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Kraujas Rowa - Blood Wolf

- - - - - Sithspawn Creeping Lignan Experiment

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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  • Name: Kraujas Rowa - Blood Wolf
  • Designation: Non-sentient
  • OriginsKessel
  • Average Lifespan: 4 Galactic Standard Years
  • Estimated PopulationPlanetary
  • Description: A horrific lupine figure of glowing red crystalline lines, extremely vicious fangs and claws, glowing red-orange eyes, and haggard fur. They do not resemble anything of their former lives, nor do they retain much of their former sentience. They are monsters, with only one purpose: to tear apart anything before them.


  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.8 meters
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Red
  • Hair color: Dark gray to dirty white fur
  • Distinctions: The most distinctive physical traits of the Kraujas Rowa are its extendable and incredibly vicious claws and fangs, and the red crystals that have grown through its body. When enraged, those crystals will show through the beast's skin and fur as glowing red lines.
  • Races: No other races
  • Force SensitivityNon-Sensitive


  • Kraujas Rowa have a greatly increased strength, due to the alchemical alterations done to them and the Creeping Lignan implanted into their bodies. Easily three times the strength of a Wookiee, they can easily tear apart victims or hull plates or really anything that stands in their way.
  • On top of the already impressive speed and reflexes from their base Shistavanen, Kraujas Rowa are even further enhanced due to the Creeping Lignan within them.
  • Due to the Creeping Lignan within their bodies, Kraujas Rowa have an enhanced tolerance for pain, able to take more punishment before they are unable to continue.
  • When enraged, their claws and fangs grow longer, with several additional spikes sprouting above their hands to act like a secondary set of shredding appendages. Additionally, and more insidiously, if a victim survives being scratched by the claws, a very fine powder of Creeping Lignan coats the claws and will enter the bloodstream.


  • Fire is a very effective weapon against the Kraujas Rowa as their fur ignites easily, and even their increased tolerance for pain won't save them for very long.
  • Force Light and other direct applications of the light side can and will wound or kill the Kraujas Rowa depending upon the intensity of the attack.
  • Even with the increased symbiosis between the Creeping Lignan and the Kraujas Rowa, eventually the crystals will overgrow the beast and turn it into a statue of the crystalline substance.
  • Lightsabers can easily cut through them, and even though they have a high tolerance of pain, blasters and slugthrowers can still wound and kill them easily enough.


  • Diet: Carnivore
  • Communication: Howls and roars, can understand orders given through the Sith language
  • Technology level: No technology level
  • Religion/Beliefs: No religion or belief system
  • General behavior: Kraujas Rowa are vicious beasts, designed only to terrorize and eviscerate enemies of the Sith. With their sentience stripped away, they have reverted to a feral pack mentality, often living in and hunting in groups of three or four initially until the pack grows larger. They will mark their territory by scrapping their claws on surfaces, leaving marks that slowly start to grow Creeping Lignan due to the powder left behind in the scratches, and are fiercely protective of their boundaries. During mating season, Kraujas Rowa will have litters of five or six, but only those pups that survive being infested with Creeping Lignan will be allowed to stay with the pack.


At the direction of the Lady of Secrets while she was on Genesia, the Order of Shadows base on Kessel was to continue their work on developing and fine-tuning the Creeping Lignan they were cultivating there and to create new experiments with the substance. To that end, many various specimens and people were taken to the hidden base on the spice world to be subjected to the dark side twisted crystals. One group of those taken were an unfortunate colony of Shistavanen, the lupine sentients sparking ideas among the alchemists at the facility.


Warped and twisted by the Sith alchemy of the Order of Shadows, the poor wolf-like men and women were then infested with the red-black crystals of the Creeping Lignan. The experiments performed on them was designed to give them an even closer symbiosis with the crystals while also stripping away their sentience, the hope being that a closer link between crystal and creature would allow them to last longer before suffering the ultimate fate of all infested with Creeping Lignan without the Force.


The new creatures, dubbed Kraujas Rowa or Blood Wolf in High Sith, are absolutely vicious monsters. The experiments and their infestation have increased their strength, speed, reflexes, and tolerance for pain beyond expectations. The researchers also observed that, when they became enraged, they could extend claws and secondary spikes to act like an even more cruel set of claws, to tear apart victims or mark their territory. To their satisfaction, observing survivors and creatures that had died, they found Creeping Lignan dust in the wounds, a coating of which was contained on their claws.

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Taeli Raaf


Just dropping by with a friendly reminder your intent field isn't filled out. Otherwise looks like your standard run-of-the-mill freaky monstrosity. Good job.