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And now the rains weep o'er his halls - PLEASE ARCHIVE

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House Borgin. In decades past on Serenno, they had proven a great thorn in the side of the Great House Morcus. Both families had feuded with one another for many generations, spilling much blood. It all boiled over, however, when House Borgin and the lesser houses in it's thrall struck without warning against Lion's Rock, the ancestral fortress of House Morcus, and defeated their army. To further House Morcus's shame, they were cast out from Serenno and exiled, disgraced by their peers. For fifty years, this injustice had festered in Lannis's mind. The time had come for him to rectify the matter.


While the formation of the fledgling Core Imperial Confederation had kept him occupied, the newly formed pact with the Chiss Ascendancy and the Sith Empire had provided him the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He had mustered a small task force for this endeavour. A small flotilla of vessels, namely the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer "Hand of Wrath" and several Arquitens-class Light Cruisers, had assembled at his command, carrying enough troops from his military holdings on Commenor for a campaign of this scope. This task force had made it's way to Serenno several weeks ago, and it's troops had made landfall in the wilderness several miles away from Lion's Rock, setting up a vast war camp to act as their headquarters for this campaign. The surrounding lands would soon become a war zone.....


Two weeks later, their campaign had only just begun in earnest. The first step would be reclaiming Lion's Rock from the House Borgin garrison currently occupying it. The Fortress had received numerous upgrades since Morcus had last seen it, namely a shield generator protecting it from bombardment. A protracted siege had begun. Morcus had kept himself occupied enjoying a spot of hunting in the wilderness while his troops maintained their siege on the Rock's defending garrison. He had brought the cadaver of a Stag back to his tent after a successful hunt, and had begun the process of skinning it for it's pelt and the venison within, awaiting the arrival of allies he'd called upon to assist him in reclaiming Lion's Rock, as well as any potential representatives from the Sith Empire who were curious about his presence and actions on Serenno...

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