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Zephyr's Longsword

- - - - - Zephyr Longsword Last suit youll ever wear

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Technical Specifications

  • Classification: Longsword
  • Size: Average - 130 cm
  • Weight: Average - 1.5 kgs

Special Features


  • Force Sword: Applying various applications of the force that are poured into the sword, It has many attributes that are related to the mythed swords of Sith, and Jedi Variation. Namely, being resilient to various forms of weaponry to extreme degrees. Forged with Rapidly cooled Obsidian and Wintrium to form a supernaturally sharp edge, and sharpened with a Rhyolite stone. Keeping the edge and aids in prevention of chipping, or denting of the edge. Magnetically sealed to deflect and redirect energy based weaponry fire. A noted secondary effect of the blade of the Force Imbued effect of the sword having an "Aura" that instead of generating light, absorbs light. While not effective enough to absorb energy or the like, it is merely an aesthetic part. 
  • How many do you have?: Deception and Shadows have always been part of Zeph's arsenal. Utilizing an application of Doppelganger, the wielder can create secondary or a multitude of swords that can look, and in rare cases, feel as though they are real blades. While in theory the wielder could create hundreds of these weapons, in practice, only 2-5 can be generated without requiring excessive amounts of energy.
  • Call of the Master: Wielded by Zeph specifically, the weapon can be summoned to him via the force much in the same aspect as Mother Talzin has shown in texts. Zeph's Adoptive uncle Darth Metus has in the past created rings and artifacts such as armor, and weapons with the ability to be summoned to the wielder with various side-effects, and effectiveness. For one to summon the blade, they must have an active connection to the force, as well as actively intend to summon the blade. The sword has no will, it is not sentient, it does not fight in place of the wielder. The sword can only act upon the Master's Command.
  • 1, 2, Teleport: A unique application of the sword and its ability to be summoned, is that the wielder of the blade can hurl, throw, or send a distance from the blade. Actively focusing upon the blade to perform said action, allows the wielder to teleport the blade itself a desired distance before being yanked through the same "hole" that the sword had flowed through, and ending up attached to the other end. Useful for various reasons within battle for closing the distance in a very short time, or also to leave combat just as easy. 


  • As of the Force, As without: Should one ever be without the force when using this blade, The sword vanishes into thin air. No chance to be called upon, or to be used even as a basic sword. Anything from Force Suppression, or even a Void stone can limit the connection, or cause the weapon to no longer exist within the grasp of the wielder. Nor can the sword be thrown through a Force Null field, or into a field. The sword would dissipate as soon as it reached the field. 
  • Achilles Heel: Even with the force, the sword is not indestructible. Should the crystals used within the weapon, or the weapon itself become damaged beyond any kind of repair, it will be drawn into the void of the force and become completely destroyed. There is no reforging process, nor can the weapon be reforged as the process requires the weapon to be broken intentionally, or melted down. 
  • Wrong place, Wrong time: As a usage of teleportation, or summoning abilities, if someone were to throw this weapon over the top of a lava pit, or into an undesirable location, the user is powerless to stop the usage of the teleport and thus would have to suffer the consequences of being killed by the abilities of their own blade. While this does require the wielder to initiate the Teleportation of the blade, once started it cannot be undone. The absolute worst part of this side effect of this, is that should the blade be thrown and have the teleportation active into a Force nullification field, The wielder would be thrown into the Abyss of the force. Literally warped into a Void of nothingness. 
  • Batteries Included: Even with the addition of various crystals to aid in the abilities and applications of the weapon through the force, The sword requires substantial energy to use in prolonged fights, or even using it multiple times within a short period of time. Using just one application of the sword takes extensive energy to use. Only a Master of the force could even come close to using two applications at the same time without causing harm to themselves, or accidentally causing themselves to be warped into a void of nothingness. 
  • Presence: Created through the force, it is unmistakable that the weapon can be felt through the force. While a Taozin Nodule could be use to suppress the presence of the weapon, it cannot be nullified completely. Even with multiple uses of Force Stealth, the previously mentioned nodule, or even Taozin leather designed to hide items that are attuned to the force. About the only way to "Hide" with this blade in hand, is to have a much more powerful, and oppressive force presence nearby, not unlike a Nexus. 
  • Scales of Judgement: The sword is forged through the force using various Lightsided, and Dark sided artifacts, techniques, and applications. Thus, the weapon naturally is in a neutral state. However, should the wielder be Dark sided, the sword will amplify the Dark side tendencies of the wielder. Or just the opposite. If the wielder is a Lightsider, then the weapon itself will amplify the Lightside of a wielder. Thus, this weapon can be incredibly dangerous in the hands of a corrupt Dark side user, or a purified Lightside user. 

Throughout the ages, one weapon can be attributed the most, as the go to weapon of war. The sword. Many variations have been crafted by incalculable hands. A mainstay of the Sword, is the Longsword. A weapon wielded by Apprentices, Knights, Masters, and more. The Longsword has many variations of its own right. Sizes, shapes, you name it. However, there is one thing that has never changed. Its value. A simple sword sold for a mere hundred credits, could last a lifetime of battles. A sword in the hand of its master, has no price. It’s value is worth more than the lives of those he fights for. However, to truly test the master, is war itself. Over the eons, many masters of the hammer and anvil, have created metal after metal, process over processes to create weapons that will surpass the previous brothers and sisters. 
Xander Carrick, however, has never been fond of the sword. The Jedi has instead used a hammer for his primary choice. It is instead, his son Zephyr that has taken the blade. Using one throughout his apprenticeship, and into his Knighthood. Only to be replaced by the saber for a time. Yet, those sabers have closely resembled blades of the past. Even so much as to be modified as dueling sabers used for the specific purpose of fighting in melee based combat. Yet, after all of these years, he has continuously worked upon returning to the sword. Learning of Alchemy, and Alkheast. Imbuing items through the force. Learning from his Uncle Metus of Alchemy. First creating gloves that enhanced his natural gifts within the force. However, never has he created a blade. 
Upon adopting his daughter Emberly, and her discovery of her brother, Zephyr had found just the man he needed. Auberon. A Force Smith who has created artifact after artifact through the force. With his aid, Zephyr has contracted the man to aid him in the creation of a sword. Insomuch, that Zephyr offered to in-debt himself to the man. However, Auberon refused and merely stated, that with this sword, should Auberon ever parish, that Zeph was to defend Ember with his life. With that promise sealed, The two began to work. Utilizing both of their talents of the force, alchemy, forging, and much more. 
Taking two glass-like substances of Wintirum, and Obsidian deposits, to forge them together through the force. As very brittle glass like substances, it is impossible to do so otherwise. Utilizing a Geological Compressor, much akin to a Synthetic Lightsaber Crystal. Forcing the two substances to meld with one another. Applying the two glasses in alternating patterns of layers. Allowing the Wintrium to artificially grow over the surfaces of the Obsidian, and further enhanced through the force connection to Zephyr. Unlike Lightsaber crystals, a very small fragment of what was required of the sword, a full fledged blade to be molded together, took an average of a week to create only 10 centimeters worth of material for the blade. 
During this process, Nightsister Force Crystals, as well as Wild Force Shards were crushed into fine powders and impregnated into the glass as each layer was added upon. Attuning the crystals to the blade. Akin to the process that one would perform for a Force-imbued blade. This process alone to create the blade’s length and shape took the span of seven months. The amount of energy needed of Zephyr was substantial enough, that being conscious, or awake would have created complications. Thusly, Zephyr was aided by Auberon into a state of hibernation. With application of an intravenous food supply attached to Zephyr, it allowed him to be constantly attuning the blade without succumbing to starvation, or fatigue. However, to make sure that the connection to the force was not broken, Various Force Crystals that stored power were surrounding the man, as well as generating a Force Nexus, and melding of the minds between the two men. Supplying Zephyr enough energy so that his life would not be hanging in the balance as much as it could have been. 
Even with all of these precautions, and the application for the blades forging, There was still work to be done. Auberon worked on creating the grip, pommel, and the ornate guard that was to the specifications of Zephyr. Working during the same seven month period to forge Zal Alloy into the required parts. A one and a half handed grip with Zeyd-cloth and leather wrapped around the ovate handle from the bone of a Jakko-beast. Wrapped in multiple layers to reach the correct thickness. Wrapping in upon itself and using no other forms of a hold at the time.
The guard was forged using Zal Alloy. Separated at first into 15 pieces that were forge welded together upon itself, and then meticulously sculpted after the shape of feathered wings and talons. The pommel was forged from one single ingot of the Alloy by hand of the masked man. While simple at first, it is inlaid with the remaining crystals along with the guard. Finally the handle break shaped hand guard that extends down almost the entire length of the grip was forged by hand as well. Done as a process of hammering evenly upon itself a quarter turn at a time, and then shaped into a hexagon, smoothed by the almost architectural work over the anvil. And finally, all parts were sanded down using anything from 60, 120, 200, 400, and even 700 grit paper. Taking days to sand it to the desired sheen, and then buffed.
Even with all of this work, all the pieces were fitted together with a single pin almost at the base of the grip through the tang, as well as pined with the base of the tang. Holding all of the pieces together. However, the sword was not done yet. With Zephyr taken out of his trance, the sword was then bathed within a basin of the Dark side of the force, filled to the brim with a, Purified by the light side of the force, liquor. 
Even with this complicated and laborious process, the sword was forged out of a glass that could never be combined, impregnated with force crystals, and bathed in a basin that shouldn’t exist, with a liquor of blood that could not be purified. 
Zephyr taking this sword, proclaimed it as the last weapon he will ever create in his life, As this weapon, is now the only one that could be wielded by himself. Any other weapon, would not suffice, and would never be effective enough within his own hands. 
This pact within this force, the process to create the blade, as well as the addition to the Windu’s guile lightsaber crystal allows only Zephyr to wield this weapon, as well as listen to his very beck and call. 

Edited by Zephyr Carrick, 23 April 2019 - 10:37 PM.

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