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Ciniel & Istatha

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Blade Color


  • Intent: To create a new pair of Lightsabers for Voph
  • Image Source: X X
  • Canon Link: Lightsaber
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Lightsaber
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Heavy


  • Crystal Array:
    • Cíniel (Mainhand Saber): Vylmiran Crystal, Vexxtal Crystal, Mestare Crystal
    • Istatha (Offhand Saber): Kaiburr Crystal, Stygium Crystal, Lorrdian Gemstone
  • Runed Hilt: The hilt is covered in a number of runes: a ballad of the old times, and the warriors that sought peace in the midst of endless wars.
  • Curved Hilt: The hilt is slightly curved towards the pommel, allowing for increased agility.
  • Voph's Power Cells
  • Voph's Lightsaber Emitters
  • Voph's Focusing Lens
  • Voph's Crystal Chamber


  • Vylmiran Crystal: Improving the cutting power of the blade, as well as preventing anyone from Voph but utilizing it, the Vylmiran crystal has the added benefit of allowing the wielder to freeze their image for up to two seconds, turning completely invisible in the mean time. After the limit, the frozen image evaporates, and a visible trail of energy move through the air to the wielder's true location, where they are revealed.
  • Vexxtal Crystal: As the primary blade of the pair, Cíniel was fitted with a Vexxtal crystal, allowing it to corrupt the wounds inflicted by this blade, and extend the recovery time.
  • Mestare Crystal: This crystal allows Cíniel to remain active even after coming into contact with Cortosis.
  • Kaiburr Crystal Shard: This shard allows the wielder an increased connection to the Force, manifesting as heightened senses in combat.
  • Stygium Crystal: This crystal enhances the wielder's ability to conceal themselves within the Force.
  • Lorrdian Gemstone: This crystal allows the wielder to more easily read the body language of his opponent, particularly in combat.
  • Songsteel Hilt: The hilts are forged from Songsteel, making them difficult to cut with a lightsaber.
  • Pommel Link: The blades can be linked together to form a Saber Staff.
  • Power Cells: The addition of an Isotope V power cell allows the blades an improved Cutting power.
  • Custom Emitter: The Lightsaber is able to utilize a thin fencing blade, or a broad deflecting blade, thanks to the custom emitter.
  • Focusing Lens: The Focusing lens has been altered to result in a lightning infused blade, which can discharge energy upon contact with another surface.
  • Crystal Chamber: The Crystal Chamber is designed with a Dual-Phase aspect, allowing the blade to increase in length to that of a greatsword. Additionally, the Chamber is designed with Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse technology, allowing the lightsaber to function underwater.
  • No Physical Button: The Lightsabers are built in the old style, lacking any form of physical buttons. All modifications to the lightsaber and its state must be performed through the Force.


  • The usual suspects: Ciniel and Istatha have difficulty cutting through certain materials
  • Cortosis: Istatha has no method to negate cortosis, and can still be shorted out.
  • Heavy: The blades have an unusual heft to them.
  • Unusual Hilt Shape: The configuration of the hilt is not standard, making them difficult to use for people that have not trained with the unusual style.
  • Vylmiran Crystal: The Vylmiran Crystal is not without its drawbacks. Though it allows the wielder to turn invisible, the wielder can still be detected via sensors or Force Sight. Additionally, using this ability frequently has adverse effects upon the user.
  • Intricate Design: The custom parts are a work of art, but are nigh impossible to repair if damaged.
  • Force Activated: Unless properly instructed by Voph, the lightsabers are unusable by anyone other than him.
  • Dual Phase/BCIP: Though the sabers function under water, they are limited to the standard length while submerged.

After nearly a century of forging lightsabers, both for his own use, and for others to use, Voph has created what he intends to be the final set he shall ever utilize. Named Salvation and Redemption in his mother tongue, the blades serve as a mark of a covenant that Voph made upon his return to the galaxy. A promise to his dead wife, taken by old age nearly five thousand years prior, to forsake the Dark Side, and to become a being worthy of salvation.


Utilizing many of the modern techniques that Voph had previously forsaken, the blades were designed to negate many of the weaknesses that blades of the old days had. Though not universally useful, Voph decided to err on the side of preparedness, on the off chance he was presented with such weaknesses. The blades are designed to work together, able to convert to a Saberstaff mode, or function as separate single blade lightsabers. Voph does not often utilize both blades at once, but it is nice to have the option, should a situation arise requiring that level of ferocity.


Once a master of death and destruction, Voph has poured his very soul into these blades. The pinnacle of his art. Though he still creates blades for wealthy collectors, Ciniel and Istatha are meant to be his last for personal use. All his knowledge and technique has been refined over decades to result in these blades. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.


For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice. And for all his failures, all his flaws, Voph created these blades as a reminder that he was not too far gone. That he, too, was a guardian of the old ways. That though he may not know peace himself, he would gladly lay down his life in an instant to ensure peace for others...



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