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Enarc Modification Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser

- - - - - CIS Cruiser Dreadnaught WIP

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Kelsie Sylvan

Kelsie Sylvan

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Intent: To make a balanced mainline cruiser for the Enarc Mobile Task Force.
Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Enarc Manufacturing
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Enarc Mobile Task Force, Enarc Defense Fleet (Closed Market)
Model: Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, Enarc Modification
Production: Minor (CIS, Enarc Mobile Task Force, Enarc Defense Fleet)
Material: Durasteel, computer components, alusteel, glasteel, turbolaser components.
Classification: Cruiser
Length: 600m
Width: 116.5m
Height: 123.3m
Armament: Moderate
- Quad Laser cannons (20)
- Dual long-range ion cannon blisters (4, 2 turrets per blister)
- Plasma missile tubes (8)
- Ion cannons (12)
- Quad turbolasers (8)
- Turbolaser batteries (8, 4 per battery)
- Tractor beams (4)
Defenses: High
- Deflector shielding
- Particle shielding
- Anti-missile octets (8)
- Reinforced durasteel hull
Fighter Hangar: Average (2 squads)
Support Craft Hangar: 0.5 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Low
Speed Rating: Low
Hyperdrive Class: Low (Class 4)
Communications Array
Life Support
Scanner array
Computer systems
Weapons systems
Targeting systems
Shield generators (4)
Power generators (2)
Slave Rig: Allows coordinated jumps between ships and drastically decreases the crew requirements.
Reliable: The sturdy and well-armed cruiser has no massive drawbacks, design flaws, or computer issues that can affect ships of such an age.
Shield breaker: With the Dreadnaught’s long-range ion cannons as well as plasma torpedoes, the vessel is well-equipped to break the shields of enemy warships.
Slave Rig: Coordinated jumps into other star systems are very effective with the slave rig systems of the Enarc Dreadnaught.
Not Specialized: The Dreadnaught is well-armed and has good defenses, but aside from its ion and plasma weaponry it has no special role in a fleet formation.
Brick: The low maneuverability and poor speed limits tactical options with the cruiser.
Slave Rig: Should the slave rig codes be stolen, coordinating a jump into a star would be simple work for whoever has them.
Description: The Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser has succeeded for centuries as a powerful, functional warship. Inspired by such a sturdy and long-lasting line of ships, Enarc’s leadership bought up several of these cruisers as well as the schematics to build the vessels themselves. In the various secret shipyards of the system they refitted those old Dreadnaughts into the newest additions to the Enarc Defense Fleet -- and when their production was successful enough, they began selling them to the Confederacy and stockpiling them to build up the Enarc Mobile Task Force.
Enarc’s Dreadnaughts have a crew complement of a mere two thousand thanks to the advanced slave rig technology installed on these ships. The extra space is used to store supplies, the ship having enough consumables to feed the crew and its complement of four thousand soldiers for over six years. In addition the ships carry several light armor units, but the primary purpose of the Dreadnaught is to be a mainline cruiser in space. 

(Another WIP, feedback is appreciated!)

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