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Guardian-class Star Defender

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CD-9 Vanguard in orbit of Selonia, c. 854 ABY








Firemane Industries Colossus Reactor

Corellia Digital CD-9 Subspace Radio

Corellia Digital O/S Cresh

Corellia Digital CHX 2.1 SoundLink (Internal Modular Communications System)

Hoersch-Kessel Ion Drive (Sublight Engines)

Standard Life Support Systems

Standard Starship Medical Systems

Standard Hyperdrive

Standard Navigation Computer

Hansen FeatherTouch (Tractor Beam)



220-SIG Tactical Sensor Jamming Device

Corellia Digital Communication Encryption Module

Corellia Digital Advanced Target and Analysis Computer

Long-Range Sensor Suite

Energy-Wave Detector



  • Jack-of-all-Trades. The CD-9 design is balanced so to be capable of performing in a variety of mission profiles, from system defense to scientific exploration to electronic warfare or humanitarian relief operations.
  • Clean Energy. The CD-9 minimizes main reactor operations by off-set with solar energy collectors. This allows main reactor power to be priortized to main component systems (life support, weapons, shields) while auxillary power is supplied by afterglow panel generation.


  • Unique Electromagnetic Signature. Corellia Defense vessels use a unique Hoersch-Kessel ion drive design for their sublight propulsion. The resulting engine wash is faintly radioactive. This electromagnetic signature was distinguishable from background cosmic radiation and allowed the vessels to be tracked or detected.
  • Jack-of-all-Trade. The Guardian-class being balanced as a multi-role cruiser means that it does not excel in any of particular role or capacity. It's evacuation capacity is restricted by the space required for its combat systems, it's offensive capabilities are limited into just one type of energy or projectile weapon, and its defensive capabilities are overly reliant on point-defense and up-rated hull armor. In a severe humanitarian crisis, its medical bays would be understaffed. In a protracted battle, its staying power would be diminished over time, and its strategic options in an engagement are extremely limited.
  • Single Hyperdrive Design. Because the Guardian class carried a hangar of support craft, ostensibly able to leave and communicate the ship's location if in distress, the CD-9 did not include a back-up hyperdrive in the design. As a result, if the hyperdrive is non-operational, the CD-9 is only capable of sublight propulsion until repaired.




The entry level capital ship in the Corellia Digital catalog, the Guardian-class Star Defender was a carrier and command ship manufactured for the Jedi and Jedi-aligned groups by the Corellian conglomerate using the Selonian Fleet Yards. Much like the smaller CD-7 Sentinel-class Heavy Cruiser, the CD-9 Guardian was a balanced star cruiser that served as a jack-of-all-trades. This meant that it performed adequately in most encounters, though lacked any specialization that distinguished it in any particular role. As with all Corellia Digital products, the CD-9 is produced in the Corellian System using resources, materials, and labor from among the Five Brothers.

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