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The Trade Federation of Trendivar

CIS Hellknights

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Amelia von Sorenn

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I had noticed that I have quite a few corporations floating around in the Factory; many of which are going unused due to those character's having been removed or their accounts folded into my other accounts. This corporation - The Trade Federation of Trendivar - is a means to otherwise consolidate all of those unused corporations into a larger entity for use by those within the Confederacy of Independent Systems Major Faction. 




Corporation Name:

  • Trade Federation of Trendivar



  • Trendivar


Regional Headquarters:

  • Eriadu
  • Naboo
  • Abregado-Rae
  • Arkania
  • Eshan
  • Cato Nemoidia
  • Sinkora IV
  • Avidon
  • The Ishanna System



  • Sluis Van
  • Sullust
  • Kooriva
  • Umgul
  • Balmorra
  • Caamas
  • Truuine
  • Rabaan
  • Bogden
  • Shili
  • Beris
  • Danalia
  • Edenia


Primary Role: 

  • Major Conglomeration of various Banking, Manufacturing and Production, and Services Companies



  • Banking
    • ​Financial Services
    • Collections
    • Disaster Relief Fund
    • Rebuilding Agency
    • Resettlement Agency
    • Investment Company
    • Holding Company
    • Insurance Provider
    • Credit Union
    • Real Estate Management
  • Manufacturing and Production
    • ​Vehicle Manufacturing
    • Repulsorlift Manufacturing
    • Starship Manufacturing
    • Armaments Manufacturing
    • Droid Manufacturing
    • Medical/Relief Aid Manufacturing
    • Munitions Manufacturing
    • Armor Manufacturing
    • Textile Manufacturing
    • Foodstuff Production
  • Services
    • ​Mercenary Training
    • Private Security Services
    • Resource Acquisitions and Allocation
    • Casino and Real Estate Operations
    • Commercial and Industrial Shipping




The Trade Federation of Trendivar is a conglomeration of a handful of smaller corporations and their subsidiaries that saw the proverbial writing on the wall, as it were. Over the last two decades, War has seemed to be the only constant in the galaxy, with governments such as the Republic, Commenor Systems Alliance and Iron Empire rising and falling just as rapidly; and larger corporations, such as the South Systems Bazaar, controlling vast amounts of resources - It had become very apparent that smaller corporations would vulnerable. With the most recent collapses of Galactic Governments, many smaller corporations found themselves having trouble keeping afloat; barely able to scrape together the credits needed to pay for their employees and keep their factories open. 


Brought together by an unknown individual, the various corporations jointly pooled what little resources they had; and sought refugee among the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The last five years have seen these companies aiding one another to reestablish themselves on their respective worlds under a single organization, utilizing their pooled resources and supplies to further their advancement as well as to align themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems - feeling that this galactic government was more open to commerce than the others. 


With their primary headquarters located on Trendivar, the Trade Federation maintains local headquarters on the worlds of their united corporations - specifically Abregado-Rae, Eriadu, Avidon, Arkania, Naboo and the Ishanna System - with additional production and warehouse facilities spread throughout additional worlds. 


The Trade Federation of Trendivar is compartmentalized into three specific corporate sectors - each of these sectors contains the various minor corporations that united together - with a fourth sector that acts as the security for all member corporations of the Trade Federation. These sectors are such;


The Aurodium Sector - which is comprised of the corporations and their subsidiaries that specialize in banking.

  • Zaibatsu Banking
  • Sorenn-Syrush Banking
  • Sorenn-Syrush Relief and Rebuilding Fund
  • Thrune Commercial Combine
  • The Aurodium Bank of Avidon


The Industrial Sector - which is comprised of the corporations and their subsidiaries that specialize in Manufacturing and Production. 

  • Zaibatsu Mechanized Group
  • Sorenn-Syrush Fleet Ordnance
  • House Thrune Incorporated
  • Novus Corporation
    • ​Plasmic Applications
    • Aurora Gravitic
  • Protectorate Arms Corporation
  • Magrath Industries


The Lapis Sector - which is comprised of the corporations and their subsidiaries that specialize in Services. 

  • Aglari Enterprises
    • ​Vault-Tech Security Designs
  • Sorenn-Syrush Condottieri Services
  • Interstellar Passenger Lines
  • Preshean Auxiliaries


The fourth sector - which does not have a specialized name - is comprised of the Militant Orders of Trendivar known collectively as the 'Hellknights'. This organization - which also works with and aids the Confederacy of Independent Systems in various situations - is hired on and serves as the predominately security force of the Trade Federation of Trendivar. Additional security forces are utilized, often local crews and individuals hired on and trained - though most facilities of the Trade Federation are watched over by Hellknights from the Order of the Pyre or Order of the Rack, while more remote locations are often manned by Hellknights from the Order of the Nail, Order of the Scourge or Order of the Coil. 


As stated, the collective whole of the Trade Federation of Trendivar is loyal to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, preferring to do business with that Galactic Government before all others - they also have a minor loyalty to the Sith Empire, however this is not as strong and the corporations of the Trade Federation that work in those territories keep a watchful eye on the horizon. They are also known to cut contracts if such a contract would result in the immediate assault or otherwise damage of CIS property, personnel or worlds. 


In terms of how they approach new worlds; initial contact is seen as such to ensure a steady and reliable relationship with the local populace - though in some instances it can't be helped, and the local populace is often subjugated; or in the case of the populace on Sinkora IV, outright purchased as wageslaves with little if any chance of ever leaving their homeworld. In other instances, the Trade Federation of Trendivar offers a long term solution to a planetary government - with such offers usually resulting in the Trade Federation coming to own the world; this practice however is only ever instituted on worlds in the Outer Rim Territories or in Wild Space. 


While there is a preference for larger governmental contracts; there are some instances in which the Trade Federation of Trendivar accepts a smaller more personalized manufacturing request. These are often limited runs or one of a kind customized items for a wealthy individual. 





No one knows the exact identity of the individual that owns the Trade Federation of Trendivar; or rather if there even is a singular individual that owns all of the companies. The public face of the company is currently Amelia von Sorenn - who is aided by a Directorate, upon which she serves as 'The Director'. This Executive Board oversees the administration of the various corporations that have joined the Trade Federation of Trendivar and ensure that their security and resource needs are met; they also act as a negotiating entity that offers an olive branch to smaller corporations as an invitation to join the Trade Federation. 


The ground work of this conglomerate has its roots in the Dark Harvest crisis of 836 ABY; when the first cracks began to show in some of these smaller corporations. Continued conflicts and devastating events - such as Netherworld Event and the Omega War - further exasperated the already fragile balance some of these small corporations were barely holding onto. As such, the final straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was the more recent 'Chaos in the Core' which saw some of the largest Galactic Governments crumble and fall. 


Behind the scenes the entire time an unknown individual worked tirelessly to bring together these corporations. In many instances, the CEOs and Founders had merely disappeared - with many chalking it up to them being lost due to the Netherworld Event. Whatever the case or reason, there small companies were already on a knife's edge well before the collapse of the Galactic Alliance - and only saved when given the chance to join their resources together. 


Whomever - or whatever - currently pulls the strings behind the curtains, has a reason to keep themselves hidden and has for the most part entrusted the day to day operations of the Trade Federation to the Executive Board currently headed by Amelia von Sorenn. 

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