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Hope-Class Medical Frigate "Helping Hand"

- - - - - Frigate Unique MandalArms Hospital Ship Q-Ship

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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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  • Intent: A unique Frigate-class flagship for a certain Mandalorian who broke the last one
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: None


  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Model: BAC-2
  • Affiliation: Beth Australis-Cadera
  • ProductionUnique
  • Material: Durasteel, Transparisteel, Zal Alloy, Agrinium, Dallorian Alloy, MBE Dovin basals



  • Classification: Frigate
  • Length: 400 meters
  • Width: 70 meters
  • Height: 45 meters
  • ArmamentHigh
    Dual Prow Fuzz Rays 
    Particle Beam Turrets 
    Railgun Turrets 
    Point Defence Turrets 
    Missile pods 
    Torpedo pods
  • DefensesHigh
    Gravity well point defences
    Military-grade deflector shield array
    Layered ablative armor
  • Hangar None: 0
  • Maneuverability Rating Average
  • Speed Rating: Moderate
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 1




  • Multiple advanced comms and sensor systems make the vessel resistant to jamming
  • Distributed redundant power distribution systems make the vessel very difficult to disable
  • Effective, hard hitting weapons
  • Layered defences make this vessel a tough nut to crack
  • Primary and secondary weapons systems are concealed within the hull
  • Able to function as a field hospital


  • No starfighter capacity
  • Primary weapons are fixed forward
  • Must cease firing and maneuvering to utilize primary weapons
  • MBE-1 can be jammed if identified by an enemy Gravitic Amplitude Modulator
  • Primary and secondary weapons systems must be deployed prior to use



Designed to pack solid firepower into a formidable package, while maintaining a non threatening facade, MandalArms chief ship designers put all their efforts towards creating a vessel to the exacting specifications of General Kaine, for his daughter, Beth.

Built with an elegant and sleek Durasteel hull, she is capable of taking punishment. Her advanced defensive systems make hurting this big beast no easy task, the hull being covered by bio-organic dovin basals capable of generating short duration short range singularities.

Her weapons systems are capable of fending off most any kind of assault. Particle beam turrets protect her rear and flanks, while her primary weapons at the prow are capable of inflicting directed energy devastation. Secondary weapons also include kinetic and missile armaments for dealing with smaller, fast moving enemies.

The primary weapons are a pair of Fuzz Rays, powerful energy weapons that require almost all the vessel's power in order to fire, but with a striking power well worth the disadvantage.

Her weapons systems and power systems are heavily shielded to prevent overloads during operation and resist overheating, utilizing materials such as Zal and Dallorian alloy, as well as Agrinium to keep the nasty radiation where it should stay. The primary and secondary weapons, as well as the missile and torpedo pods are concealed within the hull until needed, allowing the vessel to pass as a diplomatic, medical, or civilian non-combat ship when needed.

The ship's main advantage over other vessels is its extensive power distribution system. Multiple redundant relays and capacitor banks allow the ship to effortlessly shunt power to where it is needed, from a quick boost to the engines, to throwing 100% of the reactor output into the forward batteries. Automation is heavy, which cuts down on crew size, allowing for a large contingent of medical personnel, as well as a capable security force, in addition to the naval personnel.

Advanced communications and sensor suites make the vessel far-seeing and resistant to jamming or enemy countermeasures. She is a very difficult vessel to escape, able to track enemy targets down like a bloodhound.

Equipped to carry her crew into the most dangerous of situations, and survive the hell of battle, while providing hope and healing to friendly forces, the ship is a welcome sight to beleaguered forces, who know that help is at hand.


'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'


Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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