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PROJECT CATSUIT | CS-21 Combat Stealth Suit

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Immortal Cyan

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  • Classification: Light Stealth Armor
  • Weight: Light (~10% of the operator's body mass)
  • Resistances (Shields Deactivated)

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: High

- Sonic: Average

EMP/ION: Average

- Elemental: Low

- Radiation: Average



  • Triple-Phase Energy Shield: During typical use, the triple phase conformal energy shield system can absorb moderate amounts of fire from most kinds of energy weapons, slugthrowers, and shrapnel. The shield wraps around and conforms exactly to the proportions of the wearer's body (and the surface of the armor) like a thin film, thereby preventing the shields from “catching” projectiles or energy blasts which would not have harmed the wearer in the first place. The shield itself incorporates three layers of different types of energy shielding (deflector, ray, and concussion), allowing the device to protect the operator and the suit from a diverse array of threats.
  • Mobility: The CS-21 is a lightweight suit which makes plenty of allowances for maintaining the mobility of the operator. This is especially important for quick and stealthy assassins who need the ability to escape from a scene quickly while also maintaining a low profile.
  • Stealth Field: The stealth field grants the operative the ability to turn themselves completely invisible to the naked eye in the field. The device is particularly effective at long and medium range, though a competent user will be able to remain hidden at close (or point-blank) range provided that they take steps to minimize their sound profile.
  • Kinetic Weaponry Defense: Even with the shield completely collapsed, the suit forms very formidable defense against most types of kinetic weaponry. The armorweave and shell spider silk materials effectively dissipates the force generated by kinetic assaults, thereby protecting the wearer from internal and external injury. However, as with all protective equipment, repeated kinetic trauma can eventually defeat the material and leave the wearer exposed to harm.
  • Variable Appearance: No two CS-21 suits look alike. This feature prevents MoS operatives from being readily identifiable in the field. Especially if an operative (or a suit) was captured by hostile actors. However, in general, the suits tend to be skintight and form-fitting in both appearance and fit. As such, most types of civilian clothing can be worn over the suit.


  • Stealth Field/Energy Shield Dichotomy: The stealth field and the conformal energy shield system can not be used in tandem. As such, when using the stealth field, the wearer must rely only on the armor itself to protect themselves from grievous harm or injury.
  • Energy Shield/Stealth Field/Civilian Clothing Dichotomy: The conformal energy shield system can not be activated if the armor is worn underneath civilian clothing or additional armor due to safety implications. The stealth field will also be rendered ineffective if civilian clothing is worn over the suit.
  • Elemental Weakness: Elemental based weapons are very effective penetrators of the conformal energy shield and the armor itself. This includes cold, fire, and electrical based attacks.
  • Sonic Weapons: The conformal energy shields can not protect the wearer (or the suit itself) against sonic weapons. For this, the wearer must rely on anti-sonic subsystems and mechanisms fitted within the suit for protection.
  • Melee Weapons: Melee weapons (such as lightsabers and vibroblades) are particularly effective at penetrating and collapsing the conformal energy shield. On average, a single direct strike with a vibro or energy bladed weapon is enough to collapse and break the shield.


The CS-21 Combat Stealth Suit is a military grade bodysuit designed for utilization by operatives of the Ministry of Secrets. It is intended to be used as both a lightweight combat suit and a concealed armor system, allowing operatives a great deal of versatility when choosing how to deploy the suit. The suit's main features are a robust sensor system, a stealth field generator, and a triple-phase conformal energy shield. These systems grant the operator increased awareness of their surroundings, while also helping the wearer maintain a low profile. In the event that direct engagement is required in order to execute a mission, the conformal energy shield has the ability to protect the operator (and by extension the suit) from a very limited amount of fire before collapsing and entering a recharge sequence. The protective materials built into the suit itself provides integrated resistance to kinetic and energy-based attacks, while also providing a formidable last line of defense in the event that the conformal energy shield is compromised or unusable.

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