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Azel Moran, Sith smith


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Azel Moran

Azel Moran

    Mister Fahrenheit

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NAME: Azel Moran

FACTION: Answers to Lord Basileus

RANK: Sith Lord and Master of Ren


AGE: Mid-forties

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: Middling height

WEIGHT: Quite hefty, like a noble bear

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Gray

SKIN: Mostly Sith tattoos and forge soot



Master blacksmith and materials alchemist, the kind that doesn't spent 90% of his life ruling worlds, building companies, and playing politics.
Severe limp in right knee.
Somewhat overweight.

A large, grimy man gone somewhat to seed, commonly found in a working environment and suitably dressed. Owns fancier, less comfortable things but rarely wears them.

Azel Moran (AH-zel mo-RAN) is a career dark side craftsman who typically eschews bandwagons and imperial dreams. He cut his teeth working for an alchemist named Rave Merrill, a long time ago. For decades now, though, he's been his own man and beholden to nobody. He broke with Merrill and her successors largely because he wanted to focus more on perfecting his craft than on corporate games. By design, he isn't a known name; now that the Sith Empire has entered a period of great stability, though, he's more comfortable letting his work get an audience. Maybe even a following, if he's as good as he thinks he is.

His path through the dark side has been a winding, independent, and self-directed one. At various times he has identified as a Sith, a Dark Jedi, and a Knight of Ren. He tends to favour the latter tradition, at least some early aspects of it - the practicality, ferocity, and modernity. He also dabbles in other traditions as he encounters them, generally looking to replicate and learn from their swords. Not much else matters to him.

A succession of nondescript and disposable shuttles.

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