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Vita Stones

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Intent:  To create a defensive tool to be used against those who harness the spirits.
  • Image SourceX
  • Canon Link:  n/a
  • Primary Source: n/a


  • ManufacturerWhimsy
  • Affiliation:
    • Company Name: Whimsy 
    • Closed-Market 
  • Model: n/a
  • Modularity: No.
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Pebbles


  • The Vita Stones are bundles of pebbles with only one goal in their function – to keep the spirits away, by creating a barrier through which spirits cannot enter. Spirits already within the barrier perimeter will either cease to exist or be pushed out of it.


  • Vita Stones look like regular pebbles, which gives them perfect camouflage in many types of surroundings.
  • A single Vita Stone creates a safe and invisible "bubble barrier" through which spirits cannot pass. The bubble of a single stone has the radius of about 2 meters.
  • Multiple Vita Stones can be used to create a protective ring to secure ships or even houses from the spirits.
  • Those marked by the spirits will find their communication with them temporarily disabled while within the Vita Stones' Bubble Barrier.
  • A Vita Stone tossed at a spirit is very likely to do anything from destroying it (in the case of very weak fodder spirits) to banishing it (in the case of strong spirits).


  • Vita Stones only keep spirits out – they do nothing for those who are actually alive.
  • Vita Stones cannot keep possessed people out. A possessed person will remain possessed as usual while within the range of the Vita Stones. Ditto to various undead such as Force zombies.
  • Vita Stones can be damaged by blunt force (for example, be hit hard enough with a hammer). Once damaged, they lose their ability.


"Life is for the living. The spirits are not welcome here."


The Vita Stones are the latest creation by Whimsy, elaborating the company's creations' defensive capabilities. Upon hours of research into what the Galaxy naturally had to offer, Whimsy's owner, Scherezade deWinter realized that nearly everything and anything dealt with the world of tangible items. Weapons hurt the body, the Force could be used to hurt the mind, and blunt objects could hurt ships if said objects were big enough.


Yet it was the Ysalamir that caught her attention on a dark night. Drawing inspiration from how their biology automatically set them in Force-neutral bubbles, the SIth drew inspiration from that and decided to mimic those abilities. However, it was not the Force she decided to go against – but rather the Spirits. Having been part of the Mandragora for several months, she knew much about how they operated, and how they were nearly always there, even if invisible and unreachable. Yet their invisibility did not make them powerless, and many missions she had been on had dealt with correcting the damage caused by them.


Initially, Scherezade had hoped to create something that would destroy them. However, this options seemed to still be out of reach for her. It was after many nights though that she had finally found the solution – Vita Stones. Life was meant for the living. The spirits were not welcome in her life, nor would she suffer their potential danger to exist within her vicinity. Choosing the design them to look as regular pebbles was an inner joke that made her laugh, but the design also ensured that they would blend in naturally in many sort of settings. 

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Gir Quee

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