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Alyssa Shinobu

Alyssa Shinobu Character Roleplay

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Alyssa Shinobu

Alyssa Shinobu

    The Incendiary Padawan

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Basic Information


Name: Alyssa Shinobu


Sex: Female


Age: 16


Species: Human


Height: 5ft 8in


Weight: 130 pounds


Eye color: Yellow they were corrupted by a dark side user at 3 years old they used to be green


Hair Color: Silver she dyed it that color when she was 14 to symbolize a shift in character.


Skin Color: Pale


Voice Sample: https://www.youtube....h?v=Ulp-wW3tMSk (Shes the one with the purple hair)


Body Shape: She is more fit than she actually looks as she works out regularly she is Triangle Shaped


Affiliations: Silver Jedi Order


Rank: Jedi Padawan


Master: Cedric Grayson


Personality: A headstrong and sometimes condescending girl but she is not without compassion or mercy though those emotions are rarely displayed.


Appearance: Alyssa is a slender muscular type figure who wears a robe like this she has small hands feet legs and appendages all around while still being relatively strong. From a battle with a lord of the Sith she currently has a large scar stretching from her left shoulder to her left forearm.










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Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones

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Hello, Padawan! I welcome you to this Immense Galaxy of ours! If you are interested, I think I could teach you some basic abilities that a Jedi would probably use on a day to day basis. Either way, I look forward to being a teacher for you, or just finding you somewhere across the stars!

Alyssa Shinobu

Alyssa Shinobu

Alyssa Shinobu

    The Incendiary Padawan

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Nice! That sounds pretty good! 



Mr. Bones

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Alyssa Shinobu

Alyssa Shinobu

    The Incendiary Padawan

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Experience Information

Combat Style


Alyssa is fluent in form II of Lightsaber combat Makashi which she uses to throw her opponents off balance with the differing angles at which she chooses to strike. She is also fluent in form III of Lightsaber combat Soresu which she used for primarily for defense and deflecting blaster bolts. She is also fluent in form V of Saber combat Shien used for attack agility and to wear down an opponents defenses. 


Weapons/ Gear


Alyssa carries 1x Cyan single bladed Lightsaber with a sleek design featuring a silver edged ring for better mobility control.





Alyssa pilots a blue corelian defender bestowed upon her by the Jedi council for missions she may receive.




Force Powers


Force Push: Knight

Force Pull: Knight

Force Choke: Youngling

Force Sight: Master

Force Connect: Master

Force Sense: Master

Force Speed: Novice

Force Jump: Novice

Force Walk: Youngling

Force Mind-trick: Novice

Force Telekinesis: Novice


Every Force user has a specific power that they are naturally more skilled in than others not to say they are always more skilled or more powerful with their ability than others they simply have an edge when it comes to using it. Alyssa's power is that she can manipulate and connect with other force energy's allowing her to be inherently powerful in abilities that require you to see into the facade of others.




  • Extremely Agile: She can easily outrun others or dodge attacks
  • Skilled duelist: Even though shes a Padawan her Lightsaber skills are still formidable
  • Intelligent: She is very bright and having the ability to see into others only boosts her knowledge
  • Resilient: Though she may be young her defiance and determination is astounding to say the least


  • Impulsive: She may be mighty but she often rushes into situations disregarding danger or her safety
  • Weak Constitution: Her figure is meek in size and her ability to take damage is less than others
  • Easily Triggered: Alyssa has a large ego and doesn't take kindly to people who challenge her self image
  • Lack of endurance: Alyssa's ability to use the force for extended periods of time needs work on as it isn't very high

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Alyssa Shinobu

Alyssa Shinobu

    The Incendiary Padawan

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Alyssa Shinobu is a girl with no particular homeworld in fact she was born on a vessel known as the "Cortana" that was currently on its way to the nearest medical platform so Alyssa could have a proper birth in the ER. However this did not happen as the girl was born prematurely by the ships Co-Captain utilizing a first aid kit. When she was first brought into the world she displayed her force abilities early on as she caused every loose object in the room to levitate off the ground.


Growing up Alyssa never had the proper chance to adapt to her surroundings as her family was constantly on the run from the Sith empire and Jedi order alike, On that ship there was a Sith spy embedded in the populace waiting for any sign of discrepancy. When the news of Alyssa's power arrived to the rest of the ship the Spy attempted to steal the baby away from the family they managed to get away but the Sith did not give up so easily as they dispatched a Sith warrior to retrieve the baby.


Over the course of the next 3 years the family had run from the Sith who wanted their child and the Jedi who simply wanted to talk about training the child however her family was having none of it. Eventually the Sith caught up to them on a Rishi moon in which the parents were executed and Alyssa taken away to Dromund Kaas where the overwhelming amount of dark side energy at such a young age caused her force aurora to become corrupted turning her eyes yellow and her skin pale.


During this time however the warrior was told to take the child into the forest to visit some Sith monuments as her formal training would start soon by this time she was 6 years old. In the forest the two were ambushed by a team if Jedi shadows who took the girl with them to Coruscant where she has trained in the ways of the Jedi for 10 years now.


Despite what has been widely received and thought the temple was not a nice place towards Alyssa. When she arrived the council was skeptical on whether or not they should train based on her history her age and her apparent dark side corruption, Secondly this caused her to be ridiculed by her fellow Jedi calling her names excluding her and at one point the bullying got so bad that a group of Jedi dragged her to a alley and beat her to the point where she entered a coma for 2 weeks.


Nonetheless it wasn't only the mistreatment that set her off but all of her training drills opponents and instructors made her feel as though she was superior to them in both skill and grandeur. Still she persevered making her way to the rank of Padawan with distinction by the age of 13. She still hasn't been on many adventures but slowly but surely she is being let off the leash to venture out on her own accord.

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