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The "Friends"

- - - - - AI Jedi Allya ViDreya SJO CIS

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Intent: To create an Artificial Intelligence that helps solve a moral quandary.

Image Source: https://www.devianta...-Jedi-531278158

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Sources: Force Hunter Droid, Commando Droid






Manufacturer: CIS, Allya Vi'Dreya, Locke and Key Mechanics

Affiliation: CIS, Allya Vi'Dreya, SJO

Model: “Friends”

Production: Semi-Unique

Modularity: Minor modularity in color schemes, weapon types, and room for upgrades based on each individual preference, but base remains the same.

Materials: Phrik, Cortosis, Hodharium, taozin amulets, void stones, reinforced duraplast, advanced droid components, insulated circuits, nanodroids, isotope-5, advanced sensor and communication components, AI Matrix, Armorweave, Baffleweave, reflec.






Classification: Artificial Intelligence

Weight: 105 kgs

Height: 2.1 meters

Movement: Bipedal

Armaments: Lightsaber/polesaber, wrist mounted blaser/sonic blaster, repulsor and tractor beam weapons, arm mounted micro-rockets with variable payload, core mounted flame thrower, cryo emitter, lightening emitter, poison dart launcher, variable side weapon armaments,






Misc Equipment:


- Molecular Shielding

- Buster Comm Device

- LK Hermes

- Advanced Ant-Stealth Sensor Suite (Miniaturize, shorter ranged version)

- Advanced Sensor Suites:

- Audio/Visual/Olfactory Sensors

- Droid Controller Module

- Advanced AI Brain

- High Powered Reinforced Servomotors

- Internal Isotope-5 Generator

- Padlocke

- Slicer Module

- Personal Stealth Field Generator

- Hand/Foot mounted micro repulsors

- Repulsor pack

- Hand/foot mounted micro-tractor beams

- Repulsor Burst generator

- Advanced Medkit

- Internal material storage

- Baffleweave-Armorweave Cloak

- Passive Stealth Systems

- Short Range ECM

- Density Projector

- AI Uploading Program






- Anti-Stealth Sensors: The sensors on the unit are so powerful and precise they can discover people using stealth fields, or attempting to use force concealment.


- Force Dampening Material: The Hodharium construction dampens the force when its used on the droid, this is further strengthened by the Void Stones embedded throughout it. To add more to it, the entire droid is covered in taozin amulets, making it incredibly difficult to track it through the force.


- AI Brain: The unit is far more than just a standard droid. It was given access to countless amounts of combat data, the contents of advanced protocol droids, medical droids, and access to the Silver Rest's Archives. What this created was an AI capable of fighting, healing, diplomacy, slicing, piloting, fixing things, translating, and so much more, as they are constantly growing.


- Stealth: Beyond the force dampening, the droids contain a lot of systems designed to help block them from detection. This includes a passive stealth system that allows them to simply walk through scanners without even causing an alarm from how heavily armed they are, an active stealth field, which blocks them from visual detection and helps stop sensors, a baffleweave cloak to help cover them and block their internal energy from being read, and sound mufflers, to help make them far more quiet when moving.


- Powerful Servomotors, and lightweight construction: While not light by any stretch of the imagination at 105 KG, the droids are still far less than they should weigh. When combined with powerful servomotors, they have incredible strength, great speed, and super human agility.


- Unlimited Powa!: Energy is not an issue for them, their advanced isotope-5 generator gives them far more than enough energy to run every system and weapon at the same time, and then some. High Capacity Backup batteries also exist in the system, giving a limited amount of power in case of some form of emergency.


- Almost Like it can use the force: The unit was designed specifically to be able to mimic certain force abilities. Repulsor and tractor beam generators, allow it to mimic force pull and push, as well as telekinesis, flame throwers, cryo-projectors and lightening emitters give it the capacity to emulate force elemental attacks, it's advanced sensors give it a super human understanding of the situation going on around it, advanced processors allow them to have incredible reflexes on par with most force users, and the molecular shields give it the ability to deflect and absorb energy which mimics tutaminis.





  • Incredible Servomotors: The unit has incredible strength, speed, and agility, far beyond a biological sentient creatures due to its powerful servomotors and lighter, but powerful construction

  • Heavily Armed and armored: The unit contains many weapons, and its armor is able to tank lightsabers, blasters, explosions, emp blasts, and this is before you even take into consideration its molecular shielding. This unit is not to be trifled with.

  • Force Dampening: It was constructed with the purpose of limiting the influence of the force on it. Hodharium to slow down force use, void stones to make it very hazy and hard to hit, and taozin amulets to hide its very presence from the force. Added onto this, the cortosis, phrik and hodharium alloy makes it very difficult for lightsabers to penetrate.

  • Almost like it can use the force: The unit was designed specifically to be able to mimic certain force abilities. Repulsor and tractor beam generators, allow it to mimic force pull and push, as well as telekinesis, flame throwers, cryo-projectors and lightening emitters give it the capacity to emulate force elemental attacks, it's advanced sensors give it a super human understanding of the situation going on around it, advanced processors allow them to have incredible reflexes on par with most force users, and the molecular shields give it the ability to deflect and absorb energy which mimics tutaminis.

  • AI: It is far beyond a droid, able to think, feel, desire, and to learn endlessly. It's reaction times, memory, and knowledge stores are infinitely better than most sentients. It's able to learn, grow, and adapt. This takes away a lot of the advantages most have when facing a droid.

  • Diplomacy and Healing: While built for the worst, it hopes for the best. It is far superior to most medical droids and diplomacy droids. The AI are able to treat a wide number of illnesses over many species types, they can translates thousands if not millions of languages, as well as understand the vital customs of all of those people. They are weapons of war, built for missions of peace.

  • Regeneration: A limited amount of nanodroids exist in their bodies, and allow them to repair themselves on the field of battle.

  • Uploaded to a central server: Even if this particular instance of the unit is destroyed, it has the capacity to upload itself to a server, and even make its way home through the holonet or hunker down and wait for rescue.

  • Stealth: The Unit has advanced active and passive stealth systems, but also the systems that allow it to see through stealthed units.





  • Isotope-5: While the Isotope-5 reactor inside the unit provided a massive amount of power, if the reactor was damaged, it could go critical and cause a devistating explosion.

  • Jedi Like: The AI were designed and patterned after the Jedi of old. They are powerful warriors, wise and intelligent, however, they are also slow to use force, and prioritize innocent lives over their own. They attempt to find alternative means beyond violence first, and do not hesitate to protect.

  • Stealth: While engaged in active stealth, the units reduce power output, comm use, sensors and the like, all down to a passive use only. This limits much of their super natural reflexes, and advanced situational awareness, and it takes a moment before the power is fully restored after leaving stealth.

  • Incredibly Expensive: These units are not cheap to make and can be fielded only in small numbers, it also takes a lot of time to create them as everything is so precise and the AI has to be calibrated and taught.

  • Regeneration: There is limited space for replacement materials, as such only minor repairs can be done to the robotic body of the AI Unit using its nanodroids. More serious issues can be patch worked, but not fully repaired until at a place with a lot more of it's base materials. Enough damage done, and the nanobots cannot do anything at all.

  • EMP/ION: While most of the unit is shielded from such damage, if enough superficial damage is done to the unit's outside and the nanodroids come to repair it, and then it is hit with ion/EMP attacks, it can shut down the nanodroids, thereby destroying its regenerative abilities. Same can be said if the protective outer armor is significantly damaged, some of its internal components would become vulnerable.

  • AI: While far more advanced than most droids, and capable of competing equally with sentient beings, an AI still must learn things and is still a product of self evolving programs. This means, that it can end up stuck in predictable behavior, that while may not be noticeable right away, can dictate how the unit acts next in similar situations. This is even more true, when it's newer, or in the process of learning a new skill. This allows for traps to be set against them.

  • Acid: While a good chunk of the unit's more phrik based armor is protected from acidic damage, the cortosis and hodharanium in the alloy mix makes it far more vulnerable to it. Concentrated solutions of powerful metal eating acid can spell doom for the unit.

  • Death: If cut off from all communications, unable to find a computer station, and the AI core is destroyed, the unit will die being unable to upload itself to a network.





“When we first met, you asked me what everything I made was for. You saw my Force Hunters and you shuddered. It took me a long time, but eventually it began to make sense. I was raised to hunt Jedi. It was why I was so susceptible to being enamored with them. I studied them endlessly. I told myself it was because I was fascinated by them. All the while, I was twisted and trained to be able to kill them. You were right to be scared of them, of me and my intentions. Each weapon I design, I find it so amazing and cool, I get so excited, and you support me! But I see the fear in your eyes, the sadness. I created weapons to kill. I never truly thought about it much. Unlocking new secrets was amazing, and I put them to what I thought were good uses. But they weren't, not really. I want to change that. I want to create just one thing that can help you, one thing you will look at and not be afraid of! But I will do it the only way I know how. I'm sorry if its not perfect.”


The Friends are a group of AI created by Allya Vi'Dreya and placed into some of the most advanced droid bodies currently known. Each one was formed within the archives at the Silver Rest. Their minds absorbed more knowledge about combat, lightsaber forms, force powers, mysteries, and the like, than almost anything else before them. Added into it, was an intense medical programming, protocol droid programming, pilot droid programming, and so much more. Once they had as much experience and knowledge as possible, the AI were transferred into their new bodies and trained under the Jedi of the Rest. They were taught peace, meditation, diplomacy, and the ways of the Jedi. While none had the capacity to use the force, the many systems built into their chassis gave the younglings the impression they could.


Each one grew strong, capable, with a core of righteousness, compassion, and mercy, able to fight with the best of the knights, debate with the masters, and help with nearly every task. They were so different from their passionate dark sided creator, however, each felt a deep sense of loyalty and familiarity with her. You see, each one had inherited her heart, the intense desire to protect the people galaxy, and an understanding of their place in that.


The bodies they inhabited were powerful, created from a basis of a Phrik, Cortosis, and Hodharium Alloy, from their initial construction, the desire to help block them from force manipulation was paramount. Lightsabers found it near impossible to push through the metals that formed it's body. Reinforced Duraplast was used as a secondary armor under the first, to help protect it even further from damage especially from the EMP and ion variety. Powerful servomotors gave it incredible flexibility, agility, strength and speed.


A seemingly endless battery of sensors connected with the pure processing power of the AI, and it gave the illusion that the droid could read minds, by examining the body and voice and its fluctuations, or be able to see briefly into the future like the Jedi, by having an almost complete grasp of its surroundings, even those not in view, and being able to react before most biological bodies had even understood they should.


Self repairing functions were given by adding in nanodroids, capable of taking material found in a small storage cavity and applying it to any damage it took. Added into the systems was a powerful molecular shield, able to protect it from energy attacks, even absorb them, much like various Jedi powers. To further add into this theme, repulsors and tractor beams were added to the units hands and feet, allowing it to give the illusion of force pull, force push, telekinesis and force repulse. To move larger objects it used its density projector to pull it to the ground, so its mass wouldn't be the weaker, before it used its beams.


Powerful weapons were added. Of course a variety of lightsabers which it used with great effectiveness. However, blasters, sonic weapons, wrist rockets, dart launchers, a flame thrower, a lightening emitter, and a cryo emitter were also added. They believed combat was a last resort, however, their creator made certain that if it taken out of their hands, they were fully capable of defending themselves and those they had sworn to protect.

To power the units, high powered isotope-5 reactor cores were added. This gave them an over abundance of power, they could go all out for weeks at a time without stopping or worrying about their internal power stores. High capacity internal batteries were also placed within the frame in case of emergencies, where it had to power down the core for fear of an explosion, or some other unforeseen circumstance.


Finally, stealth and anti-force abilities were given to the body. Void stones created a thin zone around the droid where the force was very difficult to use. Taozin amulets made it very difficult to sense through the force in the first place. And the Hodharium metal made it difficult to influence the body. Together they provided a powerful anti-force combination, that did not disturb any Jedi they fought next to. Added into this were both passive and active stealth systems. The passive stealth included a reflec coating, thermal sinks, a sound dampening unit, sensor masks, and a thermal distorter. Added onto it, was a Personal Stealth Field Generator, allowing it to avoid detection by eyes and many types of sensors.


Finally, it's comm systems were powerful, difficult to jam, and highly encrypted. Through these powerful comms it could control other droids, slice into databases, and even upload its consciousness into a network when it's body had become dangerously unstable. In this way, it had the capacity to return home, to be put into a new body, without the fear of death, this helped them to place the needs of others beyond their own safety.


The units were used in a wide manner of tasks, from medical, to political, to helping mediate disputes, and defending the innocents of the galaxy. They were not simply droids. These were people and they called themselves Friends.


“Don't worry. I'm a Friend. I've been sent to protect you until the Jedi arrive. Are you hurt? Let me take a look at your wounds. Don't worry. You are safe now, I'm here with you.”

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