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Moorwood Peak, Monastery

- - - - - Monastery The Confederacy Nexus

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  • Structure Name: Moorwood Peak
  • Classification: Temple
  • Location: Monastery
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent System | Knights Obsidian
  • Accessibility: Private Access/Guarded.
    • While it is not difficult to spot Moorwood Peak due to the amount of aerial traffic, it is a challenge to gain entry. As the Confederacy has established a vested interest in the region, reaching the summit - and by extension the Healing Nexus it was erected to defend - is far more difficult than previous. Should one have the appropriate documentation, a visitor may be able to ascend to the summit and be permitted entry through the Peak to the Nexus. However, only the Confederate upper echelon and the Knights Obsidian possess the access required to pass through the facility unrestricted.
  • Description: When construction of Moorwood Peak first began, the prevalent idea was harmony with nature. It would be far too easy to simply plant a monolith of iron upon the mountains and call it a day - but the Knights Obsidian strove to go beyond the elementary. As Monastery was a world with a deep, natural beauty, every effort was made to minimalize the touch of modernity whilst also creating a suitable center of Light. The end result was a veritable fortress hewn directly into the summit above the Healing Nexus.

    The Knighthood used the erection of Moorwood Peak as an opportunity to further relieve those displaced by the wars of recent history. Artisans and skilled hands from the refugee population were employed and thoroughly compensated to create the breathtaking, carved aesthetic that is prevalent throughout. From the courtyard, to the atrium, to even the quietest quarters, one will find evidence of an artful touch. Overall, the Peak is perpetually kissed by snowfall due to its elevation - and the sole evidence of a modern presence is the landing pad situated just beyond the courtyard gates.


  • T'ra Saa Healing Nexus: - As the primary purpose why Moorwood Peak was erected, the Healing Nexus and all of its features are accessible by descending a hidden stairwell inside the Atrium.
  • Pyres: Scattered throughout Moorwood Peak are a number of bonfires which, after being lit, have persisted for many months. It is assumed that they have, somehow, begun to feed upon the Nexus and burn with an intensity that has yet to waver atop the mountain. Whether in the midst of torrential snowfall or relentless winds, the Pyres burn eternal.
  • Courtyard: As the first site that any traveler to the Peak witnesses, the Courtyard is a monumental space adorned with statues, hand-laid steps, and the aforementioned Pyres. Here, a landing platform can be found, as well as the rotating guard, droids, and so on.
  • Atrium: Considered the heart of Moorwood Peak, the Atrium houses a hidden stairwell which leads to the Nexus below. This aside, the space is adorned with a number of statues, high-vaulted ceilings, and more than enough space to accommodate numerous visitors. It is said that, in times of celebration, the Atrium will be the site of the greatest festivities.
  • The West Wing: Like any center of learning, Moorwood Peak features all the accommodations required to uplift a starry-eyed learner in the Force. The totality of these features have been clustered together in a single area of the Peak, known as the West Wing. Here, the Vault containing the Peak's collection of holocrons, scrolls, and other artifacts can be found. In addition to hologram-equipped training halls, living quarters, and much much more.

Rating: High

  • Acts as a garrison for Knights Obsidian
  • Concealed, Automated defenses (i.e. turrets)
  • Local, Battle droid detachment


In the beginning, the Southern Systems regarded Monastery with a very hands-off approach. The world had been blessed that it was the home of the Order of the Sacred Lotus, and as a result true peace reigned supreme. If it were not for external realities beyond the Confederate border, the world itself would have remained untouched for years to come. However. As the fires of war continued to rage throughout the Galaxy, those displaced by the fighting required assistance. Their cries would not go unanswered - not by the Sacred Lotus and not by the Confederacy. As a result, both entities worked together in tandem to provide re-homing services and immediate assistance to those who lost everything to the numerous battles.

But as time moved ever forward, the greater calling of the Sacred Lotus began to shine anew. Prior to the Confederacy's reformation in the southern systems, the Order once reached across the stars by its own strength. They became famous for the true charity that they extended to all in need - and the modern wars reminded them just how many were hurting beyond the Confederate borders. Thus, while Monastery would welcome them fondly, the Order rose once more and departed in order to spread their unique Light across the cosmos. They would work tirelessly to bring aide to the hurting whilst the fires yet raged; and therefore entrusted Monastery's future to the Confederacy.

Shortly thereafter, the type of warfare which became prevalent caused the Confederacy to place a greater presence upon Monastery. As those bent on sowing chaos and terror began to worm into the sea of refugees, action was taken in the form of Moorwood Peak: a fortress designed to safeguard the wellspring of hope upon Monastery. While the move would make it noticeably less accessible to the populous, it would also safeguard the Nexus from destruction at the hands of those who hungered for innocent blood. Once erected, Moorwood Peak quickly became the epicenter of the Light Side within Confederate space. Any and all personnel - especially Knights Obsidian - who desired to learn more about the Light flocked to the Peak.

There, they would protect the Nexus from all threats.

And there, they would grow ever closer to the Light.




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