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Gryylarc the Silverback, Sith marauder

Sith Wookiee Moran

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NAME: Gryylarc, called Silverback
RANK: Sith marauder
SPECIES: Wookiee
AGE: 250
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 2.2m
WEIGHT: 150kg
EYES: Yellow
HAIR: Graying fur
SKIN: N/A (covered in fur)
FORCE SENSITIVE: Moderately, yes
Gryylarc is not what you'd call detail-oriented in terms of Force control, and he's no prodigy so far as strength goes. However, he's turned his deep frustration into a truly indefatigable will and a fury that can lose all sense of proportion. He's a consummate Sith marauder in the ancient sense. His weapons of choice are the hacking spear, the lightstaff, and claws alchemized by Azel Moran. He does not wear armour.
A tall, graying Wookiee, heavily muscled beneath grizzled fur. His hand- and foot-claws are glossy black, having been alchemized.
"Quick to hate you are, but forgotten judgment you have. Master the dark within you must, if your master you would rival. The servant of wrath you remain."
After a long and successful career as a technician and woodcarver, Gryylarc's life changed the day the One Sith took Kashyyyk. He and his brother were among the two hundred thousand Wookiees who attempted to swarm the Sith and their Yuuzhan Vong pawns. Gryylarc was one of the few survivors. In the aftermath, rage woke up his unexceptional Force potential, and he left his small community under threat of being labeled a madclaw. He descended to the Kashyyyk under-jungle, where he learned the ways of the wyyyschokk. The dark side kept him alive more than once despite serious injury and poisoning. He remained there even after Silver Jedi and Antarian Ranger expeditions began to intrude on the lowest levels of the jungle. It was only when the Jedi solidified control over the system that he left, and not by choice: an enigmatic darksider called the Elder kidnapped and recruited Gryylarc deep in the forest. Once he understood his new teacher's ideals and aims, the Wookiee rager learned the Sith arts, honing his raw Force talents into something more purposeful - even if that purpose came from someone else. Now he serves as a blunt instrument for the Elder, in company with a rogues' gallery of Sith.
We Happy Few: Gryylarc meets some of the Elder's other servants - Keirra, Anaximander, Archer Ludwig, and Jahn Kerloth - and is given errands.
Meat on the Bones: An enigmatic human kidnaps Gryylarc, gives him an explosive control implant, and sends him to loot the Ssi-Ruuk-overrun Sith temple on Yalara.

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WOOT WOOT...digging this wookie