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Valiance-Class IRF/8

- - - - - EE Valiance Class Frigate

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Orex Mauda

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Intent - Provide The Emergence Navy with a reconnaissance Frigate


Image Source: Pinterest




Manufacturer - Exapo Shipyard / EEC


Affiliation - The Emergence Empire


Model - Valiance-Class /8


Production - Minor


Materials: Frasium, Ultrachrome, Transparasteel, Alusteel, Ferrosphere Paint, Bandorium


Outermost Layers - Frasium, Ultrachrome, Ferropshere, Bandorium Overcoat


Deeper Layers - Alusteel Alloy


Technical Specifications


Classification - Reconnaissance Frigate


Length - 400m


Width - 150m


Height - 50m


Armament - Average:


STA-01 - 20 (10 Top, 10 Underside)


Flurry - 30 (3 Port, 3 Starboard, 10 Top, 15 Underside)


Tractor Beam Projectors - (5 Underside)


Defenses - Average:


Auxilliary Double-Strobe Inline Shield Generator 


Thick Alusteel Hull


Ultrachrome Plate


Maneuverability - Average


Engines - 8 MT-FP


Speed: Fast


Hyperdrive Class - 1.3


Hangar Size - 1 Squadron


Hangar Allocations:

  • 1 Squadron Venator Droids (12)


Standard Features




Hyperspace Tracking


Reconnaissance Equipment


Deep-Range Sensors/Scanners


Escape Pods


Holding Cells


Retractable Bridge Cover


Backup Hyperdrive




Electronic Redundancy


Redundant Engine Configuration


Auxilliary A.I (Functional in absence of Admiral or capable Bridge Officer)


Advanced Features


Space-Time Discrepancy Tracker


Planetary Scanner


Anti-Scanner Ferrosphere/Bandorium Coat





See the Unseen - Valiance-Class Intel and Reconnaissance Frigates are outfitted with a tracker capable of keeping an eye on even the most invisible craft


Planetary Scanner - Hiding out on a backwater swamp planet in a tree? Well you won't be for long. Valiance-Class Frigates are equipped with a powerful surface scanner capable of pulling up data from across a planet. 




Detectable - Propelled by 8 MT-FP Engines, the Seeker is a very detectable ship due to the immense output energy of the engines.. Ironic. 


Armament - If a Valiance-Class finds itself on the Frontlines, it won't last long. It isn't equipped with an awful lot of weaponry and simply isn't designed for it.




Valiance-Class Frigates specialise in Intel and Reconnaissance (Named after the Director of The Emergence's own Intel and Control Agency). Outfitted with an extensive array of Sensor and Scanners capable of broad and deep range scanning. They come with more advanced sensors capable of scanning the entire surface of a terrestrial Planet and even a Cloaked-Vessel Tracker. 


Armed enough to fight off a sizeable gang of pirates, Valiance-Class Frigates are only designed to survey systems and track fleets. Although built with the same amount of armour as the average Emergence Combat Vessel, plus an auxiliary Shield that kicks in when enough Turbolasers have been knocked out, they won't excel in a combat situation. If found on the Frontlines, they are essentially easy-pickings. 


Although very detectable through the use of Mauda-Templar Plasma Engines, Valiance-Class Vessels are coated with Bandorium/Ferropshere coats, capable of avoiding detection from the majority of scanners. But that will only really work if the vessel is motionless.

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Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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John Locke


Can't remember but I'm pretty sure this is done, so, live judging I suppose?

Orex Mauda

Orex Mauda

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