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Quin Dogen

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Quinvee Dogen

Quinvee Dogen

    Big Green Reading Machine

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NAME: Quinvee Dogen 



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FACTION: Corellian Confederation




SPECIES: Mirialan


AGE: 30s


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 228.6 cm


WEIGHT: 460 Lbs


EYES: Green


HAIR: Black


SKIN: Green








STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
He is Stronk, and he is smawt, and hes is kind.


But he has an old ankle injury and needs glasses to see well. He's also allergic to shellfish from Naboo and has an allergy to Mandalorian Iron Weed.


Quin was a massive man and green skinned like most of his species. He kept his green-black hair up in a bun and his long, thick beard well kept. On top of his racial tattoos on his chin and hands he also had a myriad of tattoos on his body, making most of his bulk an incredibly intricate canvas. 


Born and raised on Corellia, Quin grew up in a very traditional Mirialan household. His parents and siblings were very religious with his older brother actually joining the Jedi Order of the Republic at a very young age. From youth it was apparent that Quin would be quite tall, rare for Mirialan's who typically shared the average height of humans. He was picked on in his youth and thus became incredibly studios, entombing himself in his family'sreligious texts and spending long hours in the Green Jedi temple libraries. He eventually was picked up by his school's Smashball team and took the abnormally tall boy under his wing. While he wasn't good at the game at first, his mere size alone allowed him to tower over the competition and as the years went on Quin became just as serious about Smashball as his own studies. The violence of the game however put him at odds with his more conservative parents, but they generally said nothing as his grades were quite good and he kept up with his own religious studies. 


In his later years of secondary school he was quickly scouted by Corellia University and went to the school on a Smashball scholarship essentially free, the remainder of which was paid for via scholarships awarded for his work in Theology and his brother's status as a Green Jedi and Jedi Knight of the Republic. At university he bulked up an incredible amount earning him his nickname Big G and broke several records in his sport. Being a college student and an athlete the wars that were fought on distant worlds rarely mattered to him with the worst atrocities he saw being inflicted during the Omni Crisis. He would go on to play for the Corellian Juggernauts after university but when the Sith Empire returned as the One Sith and sacked Coruscant, his brother was killed defending the Jedi Temple. Distracted during his second season he was incurred a serious injury to his ankle he was forced to quit the sport after only two seasons on the team. He continued to be a face in the sports and body building world but also went back to school and obtained his Doctorate and obtained his mastery facial tattoos, most of which were covered by his beard. 


Quin was off-world when Corellia was split asunder and while his immediate family was safe, his grandparents both perished in the aftermath of the event. Though nonreligious himself, he spends most of his time traveling the galaxy's libraries and exploring the secrets of the Force. After the Silver Jedi invaded Mirial and wiped out a vast majority of the capitol city's population Quin held an ever burning distaste for the Silver Jedi and their own "Guardians of Light".




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