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What's the most ridiculous thread you've been in?

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Gherron Dragonsflame

Gherron Dragonsflame

    Space dad

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As the title says, what's that one thread that you look back on and think "Wait, that actually happened?" Mine is from a time where we had to literally jump through hoops to get our restricted materials, and in the case of songsteel, you had to rhyme your way into the Factory Judges' hearts.


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Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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I wasn't in this thread, but a sentient battle station dropped a pheromone torpedo onto a wedding


It makes me giggle. 

Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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I seem to recall having a few drinks in a pub on Commenor with Darben Skirae, Darlyn Excron and Mythos .


A new member in the Faction came in and joined us. I don't think they hung about for long if memory serves.

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Darlyn Excron

Darlyn Excron

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Veiere Arenais Was I there?

I genuinely can't remember. God I must drink a lot.

I also can't really pick out a thread per say, more so my antics *in* threads. Like releasing hundreds of doves to signal my arrival. So..

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