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Would anyone be kind enough to give me an Avatar and Sig to match :)

- - - - - Need Art Please Help Thank you!

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Kana Mikasa

Kana Mikasa

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Hello all I have a request and I was wondering if anyone wants to make me an Avatar and Sig with an Avatar of this image here https://images2.minu...dc3b8ffe093.jpg With the Red visor perhaps popping out a bit I think with a nice border to go with it. As for the Sig I would like for this image https://www.darkcarn...956-1280x0.jpeg Maybe a rough Imperial feel if that makes any sense and to blend in with this next image http://pre08.deviant...cyl-d8qg2dm.jpgIf anyone would be kind to pull this off I would greatly appreciate the artist who helps me out please and thank you! :)


AUu0fJs.png sty5TXz.gif bwdpFzJ.pngzrkMmiO.jpg


Li Caihe

Li Caihe

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 Yo I gave it a try but someone may make something better. 






Kana Mikasa

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