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Templar-Class Assault Corvette "Iron Thorn"

- - - - - EE Droid Corvette

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Orex Mauda

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Intent - Provide the Emergence Navy with a standard Corvette


Image Source - Pinterest




Manufacturer - Exapo Shipyard


Affiliation - The Emergence Empire


Model - Templar


Production - Minor




Outermost Layers - Frasium, Bandorium, Ultrachrome, Alusteel

Deeper Layers - Songsteel/Alusteel Alloy


Technical Specifications


Classification - Corvette


Length - 160m 


Width - 70m 


Height - 60m


Armament - High:

Flurry - 40 (20 Top, 20 Underside)
STA-01 - 5 (Top, down central line)
Proton Torpedoes - 32
Ion Torpedoes - 12



Defenses - Average:


Inline Chaff Generators - 8


Inline Vacuum Flares - 8


Thick Alusteel


Alusteel/Songsteel Alloy Hull


Ultrachrome Outer Layers


Maneuverability -


Engines - SEP-01 "Impes" (12)




Vacuum - Average


ASL - Average


Hyperdrive Class - 1.8


Standard Features




Communication Systems


Internal Camera Network


Mauda-Templar Drivetype Plasma Engines


Advanced Features


Pilot A.I


Scaled Antimatter Reactor


Inline Bridge






Inline Bridge - Unlike most starships of the Galaxy, the Bridge of the Templar Class is built in-line with the superstructure, drastically reducing its vulnerability


Advanced Pilot A.I - Even without a single crew member on board, the Templar Class is controlled by an advanced A.I


Heavy Armour - With extremely thick use of Alusteel, Songsteel/Alusteel Alloy and an outer layer of Ultrachrome, the Iron Thorn can last as long as its Shielded cousins. This heavy use of armour does however add a significant mass, forcing the use of 12 Plasma Engines





Chunky Boii - With all the Armour in place of a Shield, the 12 Plasma Engines do little to provide the Thorn with speed matching that of most other Corvettes


Shieldless - Yes, a lot of armour, but if your guns make short work of such things, then its lack of a shield puts it in serious danger




The first iteration of the Templar-Class Corvettes for the Emergence Navy, the Iron Thorn is aptly named. Being a hunking, aesthetic Tank with plenty of Firepower to annoy the majority of Fleets, its a metal thorn in opposition Navy's skin.


Replacing a Shield with more than enough Armour, the Thorn is powered by 12 Impes Plasma Engines, giving it both Sublight and Hyperspace Travel. However, even with such a large number of the notoriously powerful engines, the Thorn is still slower than most other Corvettes, topping only 40 MGLT. 


Armed with 40 Flurry Hidden Cannons, the Thorn is designed to position itself on the frontline, spewing hypervelocity rounds left right and centre while firing off its array of Missiles

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