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P1H Heavy Battle Droid

- - - - - S2 Droid Emergence

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Intent: Provide The Emergence Empire with a standard Heavy Combat Droid


Image Source: Pinterest



Manufacturer: SAEVUS Droid Factories


Affiliation: SAEVUS E. / The Emergence


Model: H Series Body


Production: Minor


Modularity: Limbs, certain Internals and external armaments. The Head and Brain is Static


Material: Duraflex, RTSCE's, Carbon Nanotube Flexifibres



Classification: Class 4


Weight: 200kg


Height: 7ft


Movement: Bipedal


Armaments: Blackjack GrenadeEB1 Battle Rifle, Shoulder-Mounted Turbolaser


Misc. Equipment: UV/IR Optics, Wireless Telecommunications




SMTL - The Shoulder Mounted Turbolaser is just that. A scaled-down Turbolaser fitted onto the shoulder. This is to provide Emergence Ground Forces some Breaching Capability as well as small-scale mobile artillery.




Physical Strength - Using Carbon Nanotube-based Flexible Fibres, the P1H can lift some massive weight, or punch through a skull. 


Bolt Resistance - Being built mostly out of Duraflex, the P1H can take a hefty beating. More than the P1 Model.


What Darkness? - Equipped with UV/IR lenses, the KW-09 can see with perfect clarity in the pitch black that they are restricted to work in




EMP/Ion Vulnerability - Zap it with something in that category and it's doomed


Faulty Brain - All Emergence Droids come fitted with a Proeliator Battle Brain. The safeguard to protect against capture and reverse-engineering is an electromagnet, capacitor and switch. Funnily enough, slight fluctuations in current are enough to initiate the safeguard, rendering the droid useless. 


Slow - Being heavier and larger than the P1, the P1H is much slower. 




Some doors just need that extra oomph. The P1H specialises in Breaching and Anti-Infantry Artillery. Normally filling support positions, the P1H fires its SMTL into crowds of opposition Infantry to pull chunks from enemy numbers. 


The P1H also serves to provide some Anti-Vehicular support. The SMTL is capable of putting holes in most light-medium vehicles. 


If the P1H finds itself on the very frontlines, it is still perfectly capable of filling out a standard infantry role, being equipped with the standard EB1 Rifle. 

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