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Aeron Iodine

Aeron Iodine Character Roleplay

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Aeron Iodine

Aeron Iodine

    Trigger Happy

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Character Manifesto

Name: Aeron Iodine


Age: 27


Sex: Male


Species: Human


Height: 1.8 Meters


Weight: 81.17 Kilometers


Eye Color: Hazel


Hair Color: Burgandy Brown


Skin Color: Pale with a light tan


Cybernetics: Aeron has cybernetic implants on his jawline and neck to help him sustain an injury to his throat, They also distort his voice slightly


Appearance: Aeron is a tall man with burgundy brown hair that reaches up to the nape of his neck, His hazel eyes, and pale skin color are notable features of the man but not as much as his cybernetic implants that resemble a horde of tendrils on his neck giving his voice an almost robotic distortion.


Voice Sample: Jean


Personality: Overall Aeron is a nice and charismatic man until you end up on the end of his blaster barrel, Literally in some cases as he has shot allies and comrades for no real reason though it's speculated it had something to do with his cybernetics


Force Sensitive: Negative

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Aeron Iodine

Aeron Iodine

    Trigger Happy

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Combat Information


Ship: Aeron pilots a heavily modified YT-1930 light freighter with concussion missile augments, twin turbine engines at the rear with the capacity for speeds of 1500 kph, a heavy shielding array where the satellite was placed and ion cannons placed on the bow of the ship near the fork 





Gear: 2X DT-12 light blasters, 1X Crotosis weaved Vibroblade, 6X Thermal detonators, 1X Beskar alloy Chestplate




  • Physical Constitution
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Gunners Intuition
  • Impeccable Aim


  • Loads of gear slows him down
  • Vulnerable to attacks on his neck
  • Ship is outdated
  • Not stealthy in the slightest


Kills: None


Bounties: None


Roleplays: None