Aiding Anton Delane, Kurayami Bloodborn, Darth Tacitus, Khonsu Amon

Objective: Invictus




Sith-Imperial transports landed some distance away from the capital, just far enough that they felt safe. Out of the Republic's reach, at least, for now, but close enough to bear witness to the explosion. The earth rumbled beneath their feet and Colonel Tarkin looked to his left and his right, he waited for the more transports to land as speeders were unloaded. Kuat was a mess, an outright mess and as he looked up toward the sky and then back toward the horizon. It was obvious, the Republic had done nothing to aid the people here. They were not only weak but neglectful in their reign over such an impressive world. "C'mon let's get out there and see if we can lend a hand to the Confederates," he directed his troopers to their speeders while personnel carriers were brought down to aid in moving men across the terrain.


Meanwhile, as the NRV Starchild felt the brunt of another Sith-Imperial salvo, a massive group reverted into realspace. Not too far off a disturbance within the Force, an unruly use of the Force, perverse in nature as the Fore Storm unloaded another large swath of starships. "Get a scan on those ships, now!" She ordered as long-range sensors went to work, sweeping across the void. It wouldn't take long for a few of the enemy vessels to immediately pop as Sith-made vessels. Fiolette was puzzled if only for just a moment, she dispatched crews to pull the records, but there would be no need.


Morgause the ship's artificial intelligence cleared its throat, "created by Defiance Consolidated Multipurpose Manufacturing, it is owned by Vanessa Vantai." There were at least two classes of ships that were registered to Vantai. Both were being utilized by the New Republic and their allies against the Confederacy and in this instance the Sith Empire just as well. "Get this information out to Bastion, and Kalakar, now!" Fiolette demanded and just as they had relayed the New Republic's declassified data, so too, would this information be dispatched. As sensors completed their sweep more information came through, the transponder codes to at least one part of this group bore the code of a particular pirate. He was known, more than known, and thus the information would also be dispatched. Quietly, Lord Admiral Raaf sat at her station and combed through recent records. The very pirate had also been at Dathomir on behalf of the Mandalorians. This information was sent directly to Darth Carnifex with a copy being forwarded to Armada HQ. Truly, their arrival at Kuat had become fruitful. 


"Incoming transmission, asking us to hold fire."


"From who?"


It was then the anti-stealth system began to sound and once again Morgause stepped in. "Confederacy ships, or most notably, Eternal Empire vessels that are utilizing stealth as an attempt to catch the enemy off-guard."


"Thank you," Fiolette remarked offhandedly, "status on the New Republic vessel?"


"They're shields are below fifty percent."


While the Lord Admiral decided on the Elidibus's next course of actions, Air Marshal Pavanos's fighter banked away from an incoming Republic fighter. She pulled on the stick and felt the G's as the small craft climbed through the void. Whisps of green moving past her, she focused on the enemy interceptor in front. The lock-on alarm sounded both for her and her target as she squeezed the released on the torpedo. "Ghost one to Aquila thirteen, I've got a few coming your way."


"Have the Paladin and Pathfinder acquire targeting solutions on the following," the Lord Admiral gave the gunners of the twin Praetorian vessels their target, it would be the Mother's Majesty. Easing pressure away from the Starchild as the Elidibus readied out another salvo, the Starchild and its formation would have the stealth ships to take care of. "Ready the proton torpedoes." Her orders again being carried out with haste, the amber-hue of the klaxon alarm cascaded over the command center combined with the iridescent mix of blues and silvers as the bright energy of the stars filtered through the main viewport. "Ready up Mass Drivers as well, we'll fire once the proton torpedoes are ready."


"Incoming transmission from Colonel Tarkin, he's asking to be patched directly to you, ma'am."


"Send it through," she acknowledged and looked down at the private transmission as it came through to her station. "...."


Fiolette was speechless, the explosion had certainly caused more chaos and she wasn't sure if there had been a lack of it before. Normally she'd let the world suffer, burn at its end. "Tarkin, your orders are to evacuate any Confederate personnel you see down there, sending files on known Confederacy members - stay on alert for high-value members. You make sure we get thembefore the Republic does."


He then asked about the Kuati.


"We're not running a charity, Tarkin. I should hope the Republic capable of taking care of their own."


"Understood." If not the Republic then the nearby Imperial Confederates could do well with aiding the people, or perhaps even the Silver Jedi. At any rate, the Kuati were not their priority. The priority now were the high ranking members if any were here, second to them members of Confederacy and that was the extent of their geneorsity. For a moment, the Lord Admiral did not envy the man - he had a good heart and his desire to help others was admirable. However, here it was useless and he knew that Tarkin would immerse himself into his training. She did not wait for him to cut the transmission and ended it on her end, it was then that Lord Captain Galeway informed her that the weapons were ready to fire. She would hope to draw the other Republic ship's attention if just for a moment to give the Confederacy's navy a chance to reorganize, at best it was a temporary distraction and at worse it would do nothing to deter their opponents.


"Targeting solutions acquired by the Pathfinder and Paladin, Elidibus weapons at the ready."




Action Report:

Colonel Tarkin and the 52nd Company land on Kuat, observe the explosion and report back.

The Elidibus gets a sensor sweep and scan on the new mass of ships that have just arrived.

Two ships get an alert, bearing Sith Empire affilations, manufacturer revealedto be owned by Vanessa Vantai. [Information pulled from Sith-Imperial Databanks]

Transponder codes alert Task Force 70 to possible Mandalorian interference via the Pirate King. [Matches information Sith-Imperial Databanks]

A collective report of Vantai and Mandalorian activities go out to Bastion and Dromund Kalakar.

Air Marshal Pavanos engages Republic fighters, links up with Confederate Pilot Bloodborn.

HIMS Pathfinder and Paladin acquire targeting solutions on NRV Mother's Majesty.

The Elidibus reacquires targeting solutions on the NRV Starchild.

Colonel Tarkin speaks directly with Lord Admiral Raaf. Search and Rescue orders for Confederate personnel are given.

Pathfinderand Paladin fire long range turbolasers on Mother's Majesty, with the hopes taking pressure away from Confederacy naval actions.

Elidibus fires, turbolasers, mass drivers and proton torpedoes in this order on the NRV Starchild.

Lumiyas and Hamas type ships maintain their screens, Lumiyas working interception and Hamas working defensive both groups near or close to the Elidibus.







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Daan Sarnova

Daan Sarnova

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Daan Sarnova
IMC Valour's Bridge, Kuat Orbit

Tags: Daisy Americus, Srina Talon, Kei Raxis, Zoe Rosella



Daan's chin flexes in towards centre of chest their neural interface device responding to the woman's very thoughts a hololithic portrait of Sarrin's middle-aged features cornered itself into a nook within helmet-mounted display. "Yes, Colonel?" He asked, using Sarnova's former First Imperial Rank again, she didn't like it not one bit though her displeasure for the title and its' association therein could wait another time.


The comlink whined a white static as their unarmed IMC frigate-sized vessel moved through Kuat's ionosphere temporarily preventing Daan from replying to her subordinate. "Continue down to the Confederacy's Forward Operating Base within Kuat City." Daan intones with overt anxiety and presumably fear, Sarrin took it somewhat as an insult thinking that Colonel Sarnova did not trust him to deliver them safety down to the planet.


With a sigh. "Don't worry, I'm not going to plummet us down nose-first into the world's crust." Sarrin's sardonic jest turned Daan's grimace into a mischievous smirk. "You know what they say 'There is a first time for everything'" She replied studying his features within helmet to find Sarrin struggling to prevent the growing toothy wolfish grin from splitting his face apart at the ears, he stifled a forced chuckle to prevent it from ruining the handsome austere features of face earnestly enjoying the banter even as the Bridge was visibly consumed beneath sheets of fire caused by atmospheric friction.


Sarrin's palm rubs thoughtfully at this cheekbones concealing the wolfish grin behind knuckles for a moment. "Let's hope this isn't the first time I let performance anxiety utterly paralyze my practiced skills into limp impotence or I'm going to crater harder than the Executor into the Death Star." Daan's mixed-colour iris roll around in their sockets and though while Sarrin couldn't witness the utterly gleeful smile that revealed two sets of perfectly straight and white teeth he could hear the expression in her reply. "As you were flag Captain. Proceed to the assigned landing waypoint."


Assuming a professional demeanor again Sarrin's hand lowered and replied curtly. "Aye, aye." A long single-file of ships followed behind the IMC Valour snaking down through Kuat's dense atmosphere and above scenes of dense devastation below them where pieces of the orbital driveyards had smashed through residential and commercial districts of the Capital City. The IMC's circled triangle roundel was hovering above the Forward Operating base about three minutes later and stood poised to lower.


Daan took another look around Cargo hold one where they currently stood, scaffolds stocked with boxes full of pre-fabricated building lined its' length creating hallways for forklift access between them. It's going to be a long day She mused inwardly before pivoting in boots towards those IMC Marines still assembled proudly. "Captain Davos, fall your Marines out of ranks and have them prepare to form a company harbour around the Valour." Davos nodded their head which was totally entombed in a white Duraplast Shell with a vaguely 'T' shaped visor. IMC Valour pitched and yawed laterally while settling down on its' twelve metal arms atop a gargantuan Durasteel landing pad which groaned to support the vessel's weight. 

Airlock cycled in a loud hermetic hiss steadily lowering to reveal Cargo Hold One's contents to the base and give Daan her first study of a world ravaged.

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    Totally not Sev'rance Tann

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Objective: Deploy forces, and mobilize.

Location: Near CIS FOB

Enemies : NR and Allies

Allies: CIS and Allies

Tags: UBD-028 Daisy Americus


The Forward Operating Base had been marked as the landing zone, offering a bastion to defend themselves on this hostile world. At least, Keva had assumed it would become hostile when her army began to march it’s way through the city streets.


Because, the joyous fact of urban warfare followed with the landing zone, tight city streets where she would have to try and not level the entirety of Kuat City. Rather inefficient, if she said so herself, but she understood the necessity of such a thing. Wanton destruction of innocents was bad for PR, bad for an easy victory too.


Maybe it seemed hypocritical, to so casually consider throwing away the lives of those placed in the crossfire of war. But that was progress, their blood was that blood that served to truly baptize progress to a better Galaxy: evil was the birthplace of good. And sometimes, you needed to be the evil.


But her thoughts, always contained by her lack of basic was interrupted by her mighty bodyguard. Who looked as though with a single mechanical “breath” could crush her meager form. What did she think would happen…


“People will die. People who don’t…”


She paused for a brief moment, trying to find the words in basic to explain it how she wanted to.


“People who don’t have to die. In space. We don’t has to make more people dead.”


She tried, at least. The attempt was made, and she thought she got her point through well enough: she needed to break into that green shell and feed Kaz a lexicanum of Cheunh, would make conversation all too easy.


And with that grim idea in mind, the mighty landing craft moved down to the ground of Kuat: near the center of Kuat City had been where the FOB had been set up, and that was where her mighty craft landed with a thud. The doors hissing open and letting the droids within spill forth, the MTT humming forward and dropping down it’s complement of B1s: chaff in case of an infantry based attack from the front. HMPs began to zoom overheard, waiting for the fighting to begin to swoop and reap a bloody tally on the foe, a handful of MAFs flew ahead to scout the enemy, the tanks roared as they deployed: Keva herself found once more in the comfortable position of her Command AAT’s turret, the smaller Tri Droids scuttled forward with their Cannons hungry for infantry to shred into ruin, and last of them all, massive and mighty Magna Tri Droids lumbered out: their legs crashing into the ground below: easily as tall as any moderately tall building on Kuat. Anyone who looked, would undoubtedly see the forces of Keva’Sol’Loro.


The Confederate Army had arrived.



Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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Location: Kuat Wastes
Allies: Jade Solus Skirae ; 2 Mandalorian Clan Mortui squads(10 men each)

Enemies: Carbon @Aya Clark Lace Vi'dreya

Post: 3


As Adenns men spread out, Adenn stayed in the back, keeping an eye on the surroundings, specifically from where they came from. He didn't want them to be hit from behind. However, that thought went out the window the second Jade Solus Skirae said she found tracks. Immediately Adenn and his men went closer to her, but they also spread out slightly, forming a slight circle around Adenn and Jade. Looking up, Adenn noticed a pair of figures in the distance, one of them with a purple flag, a flag with the CIS symbol. Adenn snarled upon seeing that symbol. He would burn that flag, and hurt or kill the the carrier.


Yet, he knew that if they made the first move, something could possibly happen against them. Thus Adenn turned to Jade to simply ask for them to stay calm, for now. But before he could do anything, one of the figures turned around and charged them. No threats were given to them, no promises, no words exchanged. No, this fool simply charged them. Sneering behind his helmet, Adenn ordered his men to attack as well.


Immediately his men set up a slight firing line, setting their shields up in front of themselves and a squad opening fire on each person. Adenn himself looked at the one carrying the flag(@Aya Clark) and decided that one would be his target.

"Jade, I got the one with the flag. That aruetii is mine, you can get the fool charging us. I'm giving you command of one of my squads. Do your best to keep them alive as well."


With that, Adenn charged towards the person with the flag. That flag would burn, and that person would suffer. Snarling again, Adenn opened fire with his westar carbine before using his jetpack to launch himself forward faster. In the air, Adenn launched a rocket towards the flag bearer while continuously firing. He'd make them pay for coming here, with blood. At the same time, Adenns squad spread out to the sides, hoping to flank the flag bearer. The other squad, now under Jades command, would do what she commanded, so long as they survived, it'd be fine. All in all, they were all firing their blasters for now, no one except Adenn had shot any rockets, yet.



Mando squads

Weapons: Shield, wrist weapons(rope, wrist rocket, flamethrower, blaster), westar 35 blaster pistols(x2), westar carbine




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Objective: Protect Marshal Keva

Location: Near CIS FOB

Enemies : NR and Allies

Allies: CIS and Allies

Tags: Keva



The mechanical beast just sat inactive at Keva's side, understanding the basic rather well. Though he took a minute to respond as he was caught by the glance of the droids arriving, or rather Keva's droids. Leaning forward, his feet deciding to take him on a ride. The droid glided against the floor looking for some places to explore, he was just too curious it seemed, his hands roaming against the fresh droids that were landing in the FOB. A guttural sound sounding from the mechanical hulk as he walked. His vocalizer trembling as he walked letting out a grumble of words as he walked.


Kaz began to survey the current area his mechanical limbs swaying at his side as he walked, the floor giving a whine of displeasure as he walked, afterall he was the weight of a tank, his heels digging into the durasteel floor as he walked, a deep determination filled his own mechanical being as he looked at the forces they had. His photoceptor lens mapping out where his allies were, officially marking them on his own map, he was confident for this battle, even though he wasn't frontlines, he was still excited. To be able to finally be back in action..it was a dream to the droid, would he be rusty?


His objective ran through his head as he looked back to his Master, going on his journey to return to her side. After a few seconds of navigating against droid crowds he made his way back to the Marshal's side giving her a light nod. If he was lucky she wouldn't complain about his sudden trip to check everything out at the FOB. Looking down at what she said he nodded, noting that she wasn't that swell with basic or so it sounded. "Your galactic basic is not good-..this unit will be at your side the duration of the battle, and protect you from oncoming threats." He stated simply before giving her a piece of his mind, letting his vocalizer a few second break before starting.


"There will be death, but in order to win a fight such as this, the confederacy needs those to die in order for us to reach victory." He stated simply, "Those who sacrifice themselves will be remembered for fighting under the Confederacy." Kaz stated as she began to drive out with her tank following her in quick pursuit, he was as tall as the tank even taller, though he didn't really compare to Tri Droids, Kaz only compared to a relatively tall gas station if he was measured, "Though you have this unit guarding you, don't make stupid decisions Marshal Keva." The droid stated harshly knowing how human thinking worked, or meatbag thinking worked.


Dragging his large hand across the armor of the tank he hummed, bringing his index finger to tap against the tank which made the frame lightly shudder probably giving Keva a bit of a spook. The ultra battle droid stuck out like a sore thumb, his refined cortosis plates showing off his strong frame as he walked, this was it, he'd be able to show his master his capabilities, and the rest of the Confederacy he wasn't a useless droid, he wasn't brainless..he was unique.




Rick Kaloo

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ALLIES: CIS (@A lot of people)

ENEMIES: NR (Dracken Pryce | Freza Mercur, etc.)





"Sir, the enemy is firing!"


Hardly a second after the gunnery officer on Pickle Rick's bridge called out the enemy's retaliation, the ship's shielding lit up as turbolasers impacted it.


"Fire every weapon we have. Charge the Demolishers, and then fire them too." replied Rick.


"Targets?" replied the gunnery officer.


Rick hesitated for a moment, scanning the battlefield for any New Republic ships that had been spared from the Confederate fleets. Before his eyes, a new battlegroup emerged from hyperspace, reinforcing the New Republic effort.


"Them. Lock four Demolishers on each flagship, and one per heavy cruiser. Distribute all other armaments as you please." ordered Rick.


At once, multiple hundred turbolasers came to life. Taking mere seconds to acquire targets, a fearsome barrage of plasma rapidly soared from Pickle Rick to meet its enemies. The shots were coordinated and highly structured, with the largest turbolasers firing on the largest ships. At the same time, a barrage of missiles rocketed above Pickle Rick, before curving in arcs to intercept the larger New Republic vessels.


On the very top of Pickle Rick, ten cannons the length of heavy frigates shifted into place, their colossal barrels pointed at the New Republic vessels. They began to charge, absorbing the energy necessary for them to fire corvette-sized rounds with incredible accuracy from dozens of kilometers away. Once they fired, the damage would be devastating, depriving the support fleet of all its heavy vessels and leaving the rest as easy pickings for Pickle Rick's heavy turbolasers.


"Two minutes until the Demolishers are charged."


Sixth Fleet






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Nixia Amabilia

Nixia Amabilia


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Location: Kuat City

Tags: Taramaz Laurs




The pain was beginning to become less than soothing at this point. Keeping the brunt of it all at bay Nixia observed as more New Republic troopers arrived only to be savagely taken down by the arrival of a new individual. He dawned armor akin to what the girl knew the CIS owned and wielded lightsabers. In awe and slight gratification Nixia could feel the blight each wound gave off after infilicted by the mans incredible and unnatural strength. He moved in a blurr of movement and speed making quick work of the troopers and even more impressive he left them alive. All the troopers incapacitated on the ground and cuffed. This was a move Nixia did not do. The stark comparison of her own work, which was charred half bodies and limbs over the Sith Lords was on two different spectrum. After all was said and done reguarding the Republic troopers the man approached her causing her to eye him curiously. 


Nixia did not know who this was and she herself was not infamous within the CIS. She was fairly new. The man identified himself as a veteran Executor within the Knights Obsidian. Nixia could feel and now knew why this man held so much power and authority. Brother to the Vicelord was here to aid and assist her? Part of it was unbelievable but only slightly. 


" A wounded lady sits on the side and you take your time." She remarked with a smirk before a surge of pain began changing the expression on her face. " My name is Nixia Amabilia. I'm a CIS member on personal leave. And yes I'd very much like your help with the medkit." Her hand extended up to the man accepting his offering of aid. 


With so much conflict now it seemed Nixia's little instigation worked. She had yet to hear and see the rest of what kuat looked like and hear of other conflicts. But she waited eagerly for them.


" Thank you very much." 

Kurayami Bloodborn

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Location: Kuat Orbit, Above the orbital ring

Allies: Fiolette Raaf + CIS

Engaging: NR fighters from Starchild, (Dracken Pryce)

Post: 5


Kurayami could feel the arrival of the Republic backup, even the ones who were smart enough to not utilize a giant. karked up Force Storm in wormhole form to enter the system. The ripples of the new lifeforms in the Force was unmistakable, even if they were unidentifiable by him. It told him all he needed to know in the end though. The Sith squadron banked away from the Republic fighters, sending them off in all different directions. His comms beeped to let him know that there was an inbound message. Opening the channel he nodded to himself as Ghost One reported to him. A few coming his way, well then sounded fun. He banked to avoid getting in the radius of the debris field that would be caused if the torpedoes did indeed find their mark.


Easing off the input on the stick slowly, he began applying pressure to the left rudder pedal as the stick returned to neutral position, causing the craft to slowly drift into an ever tightening flat turn. Once he had turned a full 180 he pulled back hard on the stick sending his ship rocketing upward, easing down the right rudder pedal to perform a hammerhead turn before adding a slight amount of stick input down and to the left on the stick, sending him into a wide, descending spiral as he chose four Republic targets and fired the final salvo from his cluster missile launchers at each in turn. Given the fact that these pilots were focused on the Sith at the moment he had a good chance of downing them and thinning their numbers slightly. From here on out would be traditional dogfighting, of course he was fine with that given the number of craft he had flown that had no missile armament. However the rest of this went down he was definitely going to be drinking heavily afterwards, even if that was his default response to anything after a battle.  

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Aryn Teth

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Aryn Teth  

Kuat City Center, Kuat, Kuat Sector, The Core Worlds

Allies: The CIS, Srina Talon, Sankt Yora, Voph

Enemies: None Currently (But technically the NR)


A gentle and patient sigh left Aryn's lips as the bunnies spoke to him in reply, continuing to play with whatever was in their hands. "I know, but your mistress asked me to come and get you for her, do you want to see her upset when she knows you igno-" Wait. He had taken the lightsaber from them already, what was in their hands? While he had considered this line of thinking, the cube had already begun to beep, it had been dropped, and Aryn barely had time to open his mouth to speak before it detonated.


In a way, Aryn was lucky. While he was easily the closest to the explosion with the unfortunate exception of the now-atomised rabbit droids, he had at least been far enough away to not be completely vaporised by the device as it detonated. That was solely where the man's luck ended however. Aryn's focus had been upon the droids, upon the task of escorting them back to Srina as quickly and as safely as possible. While fighting had erupted, he certainly didn't expect something such as this. And so, unarmoured, unprepared, and unexpecting, Aryn took almost the full force of the detonation that had rocked the city center. 


The initial force of the explosion sent Aryn flying back out of the banquet hall. Rather than making his exit through one of the doors he had entered from, his body was flung through the now-weakened walls of the hall itself, scattering the outside hallway with debris soon followed by more as the rest of the walls crumbled and broke. His body slammed hard against durasteel, and he felt breaks all across his body as he slammed into the wall with such force that he caved it in, becoming partially lodged in it.


Sharp pains ran through Aryn's body, without his usual armour he had no idea what his specific injuries were, but they were severe. He couldn't move his arms or legs, but whether that was due to the rebar, shrapnel and twisted durasteel or a broken spine, he couldn't tell. Most of the sensations had left his body aside from heat and pain. He could at least feel a dampness of blood running over most of his body, down his face and over his torso, dripping from his arms and legs onto the floor below him. 


Slowly he tried to turn his head, to assess his injuries himself as well as he could. There was shrapnel littering his body, one of the largest pieces in his abdomen he could see looked suspiciously like one of the ears of the bunny droids that had been handling the explosive before its detonation. Not much else of the shrapnel was recognizable, all blending into a combination of glass, cement and durasteel which had been chipped and broken. He could smell burnt flesh and tasted iron. Pieces of broken and twisted rebar stuck through his shoulder and his thigh, and a thousand other smaller cuts and breaks could be felt ringing across his body. Were he not so in tune with the force, Aryn knew he would most certainly be dead already. 


Still, he could feel himself fading. Consciousness was beginning to elude him and with enough time death was sure to follow. Aryn split his mind in two, focusing as well as he could on keeping his body functioning while he grasped for the connection he held with his wife. Across the force he reached out for Srina. He was too weak to find anything significant, he couldn't tell if she was hurt in the blast, but he could feel her at least faintly while his consciousness began to fade. Aryn did what he could, he tried with all the power he could summon to connect to her, but he was too weak to bring any words forth. Through their bond, only one thing echoed - the sound of his heartbeat.




And then, everything went black.


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Abigail Meredydd

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Objective: Defeat the CIS lady, and don't get stabbed to death by a variety of knives
Allies: Gregor Yoor , NR
Enemies: Scherezade deWinter , CIS

Abigail didn't follow the man as he charged forward, as she didn't want to get in his way. Instead she took slow steps towards the woman, but she quickly stopped again as a blade started to float her way. She momentarily looked at the thing as it left the air behind it with a blueish tint.

She let out a soft sigh as she patiently waited to anticipate its attack.
"Floating blades..., can this get any better?", she sarcastically mumbled to herself, mere moments before the blade started to make jabbing motions towards her.

She didn't wait around to see - or feel - what the burts of the Force did to her. Instead, she used the rockets boosters in her suit to dodge the burst coming in her direction. The blade didn't seem to be planning to stop, so while dodging, Abigail was forced to think of a way to... stop it.

Whilst seeking a way to take care of her current problem, she slightly jumped in the air and then used her boosters to dodge yet another burst. This time she wasn't entire successful though as her leg was hit by it, which, combined with her active boosters, caused her to lose her balance in the air and to fall on the ground.

After a short grumble she quickly got back up on her feet. She fired a few frustrated blaster shots towards the blade, but they didn't seem to hit. Or even if they had, it wasn't very effective. She then caught a glimpse of some rubble laying nearby. Abigail quickly jumped towards them and with her suits power, she hurled the rubble towards the floating blade.

Hoping that that would've done the trick, Abigail granted herself time to focus on her real enemy instead, who seemed to be in conflict with the master who was aiding her.

She took a deep breath as she raised her arm, blaster trained at the woman.
"Locking on...", she mumbled to herself as the annoyingly slow system tried to differentiate Yoor from the girl. "Gotcha-", she then blurted out, ready to fire.

She didn't get the opportunity to do so however, as the ground suddenly shook and an explosion could be heard. She immediately stopped and turned towards the building.

Abigail tried not to give too much attention to her opponent's meaningless and false accusations, but couldn't quite ignore them either.

"There's only so much death and destruction that you can blame us for, woman. For the last time... we did not destroy your ships," she said with her metallic voice, pausing for a second," and we definitely didn't do this. Open your eyes and see through your own damn lies before accusing others of lying!"


Anton Delane

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Location: Blockade Around Kuat
Objective: Smash Republic Fleet, attack rings
Enemies: Dracken Pryce and Katia Voltaire

Allies:Fiolette Raaf Rick KalooKhonsu AmonDarth Tacitus

Eternal Glory
Guardian 1-4 (Two destroyed)
Swarm 1-3

Fighters: 37 Squadrons

Bombers: 9 Squadrons
Fighters: 14 Squadrons
Interceptors: 14 Squadrons



The two flak frigates were damaged badly. Their shields were not designed to take this kind of abuse. And without them, they had never to nothing to stop the pesky a-wings from having their way. Anton's eyes close a bit. He opened them once more after several moments and stared ahead. He pointed ahead, and the men understood. The Eternal Glory was not fairing much better, it's shields were beginning to buckle. A tight beam transmission was sent to the frigates. It was time. The flak frigates began to move forward, each towards a different bothan assault cruiser. Their weapons, designed for attacking fighters, still opened up on the two ships.
However, they didn't stop, the close distance to the ships made it easy to get in close, very close. The other ships, besides the Eternal Glory began to drift off some. The fighters pulled back, and began to target the fighters that were attacking the fleet, the bombers moved onto one of the other corvettes. Soon escape pods blasted from the two flak frigates, leaving only a skeleton crew. They may be targeted, or destroyed in the blast, but the younger generation had a chance to fight again in the next battle. It was their way. The two flak frigates overcharged their power and hyperspace generators, so that their energy began to go unstable, and then, would attempt to ram themselves into the two Bothan Cruisers. “Feel our resolve! For the Emperor!” Would ring from both ships. Regardless of what happened, they would explode into a massive ball of light and energy, hopefully after having crashed into the cruisers.
The explosions would be enough to rock the Eternal Glory, as it watched the situation. “Sir, the main gun is charged to operational.” He nodded. It wouldn't be as powerful as a blast as the first one, they needed more time. But they had little of it. “FIRE!” The beam would gather, and in an instant, it would travel the distance between it and the Starchild, attempting to slam another powerful shot of the compound laser into them while they could.
However, the quickly charging of the laser had cost them a lot. They hadn't focused on defense. “Shields buckling! Secondary shields coming online!” Anton's eyes went wide. It was time. They needed one more sizable sacrifice, something that could be felt and seen. Both CIS and NR.
“Evacuate all non-essential personnel. We already have the fighters and transports launched.” The men scrambled and the younger generation headed to the escape pod. However, Anton, and his most loyal, the very ones who had instigated this entire thing remained onboard. The ship's powerful engines pushed it forward, quickly, right at the Starchild. It's power generators and Hyperspace generators began gathering an insane amount of power. Finally the transports he launched earlier landed on the rings surrounding the planet, and began to dig in. They would do everything in their power to make it as difficult as possible to untrench them from the station.
Both Flak Frigates fire weapons at two separate Bothan Assault Cruisers, charge up their power and hyperspace generators, and attempt to Crash into the two seperate Bothan Assault Cruisers.
Fighters and interceptors pull back to fight the fighters targeting the other ships.
Bombers target one of the Ire-Class Patrol corvette, unleashing remaining payload onto it.
Eternal Glory fires main gun at an operational charge (Not as powerful as the first place) at the Starchild
Eternal Glory charges itself at the Starchild, power generator and hyperspace generator gaining power
All other ships disengaged, trying to pull away, still taking damage from other ships.

Transports land on the ring, and troops begin to dig into it, trying to set up defensible positions.


Sankt Yora

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Kuat City Center



Location: In the ruins of the Government Complex, Kuat City Center
Allies: Srina Talon, Aryn Teth, Voph, BNI-Bella and BNI-Leo
Nearby: @Chekita Awaud, Priesse Brinari
Enemies: Destruction, injury and loss
Objective: Stand tall among the ruins


The Exarch's rebuff of her offer did not deter the Senator. In a swift motion, Yora brought the first glass to her lips, tipping the unholy liquid back into her gullet. Whether the Nemoidian physiology was somehow adapted to the liquor, which seemed to be a kind of fermented beetle slime, or if they simply used the drink as a means of self-torture, she didn't know. She would never ask, some customs were not meant to be questioned. Besides, Yora liked the symbolism in the tradition.

She was not so short-sighted as to believe there was still hope for the day. The Confederacy had come with a firm, but stayed, hand. There was every chance, however slim, that the Republic would back down, would understand the inevitability in opposing the unfathomable might of the Southern Systems, and let an investigation proceed amicably. Their confrontational tone and continued misdirection, using a self-proclaimed Jedi Grandmaster along with a puppet dignitary as a farsical representative of the Kuati government to parrot their message to the Confederacy's powerful Sith leader, their wanton disregard for the self-determination of the Kuati people, the Republic's tactics had only served to force that hand into action.

The outcome seemed assured at this point, Kuat would be divorced from the Republic, how much of it would be left standing was the only remaining question left open.

Yora tipped the second glass down her throat for good measure, before inclining her scaled head to the Exarch. "I fear the New Republic made their choice some time ago, we are now but a captive audience watching the results play out."

As if to prove her right, the Senator's aide signaled for her attention and she drew back a few steps to meet the young woman in another aside. This aide was far more attentive than her last, the Falleen noted with an optimistic note for her career as the woman apprised her of a battle beginning between ships in orbit. So much for their engagement at Anaxes, with the arrival of their fleets, the Republic had finally decided to drop its pretenses of Kuat's purported neutrality. So be it. Yora took no self-satisfaction in the knowledge, only disquiet. The New Republic would fight to preserve their hold over a world they cared little for, a mere token of their pride, a pride which would needlessly cost the lives of Republican, Confederate and Kuati alike.

Such a waste.

It should have been so ea—

A whine in her ears droned loudly, sending a splitting pain through her head. It throbbed, blinding her, demanding her all. She would have liked to sit for a time, befriending the pain, making it her ally, helping it achieve what it needed. It was a welcome comfort to be enjoyed, the act of feeling pain was a blessed reminder of her fragility. A chance to correct her course and choose a wiser path, one that would avoid the pain next time —though it was impolite to discourage its company, there was prudence in limiting it to only an occasional visitor.

Fingers wrapped around the chain of carved stone beads she kept, still somehow in her pocket, and the desires faded before she could make good on them. With a will, she banished the pain from body, replacing it with the will of another. His strength became hers, his undying energy fueled the flickering flame of her life force, and steady again, the woman rose within herself, Sankt Yora once more.

The scene before her was in utter disarray as she stood, her black robes bleached grey from the dust that hung in the air, her dark hair askew from its tidy bun. She was outwardly unharmed, but the Falleen wasn't unaware of the deeper damages that could have resulted. It was clear what had transpired, the evidence spoke plainly around her. Tattered shards of the once-gilded walls were now debris on the floor and shrapnel embedded in anything still standing. Chairs and tables from the banquet hall, now easily seen through the shredded walls, had been cast aside as if by a giant hand. An explosion had ripped through the hall, leaving behind carnage in what had once been the government complex. Now it was a carcass, a gaping wound in the rotunda that was the city center building.

Yora's aide was first in her vision, and she knelt beside the young woman's body. It was still, and as she reached out to it, both with her hand and with her senses, she found it lifeless as well. Wasteful, Yora decided as she withdrew from the body, this one had real potential. The Senator next moved to the Exarch, crouching beside the Echani woman and laying a hand on her. If Srina was gone, too, then the outlook for Yora did not look promising. "Exarch?" The Falleen paused as she heard the protector, Voph, call out to the fallen woman as well. She glanced at the man, noting his unmasked face bore the unseeing visage of blindness, and Yora began to grasp his role in the cadre of souls that had accompanied the Exarch to the summit talks today.

"I take it we have you to thank for the defensive ward against the blast?" the Senator's head tilted to indicate an arc on the floor that demarcated the protected area from the rest of the devastated building. It encompassed the body of her former aid inside its perimeter. "I fear its effectiveness was limited, but I thank you regardless."

"Are you well?" It was a question asked of both of them, one that the Senator prayed received a positive answer on both accounts.

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Allya Vi'Dreya

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Objective: Maintain Control, Rescue People, make Jerek and her father Proud

Troops: One full Dauntless Commando Unit, one squadron of Vulture droids

Enemies: None

Tag: Srina Talon Voph Sankt Yora Aryn Teth Darth Tacitus Scherezade deWinter Gregor Yoor



The experienced understood when effort was futile. When there was no way to stop the inevitable. They concentrated their efforts on what they knew they could change, and made long lasting plans to bring about the desired effects, because they understood futility. However, youth made a person feel invincible, youth couldn't understand the idea of not trying, because you never knew if you would succeed or not.


Allya KNEW she would fail to arrive in time. She knew somewhere along the line there wouldn't be enough time. However, even with the explosion, the dust in the air, and rubble collapsing from the building, she understood reality. They had to move quickly. As her cloaked Scimitar-2 landed, and ungorged her troops, she connected her suit to the droids. The girl had the ship launch once more, to come circle back when it was needed. Four of the Vulture droids took off into the air, and circled, using their scanners and higher altitude to search for danger. In front of the government building, Madalena...wait, was that Madalena? Anyway, a woman who looked really familiar to her battled with some type of fake Jedi. Her troops skirted the edge of the battle, and barreled into the entrance of the government facility. The building was a bit unstable, but it had held up fairly well. Good, solid construction had always been a Kuat trademark after all.


It had grown increasingly hard to hold onto the power her father gave her. Her body trembled, the pain was nearly unbearable, and the rage that filled her was so intense, that it made conscious thought hard. This amount of power was addictive, corruptive. It was among the reasons she trained so heavily with ysalamir, and void stones, as well as with her suit that helped cut off portions of her from as easy access to the force. The dark side was amazing, but it was a drug unlike any other. The girl panted into her helmet, as she pushed into the now dark, maze like hallways. Her people were relying on her. Aunt Srina, Master Voph, and so many others counted on her to make it through.


She gritted her teeth, she wanted to explode! Her eye burned with the sulfuric hate of her father. However, it also led her directly to the presence of Srina. She was alive, for now. If she knew it, her father knew it. However, how long would that last? Several of the presences had gotten significantly weaker. I need to focus! I need control!


A ragged breath was taken in, and slowly let out, with a haggard exhale. In, and out. Regulate the breathing and the heart could follow. Clear the mind when possible, but if not possible, think on something that counter acts the emotion you feel that is spiraling out of control. Her mind thought to the greatest source of light, and comfort that the galaxy had ever offered her. Jerek.....as his face filled her mind, she could remember his scent, his touch on her, the taste of his kiss, the calmness of his voice, that silly grin he gave after he said he loved her. She had to maintain control, because she could not afford to lose that smile. Her heart calmed, and it's beat was strong and fierce. His memory, the connection they formed, as well as the meditation they practiced endlessly helped push her through this struggle, and to push down the rage.


True the emotion still raged inside her, true the power burned her from the inside out, true it wanted to overwhelm her, but a single thought range out across all others. I will save everyone and make him proud of me. As she dove into the dust choked area that cut them off from the others, the passageway was blocked by rubble. No issue. Hand reached out, and with her power, and her father's combined, mixed with the gift of Focus given to her by her beloved, she began the delicate task of pushing the rock out of the way using the force. Scoops of large rock were lifted and carried to a side passageway, dumped and repeated. Her droids, clones and commandos guarded her as she completed her task with diligence, her droid starfighters stood guard on the ground outside the main door, defending their rear


Even with so much power, this delicate task took so much out of her. However, soon, the passage way was clear, and she pushed on through into the next hallway. More cleared, then into the next room. Finally, she managed to get the last bit of rubble clear away, and entered into the room where Voph, Srina, Yora, and Aryn....Oh kriff, Aryn.


“Secure the room! Spread out! Medic, go check each of them, stabilize where you can!” She activated her comm. “Scimitar, sending location, be prepared to evac us as soon as we get out. Will update which exit.” Then, she pushed a one of the virtual keys on the virtual control panel. “Darth Tacitus.” Uncle Tacitus....help. Auntie Srina...Voph...Aryn... “This is Adjudant Allya Vi'Dreya, Exarch Talon and her entourage were caught in what appears to be an explosion. Building is crumbling around us. I need assistance to clear a path to extract them, and get them to immediate medical attention.”


The commandos quickly swept the room, searching for any more explosive devices, or any hostiles that may have followed them in. One of the clone troopers moved over to Yora, Voph, Srina, and Aryn, as well as anyone else, that had been caught in the blast. For now, they simply scanned them, to see the extent of injuries.




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Gregor Yoor

Gregor Yoor

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Objective: Ride the planet of Propaganda
Location: Capital Building
Enemies: Scherezade deWinter + CIS
Post: Five
-- Ground shook, lights became hazy as the world around his focus began to fade. He was lost in the moment as he was built in an era of utter chaos and friction. This environment was his home. The body weighted down by the half ton armor answered and reacted to the commands sent from his head. If such a muscle refused to let the order flow through it, it was pushed through with the constant flow of the Force like a river flooding a dam.
-- His first strike was blocked, the cross section of her blades was effective against his attack and he only continued to take in the information of the defense. She was quick, very quick to say the least. He would only have to meet her. He felt the rumble, though ignored it, his prey would not have the chance. Her comment of the destruction of what was once the Republics could only be answered by his understanding. If they could not have it, then why should the Sith. He would make that painfully aware to the women before him.
-- The Templar knew the call and reaction of the fighter he was facing and would not allow the women a moment to gain her ground. As his saber bounced from the block he did not even allow his foot to touch the ground. Focusing on the air around him he used the Force to curculate the flow of the wind and concentrate it into a near solid block of matter. Using that momentary second of focus and pressure he pushed off it with his foot and continued to pressure the Sith. He ignored the threat he was in. He welcomed his body open to the onslaught that the blades around him threatened. However, as he pushed himself and opened new channels to allow the Force to work through him. It was now as if the friction of the wind and air around him passed through him as he attempted to match the women's speed.
-- Gregor used the momentum of the blocked attack last time to swing the blade at an angle and twist and turn in his hand. Grasping it again after a split second of releasing it he was now holding the blade backwards. With that momentum of the block and his power armor he would again attack the women with a brutal strike against her chest once again.
-- To the other Jedi near him, the man would also seem to disappear and reappear in front of the Sith Warrior. The blades still very much following him as if they were tuned into his position.

Jade Solus Skirae

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Location: Kuat Wastes
Allies: : Adenn Kyramud

Enemies: Carbon Aya Clarke @Lace Vi'dreya

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The moment she saw one of them make a dart for them she was ready to move, She heard Adenn entrust one of his squads to her but she said this. Keep them you might need them more then I and I do not want them to get in the way I will need the mobility. With that said she darted forth to meet her opponent head on,She honed her battle instincts to the fullest as she darted forth, She made sure not to keep in a straight line to avoid being gunned down if that happens but she kept her eyes on the target as much as possible. She readied her rifle as well for use when she gets the opportunity.


She could feel her adrenaline start pumping as her love for battle started to take hold she was looking forward to this battleand hoped it willbe entertaining atleast for her.


Priesse Brinari

Priesse Brinari

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Solar Caligati Priesse Brinari

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Equipment: VSA-01 “Auxilia” - Combat Suit, TTH/TPV-001 “Xiphos” - Pattern Plasmatic Vibrosword, TTH/SIR-001c “Helius” - Pattern Battle Rifle, Dissuader KD-30 Slugthrower Pistol, 2 Class-A Thermal Detonators, Field Medkit, Liquid-Cable Launcher

Location: Capitol Building, Kuat City - Kuat

Allies: Alkor Centaris, Srina Talon, Escanor Ragnos

Enemies: Chekīta Awaud


The loud bang of an explosion suddenly sounded within the building, forcing Priesse to her knees as her already fluid-disrupted ears caused her to lose all remaining sense of balance. The sound of the explosive detonation was far louder and more forceful than the three explosions which had rung out in the hall from the three grenades. A powerful shockwave immediately followed the blast, which seemed strong enough to bring down everything it it’s path, including duracrete pillars and walls. Had she been able to, Priesse would have made a run for it. However, there was little she could do as her rubble and debris began to fall around her…


It was a sharp and stabbing sensation of pain which forcefully pulled Priesse from the blissfully black realm of unconsciousness, eliciting a series strained grunt from her lips as she sought to pick herself off of the ground so that she could finish the fight. She knew that her enemy was supremely vulnerable, and it was her intention to execute them no matter the cost. There would be no better opportunity than now, in the ruins of an explosion which seemed to have leveled the building from top to bottom. It was only when her legs refused the budge beneath the weight of an entire pillar when the full extent of her injuries dawned on her. The pillar that she had been taking cover behind only few seconds had fallen and crushed her legs in the blast. Her armor had done little to protect her legs from the impact, given the fact that it was built to protect her from penetrating trauma rather than blunt-force trauma. Instead, the thick durasteel plates on her legs had been mushed into the almost totally flattened flesh of what had been her legs.


In spite of the gruesome injury, Priesse initially felt little to no pain. Only overwhelming shock, which began to rapidly weaken her grip on consciousness. When the pain finally registered, it immediately overloaded her nerves with surges of agony, before pushing her back into the depths of unconsciousness...

Noah Corek

Noah Corek

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Location: Outside Aid Distribution Center

Objective: Get People into Bunkers and Get the Kuati Security Bureau

Equipment: Armor - Rifle - Pistols - Knives - Sword - Special Ammunition

Allies: Alexandra Feanor - Aston Jacobs - Abigail Meredydd - Gregor Yoor

Enemies: Daisy Americus

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Noah popped the joints in his neck and back once again as he felt them begin to get sore. 'Maybe Alex is right and I'm getting. Maybe I should take that ambassador position on-' His internal dialogue was cut short when a shot from an unknown assailant hit just in front of his feet and while his muscles and bones were starting to slow his mind and reaction time wasn't. "SNIPER! Get to cover!" It was a order that was instantly headed as the fourteen men and women that Noah had around him found the nearest cover to them. For Noah it was a section of destroyed wall that was thankfully tall enough to shield his entire body.


"Anybody see where that bastard shot from?" Asked Major Sicur from across the street to which a chorus of negatives rose up to meet her question. "Sergeant Ishval?" Noah called out for one of the detachments two weapons sergeants. Matias Elric was a Epicanthix who had originally cut his teeth with the Republic Army Rangers before coming to the commanders. "Yes general?" The Epicanthix called out from a drainage pipe which was standing vertically just up the road, the pipe was thankfully tall and thick enough to protect the sergeants even larger frame. "You got that bag I gave to you before we left headquarters?" 


Noah's ear picked up a rustling noise before a plain black duffel bag landed at the edge of the wall, a simple answer to a simple question. Reaching out quickly, as to not expose himself, Noah grabbed the bag and quickly drug it under the protection of the wall. Opening the bag Noah grinned at what was inside, his own custom sniper rifle, disassembled into a few pieces. With deft and practiced hands Noah hastily assembled the rifle, making sure to mount a proper optic and a suppressor for good measure. Standing he popped a magazine into the rifle and racked the bolt. 


"All right listen up because I'm only going to say this once! We've got a sniper out there somewhere and we have no clue where they are. That means we're going to have to flush them out somehow, which means we are going to have to get them to fire again and that means giving them a target. Do I have any volunteers?" Looking over to the other side of the road Noah saw a hand being raised, it belonged to Corporal Gwen Parker, the youngest and most inexperienced member of the operational detachment. The young human, Noah believed her to be just shy of her twenty-third birthday, had come to the Commandos after proving herself in several earlier battles.


"Yes Corporal Parker?" Noah asked with a bit of mock exasperation to his voice. "How exactly do you plan to flush them out and what do you mean by target?" To this the entire detachment chuckled and Noah shook his head good naturedly. "Well considering you just volunteered I guess I should give you the run down." A groan came from the corporal when she heard this. "What will happen is simple. The detachment will begin to fire randomly, this will catch the snipers attention. Once they've done that you will dash as quickly as possible to another piece of cover. While all this is happening I'll be observing our surroundings and waiting for them to fire, when they fire their muzzle flash will give them away which will allow me to suppress or kill them. Simple enough?" 


To this the young corporal nodded and sighed before putting anything that would weigh her down on the ground. Nodding Noah took out one of his knives and began to slowly and methodically cut a piece of the wall he was behind out. The piece he cut out would be the size of a standard brick, big enough to look out of but small enough that someone would be hard pressed to fire accurately at it. Once he was done Noah sheathed his knife, set his rifle down and pulled out a pair of macrobinoculars. "Alright everyone on my go. Three....two....one. GO!" On his go the detachment began to blindly fire and a few seconds after they started Corporal Parker darted out of cover. And Noah waited for his prey to reveal herself.