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Star Guardian

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  • Name: Star Guardian

  • Designation: Semi-Sentient

  • Origins: Extra-Galactic Rishi Maze

  • Average Lifespan: 8.00 x 107 years (80,000,000 year Half Life)

  • Estimated Population: Semi-Unique

  • Description: This race colossal ancient beings are said to be birthed from the stars near the center of the Rishi Maze as they survive off of internal nuclear fusion


  • Breathes: N/A

  • Average Height of Adults: 350 Meters

  • Average Length of Adults: N/A

  • Skin color: Red

  • Hair color: N/A

  • Distinctions: Massive Size, No sexes/genders between individuals, glowing skin.

  • Races: N/A

  • Force Sensitivity: Rare


  • Massive

  • Long Lived

  • Radiological Breath

  • Flight through Hyperspace


  • Barely Intelligent

  • Unorganized

  • Relatively slow


  • Diet: N/A

  • Communication: Long Groans, or changes in there glowing skin when unable to communicate verbally.

  • Technology level: Very Primitive to non-existent 

  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A

  • General behavior: They are typically very dormant creatuers, but when someone or something encroaches on them they be very territorial.



As a race they pre-date any galactic government given their long lifespans. They're born from stars near the center of the Rishi maze. Despite very, very few of them having the potential to be Force Sensitive they do have a connection to it in their reproductive cycle. Since they don't pro-create with each other and are so far and few between they're born very seldom and typically around the time some sort of calamity can be sensed in the Force. However, with the turbulence of recent galactic history more have begun existing now then ever before.


They are very territorial of their home solar systems are will typically sterilize them off all other life in there home solar systems with their laser like radioactive breath. Turning their moons, and planets barren and void of almost all life, except for a couple extremeophiles that might live in volcanoes. However, most information is just speculation about them as almost all adventures that have been unfortunate enough to see one have perished unless they could loose them in a hyperspace jump or two.


As far as a culture or society goes, they don't have one. Very rarely would two be found together, and even more rare would be if they got along. Since it's more likely that they'd just fight to the death upon meeting one another. Upon meeting their half life they become smaller and less strong until they eventually fade out into nothing and outlive the stars that birthed them.



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That image credit is a redirect, did you intend to link to the pinterest directly?