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Codex Highlights March/April

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Neri Rashal

Neri Rashal


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Codex is back with our Highlights for March and April! As we move this forward and continue to bring attention to subs we find particularly excellent, I would like to invite the Chaos membership to contribute nominations for future Highlight Posts. Notice a Codex sub you like a lot? Send me a PM with the link and a little blurb as to what you like about the piece to nominate it for the next Highlights post!


Thank you to everyone, highlighted or not, for your submissions to Codex. We look forward to future highlights and seeing the heights of your creativity and work! Without further ado....




Skógur Heim by Alvida Osulf - So nice two people brought attention to it!

The level of detail and care put into this planet is clear in every line. From the formatting up, no detail was over looked. A very clear labor of love and a well put together planet that includes many details often over looked. 

Skógur Heim has to be one of the more expansive submissions I have seen around. The sheer amount of lore, the expansive culture section, extensive locations... makes for a place that really comes to live in front of you. There is a lot to unpack here, even more to play with and honestly, I'd go as far as say that this setting has more work put into it than some of the more popular settings out there. All of that to give your characters a place to call home and further RP opportunities. Very cool, hats off!


Sandala by Cardinal Vi'dreya

Planets are really one of those things where it is really easy to get lost in the detail of them all. You aren't just subbing a NPC, a single location or anything like that. You are crafting an entire world that can serve as a playground for the community. Sandala is a good example of that. It has enough lore and details to be interesting, but still offers enough space for people to get in there and enjoy their own creativity. That's a tough balance to maintain and I am impressed here!




Oblitus Bellatoria and Oblitus Mongrels by Ledgermayne

This is one of the most detailed sith spawn subs I've seen. It's interesting, bold, and ambitious, while still balancing things out with actionable weaknesses. The addition of the 'mongrel' version fleshes this out even more and expands on an idea offered in the first sub. Very nicely done. 


Bildog [Canon] by Darth Voracitos

Beyond the fact that I genuinely laughed out loud at the intent, this is a great flesh out to a tiny species sub. I love the atypical biology aspects that very clearly play off of the tiny bit of info we have on them in canon, but at a slight angle to what would have been expected. 




Gus Tralva and Fort Derik'hur by Lisza Starseeker

Always love to see canon being expanded. There is a ton of things out there, some mentioned explicity, some through reference and it is nice to see things come to live through the Codex. Nice amount of lore expansion, which is great. Personally I also liked how these subs show military build-up in the Corellian system, but the focus was retained on the lore aspect, rather than trying to turn this into some militarized numbers game. It ties in nicely with the IC events as well. Excellent job!


The Vanguard of Polaris by Srina Talon

Particularly impressed with the amount of work put into this IC reward. It isn't often that folk actually sink so much time into something that isn't even for them. Lots of detail, lots of opportunity to roleplay and even find connections between one another here. All in all it makes for a very cool set-piece in CIS space. Nicely done!



First Order Werewolves by Dominic Craig

This submission uses the frame work of the template and reminds us that not all things are so cut and dry. Taking advantage of dynamic board lore as well as historical realities, the details put in are great examples of ways to meld the two into something that certain fits with star wars but is also familiar in a wide variety of narratives. This submission is so clearly deeply story based, rather than power based, and I'd love to see more units like this.


"The HA Judiciary" Bridge Crew by Veiere Arenais

Excellent use of the crew template. This template isn't used that often but could stand some more love. Glad to see subs like this utilizing it well.


Team Aranea by Enyo Typhos

All of this writer's subs are full of depth and lore. But SPIDERS. This is a resubmission of an older unit that I appreciated the first time it came through as well. I love the atypical make up and notions of this unit. 


To Oblivion by Tehkyram

I'm really digging this little volume of sith poetry. A very personal addition from an unlikely seeming (on the surface) character, using the Lore section to flesh out some lovely details. Short and sweet use of the template, just like the content itself. 


The White Queen Ballet by Natasi Fortan

Another really great use of the lore template, to flesh out things that are important to the character and add flavor. These sorts of subs are some of my favorites because they call back the attention to the little details that are so easy to ignore in a setting like this. These are grounding- reminders that the characters written are real people and the variety of impacts historical canon can have on Chaos canon.

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Lisza Starseeker

Lisza Starseeker

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Thank you <3 


Always love seeing what else the community is putting out there!


Alvida Osulf

Alvida Osulf


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Thank you so much!:D


Congrats to everyone else too! Had a look through all the other subs and they're amazing! 

Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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Oh wow, this was unexpected!


Thank you Irajah and the codex crew!


I enjoyed that particular sub :)




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Darth Voracitos

Darth Voracitos

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Well this is an absolutely wonderful surprise!


I very much enjoy "To Oblivion"! I had never thought to use the lore section in such a way, but now I may consider doing it more :D




Srina Talon

Srina Talon

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Daw <3 *kicks the dirt* I didn't even know I could end up on this list. Thanks! I'm just glad to give people things they like.

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Enyo Typhos

Enyo Typhos


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ToKola Bakari

ToKola Bakari

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Super appreciate it! Glad others are enjoying Sandala





Dominic Craig

Dominic Craig

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Aww schucks you!