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Oblitus Bellatoria

- - - - - Oblitus Shards Beta Monsters

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  • Name: Oblitus Bellatoria

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Origins: Sith Alchemy

  • Average Lifespan: 30 years

  • Estimated Population: Rare

  • Description: Creatures of crystal and flesh. Grim visages of former selves lost in fractals. Grey skinned species of decaying rot on the outside. Bound by red crystals that extend past the interior body. Displays the corrupted appearance of said infected species.


  • Breathes: Type I, II, III & IV - (Does not breathe)

  • Average Height of Adults: 1.5m - 2.2m, but varies depending on other species

  • Average Length of Adults: N/A

  • Skin color: Pale flesh with red hue crystal protrusions all over the body

  • Hair color: Varies depending on species

  • Distinctions: Pale patches of flesh, rigid details of mineral, glowing inners, glowing red hue, crystalline structures protruding from various limbs, sharp crystal claws, jagged teeth and ruined clothing. Details vary depending on the species infected.

  • Races: N/A

  • Force Sensitivity: Rare (Limited to only Player characters only). Very few of the species are able and those who can are commonly of higher leadership or rank within social standing.


  • + Infection: Oblitus Bellatoria are infectious if their crystalline limbs breach flesh. Micro fractured crystals break and are implanted on contact as a means to infect other beings with the alchemical crystal. Once a living host is infected the process takes 15 hours in till the living host body is overrun and converted into Oblitus Bellatoria. Dead bodies take a mere 20 minutes.

  • + No air: Oblitus Bellatoria do not need to breathe and can survive in any atmosphere.

  • + Unnatural: The Oblitus Bellatoria are abominations rivaling the strength of wookies and do not grow tired.

  • + Subservient: Obey the command of their Master, which is Ledgermaynes Essence and soul. Under orders and controlled the Oblitus Bellatoria can display tactics, strategy and advanced combative applications such as force limited force usage. (Force usage limited to Player Characters only)

  • + Resistant: Oblitus Bellatoria are quite hearty. Physically their bodies can withstand average to strong slashing, medium  piercing strikes. As for ranged weapons the species is resistant to light - medium slugthrowers for up to a max of 5 rounds. Can resist 2-3 shots from energy weapons such as blasters.

  • + No Surge: As crystals and dead flesh, Oblitus Bellatoria is not conductive. This enables the species to withstand energy based attacks longer than most other species.


  • - Light!: Oblitus Bellatoria have little resistance to force light and will fall apart within minutes. This also works on fragments implanted in a host. Force light can act wasa purging cure in early infection stages.

  • - Force-Fieldy: Force nullification fields and Ysalamiri bubbles render the Oblitus Bellatoria in a state of weakness. Nullification fields and Ysalamiri bubbles specifically will disable the species entirely in till the field is removed. Meanwhile Void stones will cause the species to grow weaker in strength and speed.

  • - Darkside stench: Oblitus Bellatoria can reek of the darkside and can be sensed

  • Water: Cannot swim or float.

  • - Overload: Although Oblitus Bellatoria is not conductive, The species instead act as thermal insulators. Species is vulnerable when subjected to force lightning or enough energy. Their crystalline bodies will melt crippling their current form or destroy them outright. This includes lightsabers.

  • - Green goop: Has no resistance to acidic based weapons

  • - Armors: Oblitus Bellatoria is cannot wear armor

  • - Beating: Especially vulnerable to impact, blunt and explosive damage.

  • - Lifespan: With the power of the darkside empowering their bodies and minds. Oblitus Bellatoria can only live 30 years before their bodies are completely worn out from the consistent flow of darkside energy. They are consumed slowly as time passes. Degenerating into nothing but dust and rubble.

  • - Subservient: Without the control or command of their master (Ledgermayne or his essence) the Oblitus Bellatoria will enter a state of restlessness and wander aimlessly. A state of mind or lack thereof over takes them fading their sense of individuality and sense of purpose.


  • Diet: Rocks and minerals of any sort.

  • Communication: Communicate through feral sounds. Roars, screams, growls, utterings to their own kind. Able to speak broken Basic as well.

  • Technology level: Galactic Standard. Oblitus Bellatoria can function technology and preform tasks as directed.

  • Religion/Beliefs: Oblitus Bellatoria believe in their created cause and obey whatever commands they receive when under control. They obey loyalty without question because by the masters power they were given new life and purpose. Destinies and power. To this end the species has a similar structure of rank. Those Oblitus Bellatoria that display force sensitivity are treated as natural born leaders within social standing.

  • General behavior: This can be broken down into two states. Controlled behavior and uncontrolled. Controlled behavior is rather normal and akin to a guard or worker. Oblitus Bellatoria can be found patrolling an area, scouting and looking to capture the living to later infect them. This can occur in groups or on a singular scale. Eat, infect obey is their controlled behavior and within it is also social interaction as well. Building, working technology within their knowledge and skills. Uncontrolled behavior is caused by no master, specifically the loss of Ledgermayne and his essence. In this state the species lose their sense of self and wander aimlessly.


Alchemical abominations. The first were found and created on Dantooine. Native Dantari villagers than were subjected to stabbings by Oblitus Shards to the chest cavity and left in agonizing pain. Ledgermayne the Sith Lord himself analyzed the process of transformation for each individual closely. After infecting a single dantari native the Sith lord observed the man to function about his day as routine. Although still on alert and on edge from an alien encounter with the Gutretee sith lord.


Observations during infection stages by Ledgermayne.

  • Paranoia. The Dantari villager has begun to display signs of paranoia around the presence of others. It was as if he had taken too much of a stimulant or drug that effected the mind. At first the progression of this effect was subtle but then gradually increased in strength causing the villager to turn frantically about at the smallest sign of action or movement. There were no physical signs of change as of yet and despite this mental effect and current injury the Villager was still healthy within the span of 2 hours. After two hours ended a new symptom was discovered. 
  • Hallucinations. Pushing away his own family the infect male villager displayed a new sign. He was talking to himself, swinging his weapon at inanimate objects such as trees and houses. Every now and then he would tend to the dirt as if harvesting a herb that was no actually there. His mental state was degenerating and the physical appearance showed the first signs of change. Crystalline shards shined lightly embedded in the flesh of his chest. Subtle. In this state the infect villager managed to rest to my surprise but very little. Constant motion sounded from within his tent. His family was beginning to suspect something was wrong. Come twilight the rest of the village was aiding him in attempted recovery with no avail. The crystal shards at his chest had spread greatly across his torso almost to his neck causing surges of pain and numbness. 
  • Paralysis. The last and final stage of the infect was complete paralysis. The infected villager was take outside the village out of fear of this odd alien sickness and left to die. While being dragged away the man could not move any part of his body and persisted to scream in pain from little past twilight into Dusk. The growth of the Oblitus shards had increased by the 12th hour at an accelerated rate. The victim laid helpless in till his entire body had been transformed. Come early morning the villager displayed a completely new appearance. Oblitus Bellatoria was birthed. 
  • Oblitus Bellatoria. Pale in complexion. Ribbons of grey flesh was fused in with red hued crystalline minerals that protruded out of almost every angle of the body. Red glowing eyes in this instance hollow in appearance. The new infected creation honed sharp teeth and claws. Dry pale hair remained atop its head and the taint of the dark side could be almost smelled off of it. It stood tall waiting peering out into the night as if it waited someone or something. 

After observations were made and the process examined the Sith Lord began to further experiment with his new creation. Oblitus Bellatoria recognized the Sith Lord in presence, this was no doubt due to the Sith Lords own body being used in the process of the Oblitus Shards creation. Oblitus Bellatoria began as one and multiplied over the span of two nights increasing its numbers with every villager it killed and infected. The creatures did not pause or rest in their assaults on Dantari villages in till every member was accounted for. This was how Oblitus Bellatoria procreated. Infection only. By doing this they displayed intelligence as the communicated through feral sounds and noises to one another coordinating their attacks with the aid and guidance of Ledgermayne himself. The species seemed to view the sith lord in high regard naturally and did not doubt or question his commands. In their minds they saw Ledgermayne's very spirit worth protecting and guarding till their very end. His order was their command. The basic melee weapons used on the Bellatoria were useless against their hardened bodies. Suspecting further combative engagement the Sith Lord was accurately able to determine how much damage their bodies could with stand physically by comparison to his own. Slashing and piercing strikes were rather ineffective for the tested weapons. Instruments of a blunt nature like hammers however, they damaged Oblitus Bellatoria significantly. Further strikes to the body would result in destruction. Explosives would prove highly effective against the alchemical creatures. Dantooine was the first of many test runs for the new creatures. There was still much to be discovered. 

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This is a neat sub. I'm approving this with no issue, just popping an obligatory 'PC infection is purely at the discretion of the writer in question'. I don't get the feeling that this will be an issue but my due diligence is now complete. Enjoy your infectious crystal bois!