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Return of the Jedi | Mission to Eriadu

- - - - - Jedi Sacred Lotus Eriadu

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Sigyn Vanir

Sigyn Vanir


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Objective: 3 heal the people

Location: Touching down on Eriadu

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The world of Eriadu was a sickening sight to one that had grown up on Midvinter. Sigyn didn't think a world could be as destroyed as this one looked, but it was true. Having been sent there to help the poeple, she had been confused as to what kind of job that was. Now she knew. It almost made her sick as she looked out of the window of the shuttle she had arrived in.


Touching down on the surface, she looked around her, again fighting to hold back something in her stomach that wanted to get out. She had been told there was some sort of clinic not too far from where she had landed, and that would be a good place to start With helping the People.


She was becoming more and more confused as she walked Down the streets to find the clinic. Why would someone destroy their planet like this? Nothing good could come out if it. Was it the few People in charge that had done it, or was it everyone on the planet that had wanted for this to happen? Questions like that swirled around in her head as she looked around. 


When she thought she was nearing the clinic, Sigyn spotted a man laying nearby, writhing in pain while he held his leg. She quickly ran over to him. "What is wrong here. I'm from the jedi and am here to help." The man looked at her a bit weird, but his face retorted to showing only pain fast. Sigyn laid a hand on his leg, and felt that it was broken. On Kashyyk, she had recieved a little training in healing, and knew how to ease pain for a short time. She held her hand over the leg, letting the force ease the pain, then put tha mans right arm around her shoulder and lifted him up. It wasn't easy to lift im With the broken leg, sbut she managed.


Luckily, the clinic wasn't far, and she quickly found the building. She walked in, and called to a nurse to get the man some help. "Who is in charge here?" she asked friendly. "I'm from the jedi, and want to know how I can help."

Allya Vi'Dreya

Allya Vi'Dreya

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Objective: 2



Allya managed to get some cargo hauler speeders, and arrange the meetings. It had been a pain. The cargo haulers went back to the lowered loading dock of the Unyielding Faith. Once more, Allya's eyes took in her ship, her home. There was a sense of pride. This was the home to a large number of people, something she had help to build, and designed. Something she paid for, through her inventions, and by hauling cargo across the galaxy as she traveled and spent time at home.


However, as her eyes touched on Jerek working hard to load the cargo, the pride in her almost overflowed. He was hers, and she was helping him be the Jedi he wanted to be. Means far beyond what he normally could do, and in return he gave her strength she didn't have. It was a good balance, she felt.


Honestly, it was difficult for her mind to go straight to worrying about the people of the planet. It's environment, their futures. She struggled with it. At her core was a selfish individual, who wanted what she wanted. However, she had to admit to herself, she wanted to protect. She wanted to help, to ease the burdens of people. She simply had never had anyone ever tell her how she could. Or that it was even okay to do so. Instead, her examples were people like Darth Tacitus, who could slaughter a planet, raise the dead and create massive monsters from the dead to force enemy submission, so his own people were spared death. Adron who manipulated, and used, and controlled to get his way, and to protect what was important to him. Or her father, who used pure strength and anger to instill fear into the hearts of everyone who crossed him and his people. Each protected what was important to them, each lifted up the people of the CIS.......



But each ignored the lives of those who were outside of it. Or outside of their notice.



Allya did not want to be that. It broke her heart each time. It wasn't who she was. She was passion, not fear, she was joy, not anger, she was excitement and loved life, and hated manipulation and lies. Jerek, Asaraa, Josh, Coren, John, they gave her someone to look to, to emulate that wasn't of the cloth of her other heroes. Someone who could show her what it meant to PROTECT, to HEAL, to GUIDE. She was lucky, Voph had become her master. As old and crotchety as he was, his heart was in the right place, and his desire to protect, his ideas that power came with responsibility, it was close to hers. Together this had caused a massive change inside of her.


Finally, she stepped out of the speeder and hopped up over to Jerek. The girl slid up to the boy and gave his cheek a kiss. “Hey Cyar'ika! You guys did good! I got permission, to help overhaul one of the larger apartment complexes, as well as to talk with the owner of a factory in town. It's not a ton we can do yet, but it's a start.”


She can't help herself, her arms wrap around his neck and she rests her head on Jerek's chest, to listen to his heart beat. “Sorry. I'll be done in a second. I know we have to work. I just...haha, maybe it's silly, I'm just reminding myself why I'm doing it all. I just have to keep reminding myself.” Fingers brushed his hair out of his face, as she looked up at it. Finally, she removed her head from his chest. “Oh um are we ready to move everything?” The woman looked at her crew members and smiled. “Everything good guys?”


Jerek Zenduu | Sor-Jan Xantha

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Nida Perl | Sigyn Vanir



I am the senior physician on call. How may I help you?


Oros' thoughts filled the room for all to hear, and a few moments later the floating tank of liquid in which his physical invertebrate form was suspended hovered into view. First contact with humanoids who had never come across one of his kind before was unpredictable, he had personally witnessed a wide variety of reactions. Terror was common, wide eyed curiosity slightly less so. On one occasion there had even been an instance of stark attraction, but the less he pondered that Merrill woman the better. At least with the Jedi he had found there wasn't the additional hurdle of adjusting to his species' innate telepathic communication.


Small repulsorjets maneuvered between beds of sick and wounded, until he was standing only a few meters away from this so called representative. She was human, or near-human at least, it was difficult sometimes to distinguish. He had sensed her presence in the Force minutes ago, disturbing his reverie and drawing him back out into the main clinic. She seemed young, even by human standards. There was a spark of confidence in her aura but her power seemed raw and unfocused, evident of one who has only recently begun their training. Focusing his thoughts so now only she could hear him, he added.


Lower your voice, do you want an Imperial informant to overhear? The First Order doesn't take kindly to Jedi around here.


It was not only the newcomer's safety he was concerned for, nor even his own. Though she was a relatively new arrival and they had never openly discussed it before, Oros knew that the zeltron female was gifted. She was careful about hiding it, almost as careful as he was, but one would have to take extreme precautions to deceive an innately psychic being such as himself. Despite the rumors, he had no notion of the true extent to which an Imperial presence had been weakened in this part of the galaxy. In this part of the city, Ssi-ruuvi were just a myth and there were more important things to worry about than which Moff was supposedly in charge.

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

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"...but force of commerce and law."




The tow-headed Anzat turned his head, curious, as he regarded the Zeltron and reflected on the young man's words. It was a very reasoned perspective on the situation. Were they anywhere else in the galaxy, Sor-Jan would have agreed with the approach.


Except this was the Outer Rim.


Relying on the law to work out in the Outer Rim went against the very stereotype and notion that had led it to being commonly referred to as the Outer Rim. "The Coalition doesn't exist here," the boy countered after a moment. "At least, not yet. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but even then the Judges cannot be all things for all people of all worlds at all times."


Even then, slavery had been outlawed by the Republic and still Eriadu had continued the practice even while claiming to be a supporter of the Coruscant government. Because Eriadu had been far enough away from the Republic Senate that little, if any, of what passed for the rule of law in the Core or Mid-Rim had held much sway in this part of the Outer Rim.


In the same respects, Demonsgate and Kesh were closer, but not exactly close. Doubtless, the Eriadu likely felt as though the Coalition would similarly be blind to a lot of what went on in this part of space. Because such had been the history of the planet for countless generations.


"If we wanted to make a change in the moment, we could simply wave a hand and supply a suggestion," Sor-Jan noted after another moment. "But that wouldn't last beyond the moment. No, only Eriadu can change Eriadu."


An outside influence would be no more effective than a mind trick in that regard. Rote obedience was not the same as actual compliance.


The people of this world had to want change for themselves. "The law provides little incentive. Commerce, on the other hand, may well be how to incentivize it for them."


Maokai Bantam




Sigyn Vanir

Sigyn Vanir


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The voice that came in her head startled Sigyn. She wasn't used to communication through the force, so she got confused at first. But it became Clear where it came from when the tank With a brain-looking creature in a tank. This was the first time she had seen something like that, but it was far from the most scary thing she had seen. But it still gave har a shock, flinching when it came into sight. 


But when he came closer, she got uneasy. He was bigger than she thought when it had entered the room, but she stood her ground. "Sorry, I didn't know the jedi were so little liked here. I will be more discreet." From what she had heard, the jedi were peacekeepers who were supposed to be liked anywhere. Well, except for in sith Territory, but she didn't know much about them.


"I was wondering if there was any way I could help here? Look around, and bring People needing help here, maybe? I've just started my training, so I won't be of much help in healing them, though." She hoped the brain-like creature would understand, and give her a task she actually could do. "I'm Sigyn, by the way. Sigyn Vanir." She extended a hand out of habit, but quickly pulled it back, hoping he wouldn't get offended.


Oros | Nida Perl

Nida Perl

Nida Perl

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 Objective III: Heal the People 

Volunteer Clinic

Tags: Oros | Sigyn Vanir


Nida had exited the makeshift room, drawing the curtains closed before she turned to find the Celegian on duty. In truth, he downright unnerved her with his unusual appearance, but that was in the back of her mind once she began her work.


“Dr. Oros,” She approached him, gently pulling back the blankets of the bundle cushioned in her arms. She didn’t need to say much, as the child’s limb deformities were obvious. “This is the third child we’ve delivered with such…anomalies this week.” Her tone lowered for the sake of the patients nearby. There weren’t a lot of places for private conversations in the makeshift clinic. “I know it’s a lot to ask, but if we could get some bio-scanning equipment in here, we could identify the pregnancies at risk and attempt to transfer them to…”


She drifted off, suddenly realizing that she was likely interrupting a conversation. “O-oh, I’m sorry…” Her confidence faded and she felt embarrassed, easily putting her out of place. The child gurgled and she pulled the blankets back over him, shifting the baby in her arms. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Nida gave the newcomer a soft, awkward smile. The young Zeltron was able to focus in times of crisis, but she quickly and keenly reverted to her shy, anxious nature.



Maokai Bantam

Maokai Bantam

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(Objective 2ish)


"If they feed on commerce they must be starving, with the FO gone they have no real other contracts. The First Order demands total loyalty, and I'm sure most of their production was to supply the war machine. I mean you see all those Tie fighters just collecting dust, probably an old order that was never picked up after the lizards forced them out. So all they know is commerce, how to sacrifice everything to make the credit. How do we change that Sor-gan? I mean that is generations of generations of mindset and culture that needs to be changed."


"Stuff like that doesn't happen over night..."


Mako looked back to the lines of FO ships, so much production, it is all they knew. 


Sor-Jan Xantha