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Veena Reshma W.I.P

CIS Minister of secrets

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Veena Reshma

Veena Reshma

    Ginger spymaster extraordinaire

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NAME: Veena Reshma
RANK: Minister of secrets/ former FOSB agent 
SPECIES: Appears human
AGE: Early twenties-thirties
SEX: Appears female
HEIGHT:  5'6
WEIGHT: 120 pounds
EYES: dark brown
HAIR: Red 
SKIN: Pale
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
FOSB background:  Ms Reshma holds prior experience in the FOSB, one of the galaxies most efficient if not brutal intelligence agencies. Having spent the best part of the last fifteen years in their service, she proved to have particularly mean streak when it came to dealing with anti-FO dissidents.
Dubious and mysterious origins: Although her case file lists her to be a human female in her late 20s/mid-thirties, there is evidence to suggest that Veena is far more than she lets on. Before the eventual fall of the First order to the vicious reptilian onslaught of the Ssi Ruuvi, Veenas former FOSB handlers discovered records of a familiar red-headed Mandan female in old alliance intel documents that dated back to the deluge of the gulag plague that swept the galaxy.  Wherever or not the two are the same person remains to be seen. 
Eccentric: The spymaster's mannerisms are sometimes borderline vaudeville when it comes to her interactions with others, as she possesses an almost intense love for theatre and films.  This manifested in the time she spent masquerading as a florist and theatre actress, both enabling her to get quite close to targets which otherwise wouldn't be possible through conventional cloak and dagger means. 
Sociopathic: It does not pay to possess consciousness in a trade as dirty as spying; this has enabled her to survive in a dog eat dog world for many years at the cost of others. However, such traits do not translate well in the world outside and have cost the redhead friends and support from others who do not agree with her methods.
APPEARANCE: Appears as a red-headed female but it can vary immensely.