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Alexander Kingston

Character Creation Non Force User Civilian

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Alexander Kingston

Alexander Kingston
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Alexander Samuel Kingston





NAME: Alexander 'Alex' Samuel Kingston
FACTION: Independent






AGE: In His 40s


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 1.87 Meters | 6'1" 


WEIGHT: About 90 Kilos | Around 200 lbs


EYES: Blue


HAIR: Light Brown


SKIN: Fair Skinned








+ Responsible | A reliable type, Alex is good at keeping his commitments. To Himself, his family, friends and all others that hold his loyalty.
+ Academy Graduate | Possesses professional Military and Academic Training.

+ Stout-Hearted | Not to be confused with stubbornness, this represent's Alexander's commitment to his ideals, and his willingness to endure adverse conditions to accomplish them.

+ Alertness | Alex has a good head for putting two and two together, and noticing the little details that tie things together.
~ Curiosity | Enjoys engaging in exploration and discovery, even of things he shouldn't be looking into.

~ Good Guy | Alex is one of those people who truly aspires to do good 
- Jealousy | Alex has a tendency of becoming possessive with those close to him. This extends past the common level though, leading to controlling behavior over others, or even irrational anger should his arbitrary rules be broken. 

- Cynical Idealist | Alexander's ideals and intentions often conflict with more practical considerations. Given to this, he will engage in actions guided more by his ideals, rather than practical reasoning. Despite this though, he would scoff at both glory hounds, and martyrs. 

- Meddlesome | Given to meddling in the affairs of others, unable to keep to his own business.

- Proud | Somewhat excessive in terms of self-esteem, Alex will often shrug off offers of help from others, for the sake of pride.

- Sceptic | Has a bad tendency to question things, from commonly accepted behavior or logic, to things such as orders given

- Soft-Hearted | Susceptible to Pity, unable to resist helping those in trouble. Easy to manipulate through this method


Maybe his good looks helped him through life a little, though just as much could be chalked up to a friendly nature. He wasn't the tallest, just over six feet. He wasn't the strongest either but, kept well enough in shape, with a bit of musculature. He'd always been the athletic type, even as a kid, playing soccer as he grew up, then baseball when it turned out his neighborhood kids had a few bats and gloves to use, and later on Limmie, although there was never any kind of money for protective gear. Once he put some credits together, he got himself a gym membership. It was a place where the weights were still made of iron, and most of the guys had a good 40 pounds on him. He picked things up and put them down, and occasionally went for a few rounds against the punching bag, and his body matured impressively. He had short hair, a light brown in color, and usually had a bit of stubble on his face at all times. His eyes were a bright blue, and the friendly sort, almost twinkling when he entered a room and looked for something to set his attention on. He was what most people would consider handsome, and that's certainly helped him in life. His skin is fair, a lot of his work taking place indoors, but he still found time for the sun. Though he's luckily avoided getting hurt so far, he does a few scars on his forearms and chest from an unfortunate athletic incident during his early adulthood.


For the most part, Alexander's early life was rather uneventful. He grew up to two fairly wealthy parents. They certainly weren't rich, but, they were better off than most. Perhaps a side effect of having a rather ideal childhood, he did have a rebellious phase during his late teens. Nothing serious came of it, no jail time or fines, just a small number of misdemeanors and a slap on the wrist. He cleaned up his act around the time he graduated, and lacking in much direction, he took the easy path in life and let others decide for him. This lead him to the Imperial Military, where he studied for a period of three years before being commissioned into service. He spent the next two years doggedly performing his duties, though his natural skepticism shone through, and he quickly became disillusioned with the rigid military structure. After his two-year contract was up, he largely cut ties with the military and went independent. Not as a mercenary or anything of the sort, but as a freelancer writer. He published a few short articles on military service, and the realities faced by soldiers in the profession. They gained some attention, but no real critical acclaim. Having found a passion for writing and journalism, he enrolled in the University of Coruscant, and acquired a degree in investigative journalism. 


Since then, he's worked for numerous publications, mostly as a freelancer, though he did spend an extended period of about two years signed on with Gateway Investigations. An Outer Rim based news publisher, he was introduced to the lucrative though dangerous world of deep undercover journalism. He managed to bring to light various issues to the public eye through his work, and found the job offered him a lot more opportunity to pursue his passions, and even make a difference in the Galaxy. After ending his contract there, he went full time into his own employment. Creating his own Independent Holonet site, he began work pursuing his own leads and interests, many of which ran into exposing the corruption that ran rampant in the political system, and the abuses engaged in by military and police forces. Though not the only topics he pursued, many of the pieces published on his site were exceptionally critical of more authoritarian governments, though he was careful never to paint too heavy-handed a picture, to avoid reprisal.


And this is the work Alex continues today, seeking out the newest 'Scoop', and trying to make the world a little bit better through his actions. 










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Alexander Kingston

Alexander Kingston
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Alexander Kingston

Alexander Kingston
  • Character
    • Character Bio
  • 4 posts